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925572 tn?1246543631 Actually i do not remember if i searched the side effects of Lmictal on any site,,it is just i came across it in many forums and all of them agree that Lmictal affects short memory loss but not long memory Here are the links for these forums http://www.dr-bob.
1540869 tn?1351217613 it worked for them/(Bipolar.) but the side affects were not worth it. and the long term have to be concidered. Read all that you can find on it before starting it please.
Avatar n tn According to my new and now old psychiatrist they do not know the long term effects of altering YOUR body's way of naturally producing its neurotransmitters. Who's to say that the imbalance is a result of your brain trying to balance or being effected by something else in your body that currently needs more attention. There are cases when prescriptions are appropriate, sometimes the only way, I get & support that. Please take them.
1100992 tn?1262360816 ) I'd like to stay on the meds long term, and I read on the abilify site that treatment shouldn't be longer than a year or so. What if something's working for you? Can't you just stay on it? Seems silly to me.
Avatar n tn I have been on 25 mg of Lamictal for 2 weeks, going to 50 mg today. How long before I notice a difference in myself. I am miserable from taking Zoloft for 6 weeks. My doctor said it through me into hypomania. It seems like I just have miserable physical symtoms from taking the Zoloft...jaw clenching, stiff neck, restless pacing, Is that considered Hypomania? Does Lamictal help with Hypomania? I also feel down from feeling so bad.
Avatar m tn Careful supervision is required during drug withdrawal, since severe depression as well as the effects of chronic overactivity can be unmasked. Long-term follow-up may be required because of the patient’s basic personality disturbances." I'm not sure if this info. is of value to you, but I thought I'd pass it along.
1011826 tn?1274496312 Ask your psychiatrist if it is an interaction between the two medications. I had extra pyramidal side effects (temporary movement disorders) from Lamictal but that was an adverse side effect so rare it had to be reported to the FDA. The reason I most probably experienced this was because I had some form of minor focal dystonia that was undiagnosed at the time. Otherwise its extremely rare.
421882 tn?1203230940 Every drug effects everybody differently tho. I haven't had any long term side effects from this drug. The problems I had were very temporary, 2-3 weeks at most. The drug helps you by leveling you off so you don't have extremes in mood. If you start it soon, you'll find that you have 1-2 extreme episodes but soon you will platue to a point that is very managable. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for.
Avatar f tn Other skin problems, and mildly annoying, short-term rashes happen all the time. The Lamictal headache is usually temporary, and if you do get it, the odds are it will be when you change the dosage. The lethargy, and stupids usually diminish and may even go away, especially if you take folic acid. The insomnia is one of those side effects you’ll know is temporary as soon as it stops. This is from a good site (you might want to check it out). The site is - http://www.crazymeds.
497950 tn?1255867527 What is the major difference in the way you feel now after several years - vs - before? I guess what I am asking is - is it a long term stablization? I feel so much better - I am afraid it won't last.
997928 tn?1252447837 I've been taking Lamictal for about 3 months, but can't stand the side effects anymore! I feel like I traded anxiety for ADD. I can't focus, have short-term memory loss, speak slowly, and have an exceding amount of mucus in my throat. I was taking 300mg. Now I'm at 225mg. It has helped to take down the dose, but it's still very annoying! I take it with 300mg of Effexor XR which I have been taking for several years. Does anyone have a suggestion on a replacement for Lamictal?
800851 tn?1260346702 They faked the corrective surgery for knee pain and most of those who got the fake surgery were as well as those who got the real surgery. They also had a lady who was given placebo and it cured a long term depression. Maybe that's how SamE helps? Or any of them come to that. Obviously your doc has prescribed this in full knowledge of your background as you say so.
Avatar f tn He has been taking 10 mg of Ambien nightly for maybe 8 YEARS, has been down to taking 5 mg for about a year. He has been taken off the Ambien, but what are the long term effects? I find alot of info on short term effects, but could his memory issues be due to AMBIEN? Please help.
Avatar f tn I have a great deal of experience with Lamictal and have a working knowledge of memory so let me ask you which symptoms are bothering you. Is it short term memory, long term memory, or not being able to recall from long term memory. Anyway, what is troubling you about your memory. You can tell as much or little as you want.
Avatar f tn Double Depression is when you typically have long term depression (which is not as bad as major depression), then on top of this long term depression you have periods of major depression. That's what they call double depression.
Avatar m tn once a period of two and a half years and another about a year, I was changed. Please stay on your meds, no long term effect from lamictal as far as everything I read and hubby and I are happy now. So talk to your psych and tell him/her what is going on. Mine ALWAYS knew I was not happy about his choice in these drugs.
Avatar m tn I am taking lamictal for 4 years , suddenly I started experienced erectile dysfunction, is it permanent, dose related, and wil go away when i stop medicine
Avatar n tn What can be done to prevent medications like Effexor XR from losing effectiveness with long term use? In 1995, I began with Paxil and praised God for the healing of this "miracle drug." Paxil began losing effectiveness and after seven years, doctors tried new medications like Lexapro which was less helpful. Finally I began Effexor, then Effexor XR, then increasing the dose last year.
Avatar f tn Sorry to inform you folks but we are ginne pigs making loads of money for the pharmaceutical companies and Doctor's who prescribe these addictive medications and fail to share the possible long term/life time damage/repercussion we could very possibly suffer from. Some days I'm a time bomb waiting to go off. Some days I am that grenade that does go off. Some days tears flow enough to fill up the Gulf of Mexico. Some days I don't wake up for days.
Avatar n tn I took the klonopin as needed even though it is mostly used for long term. I know that the drowsiness does go away and as I stated, it can be used for long term, however you definitely become dependent and need to be weaned off. Also, has your doctor said anything about buspar??? Now I take Paxil and buspar (2x a day) and Klonopin when needed (which is hardly never). I weaned off the depakote after one year.
Avatar f tn Thanks I mean aside from effectiveness the side effects compared. Lamictal is a new drug. Tegretol is very old and cheaper. Where I come from (Egypt) pdocs are more accustomed to writing tegretol. They also say since it is old the complications and side effects are known to them. Lamictal in all yahooforums is more reputable i 've seen everybody on it. except for rashes. but tegretol does too.
Avatar f tn So the new doctor says I am having too many side effects on the SSRIs and that if I was on the right medicine I would not have this many side effects. He says that I need to be on mood stabilizers. I'm not sure that I buy that because mood stabilizers have crazy side effects too. I'm scared of mood stabilizers! They seem to have bad and maybe worse side effects, weight gain, akathisia, thyroid issues, liver damage, etc. I'm more comfortable with SSRI's because of the less scary side effects.
Avatar n tn I've read so many frightening things about risperdal that I wonder about continued use. Is the the dosage small enough so it doesn't pose a long term threat? He also regularly uses marijuana and I've just read about marijuana use tied to psychosis risk. My son is on medical leave from college (one semester thus far) but I don't see improvement to merit his return to school this fall.
202665 tn?1248810333 Lunesta can be used long term. Rozerem is another good sleep aide and specifically better than either of those two because it being derived from melatonin adjusts the sleep cycle. Anti-depressents can sometimes set off mania in a person with bipolar so I'd be concerned that's what might be going on but they are sometimes needed. Seroquel has a mood stabilization effect in addition to being an antipsychotic so that would stabilize things in that area.
2010625 tn?1329375656 After I have been awake for a while they have slowly went away I am still a tiny bit dizzy, and drowsy still after 2 cups of coffee I just feel like I am not waking up still feel half asleep. Does anyone know if these side effects are serious or if it is something that will go away as I get use to the medication. I know I should be asking my doctor these questions but it is the weekend and my doctor is not in his office until Monday.
Avatar n tn i have benn given prescriptions for prozc, zoloft and a beta block within the last four months, and they are all sitting in my drawer untouched. the fear of side effects or long term damage by taking them is paralyzing. i am back with a tharapist, trying to get through without medication and the sad thing is , they only thing that has ever helped was when i was on paxil four years ago. i took it for a year and then decided to come off.
750172 tn?1256150676 I just wanted to get some experiences of people taking these meds. Couple questions...How long will it take to notice effects from the Lexapro?? Also, what are some of the side effects I could feel from both meds? I've read about possible side effects...but, I wanted to hear from actual people who have taken it. All input is welcome, thanks in advance.