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Avatar f tn Hi there, I don't have any experience with Lamictal, but lots of other people on here are currently taking it.. so hopefully someone taking lamictal will answer your question. I think the question here is, how long have you been taking the meds? If you have been taking them 2 months + then it could be that this dose is not enough to control your symptoms.. if you have been taking them for 6 weeks or less it could be that they have not reached a therapeutic dose in your blood.
Avatar m tn hello ive been taking 150mg 2x per day for partial seizures, upon a blood test my level was 4.0 wich is only half the therapeutic level from what ive been told so I was raised to 400mg a day but a week and a half later had a petit mal seizure,how long does this med take to build up and does weight play a role in the level? will this med control petit partial seizures at the proper levels? and how high of a dose can I be on? up to 500mg or 600mg to reach a level to control my condition?
767237 tn?1332643777 I know that person wasn't trying to **** me off but when I asked for any warning signals of toxicity (about the lithium) she started saying that NONE of my meds are even close to a therapeutic level. It kind of pissed me off! I just thought that was a pretty strong statement to make to someone, not being a doctor. But your right my pdoc knows what she's doing and I just need to trust her. To be completely honest I'm feeling extremely manic, jumpy, AND IRRITABLE!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Just recently he went to the family doctor for routine blood work and they called the other day to say his lamictal level was 9.5. They say a normal level is 1 to 4. Should we be concerned about this number? What should we do? Our neurologist is in Colorado and is a 3.5 hour drive. We have never had any problems and now are wondering if we need to do something.
574118 tn?1305138884 My lamictal was 2mg infantile and was working well until i had seizure with paxil. So each time i take a new drug i never reacvh what is called a therapeutic level. Why should i, if already my therapeutic level is so low instead of ruining my liver,... Could this apply to lithium as well, i.e. should i hope to shove swallow a 100mg say only or because the mechanism is different here that i should in any case reach at least 800 to start with.
925572 tn?1246543631 Are There specific concerns about Lamictal® and pregnancy? Lamotrigine can interfere with folic acid. Therefore, female patients should be aware that lamotrigine may increase the chances of birth defects in babies. New information suggests that babies exposed to lamotrigine during the first three months of pregnancy may have a higher chance of being born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. Babies born with cleft lip or cleft palate have a gap in the upper lip or roof of the mouth.
767237 tn?1332643777 So I guess my advice is to stick with plan to get your Lithium up to therapeutic levels, it will eventually level you out. From what you describe it sounds like you are hypomanic as you getting stuff done and functioning its OK to be irritable once and awhile....we all do. Take care and be kind to yourself!
162069 tn?1224681011 It seems that she is on a lower dose for some reason, which may be fine. My level is below therapeutic as well but my SVT is pretty much controlled on 0.125 mg/day, so we don't care. The Coreg at her dose is probably responsible for her fatigue or the Seroquel, but not the Dig.
Avatar m tn It is a very, very slow process to get to a therapeutic level, but the absence of side effects is a strong draw. The pharmacist at CVS said you should it at bedtime? And, the doctor said the same thing? Is that right? This is NOT an arbitrary decision made by your doctor. Correct? Well, you could try taking it at bedtime. If you have nightmares, then maybe you will have to take it earlier. If it makes you sleepy, maybe you take it after dinner instead of at bedtime.
Avatar n tn In addition many of the side effects are dependent on blood level and are seen when they exceed therapeutic levels (e.g.nystagmus, ataxia and lethargy). Long term use can result in mild gingivial hypertrophy or a peripheral neuropathy in certain patients. Therefore, I don't feel it is possible to compare the two agents at this time if you are concerned about short and long term side effects.
Avatar f tn Excellent mood stabilizer in my opinion. Finding a therapeutic level took a little while and you have to go up slowly with Lamictal but I think it is a good med.
Avatar n tn My neuro is switching my meds from Lamictal to Topamax. Although it's only my fourth day at 25mg of Topa, I'm very sleepy! I'm not being weaned at all from Lamictal until I've reached my therapeutic dose of Topa. Is it possible I've misunderstood the nurse? In other words, is this typical? Any other time I've been weaned off of one and switched to another med, it's been simultaneously. I'm wondering if this is why I'm so tired. Thanks is advance!
Avatar f tn Sometimes with Lamictal I find that getting a blood level can be helpful. Also Geodon and Lamictal is very different from just a higher dose of Lamictal in terms of therapeutic effects - do you need to have a replacement for Geodon? Third I would look at the time course of your symptoms, when did you start feeling which symptoms? You have had two changes in medications - what were the effects of those changes.
Avatar f tn Which medications are the least problematic for creating negative side effects. Unfortunately, we have only tried lamictal and my daughter got a horrible ringworm rash, which could have been actually triggered by lamictal so she's now on keppra. Thank you!
574118 tn?1305138884 I took lamictal 4mg of course it's nothing hoping to increase the dose but mania was faster and caught me much more rapidly. I know the therapeutic dose is 200mg This post is to enquire about lithium, my pdoc said I am going to take it. I hate the name. I know quite well it's the 1st line mood stabilizer, and i know that lamictal is too after it when the FDA admitted it after the lithium.
Avatar f tn I tend to be very sensitive to meds, although I really don't think the lamictal has reached its therapeutic level yet, still feeling sz's. I will stay on 375mg until I see MD on the 16th, at that point I should be on 100mg of lamictal so we will see what he wants to do with the keppra.
Avatar n tn Special care is need with some medications (such as lamictal) because it interacts with the depakote (Depakote increases the level of lamictal in the blood and when the depakote is taken away the lamictal level will drop if the dose is not increased). Depakote works well for many people, but you are having many of the unacceptable side effects and you need an alternative. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn Joint/muscle pain with tegretol is a rare side effect and I would recommend a workup to identify other possible causes other that the tegretol. If you stop the tegretol you should follow a drug level of lamictal to make sure you are therapeutic (have enough in your blood).
1220347 tn?1345432121 The psychiatrist will go over all of the different treatment options with you (since you're already on Lamictal, they will maybe want to just stay the course and increase it to the therapeutic level, 200mg or above (although very recent studies suggest that there are no added benefits above 200mg...)).
1806584 tn?1316211637 We are on Lamictal, Lithium and Abilify and are thinking of going Lamictal alone also. How is Lamictal monotherapy going for your, and were you able to wean off Abilify from 10 to 0?
Avatar f tn I just wish I could get to a good therapeutic level and even out. I do feel bloaty too, I drink caffeinated coffee, one small cup in the morning, that helps w/ constipation. Yucky I know, but its a very real thing. If you can tolerate caffeine drinking a small cup in the afternoon might be good too. I don't know natural ways that work as fast as coffee! But I drink it before I take my medicine and eat. Anyhow, now that I've grossed out people w/ weak tummys!!! Feel free to contact me anytime.
Avatar f tn Why do his seizures keep changing? 2. He’s been on the Lamictal for almost a year now and we still can’t get it to a therapeutic level, is it time to consider that the Lamictal isn’t working. 3. Would it be worth my while to have Evan see a doctor regarding white matter disorders? 4. And finally, based on the facts I’ve given today does anyone out there have any thoughts or comments regarding Evan’s diagnosis?
Avatar m tn That's why we get our Lithium level checked to make sure we are at the right level, the therapeutic level. For me, I have been on it so long, even though I still get my levels checked, it always stays the same because I haven't changed my dose. That's how my body is anyway. Let us know how things go.
1039200 tn?1314915608 Thank you for your reassurance, it seems that the medication I am on does need adjusting. For starters I would rather be on a therapeutic level of seroquel than an sub clinical level (for obvious resaons) and so will need to talk to my psychiatrist about this. It's also interesting how varied the effects of medication have on different people, I was naiive enough to think that I would be put on one medication and that would be it.
Avatar f tn I was put on lithium while hospitalized, where my blood could be drawn each morning, and the dosages were increased accordingly until we reached the therapeutic level. This took a few days, but in an outpatient setting, this titrating timeframe might be extended longer because you won't be getting daily blood testing. My eventual dose was 900mg, and that was pretty effective in keeping my mood swings in check, or at least in dampening them down.
Avatar f tn Only when my physical condition slipped or change and I either show toxicity symptoms or my bipolar disorder was kicking in, caused my doctor to check my level. Then, he adjusted. The blood therapeutic level result that I thrived in was actually 0.7, and for most part, on the same dose, my level would flucuate between 0.7 to 0.9.Lithium wasn't the only drug I was on, btw.
Avatar f tn I asked him about Lamictal, because I had read about it, but he wanted to try the Abilify first because he said it's effective at preventing major mania like I experience from time to time. I don't have much depressive episodes, not nearly as bad as the mania. Can't remember exactly what he said about the Lamictal, but he dismissed it pretty much out of hand, indicating that it wouldn't be as effective for me since I have Bipolar I and not Bipolar II. Plus I'm already on Seroquel too.