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Avatar n tn The crabbiness may be due to the hormonal changes as a result of the birth control pills. Talk to your doctor about this and ask plenty of questions to ease your worries and confusion. They are there to help and in the best position to answer your queries with their knowledge of your daughter's medical history. Take care and keep us posted.
994257 tn?1266246292 I couldn't be exact about Lamictal but I would definitely stop taking it immediately if I was to become pregnant. You need to discuss methods of birth control because Lamictal can react with certain contraceptive pills etc.
2053289 tn?1330435390 lamictal can interfere with the usual birth control measures like implants, birth control pills, patches and injections if you have been taking. You could have conceived while you were taking lamictal since the contraceptives do not work properly with this medicine. Get an early scan, transvaginal scan if repeat urine pregnancy test also comes negative. Consult a gynecologist for a possible early pregnancy. Best of luck.
925572 tn?1246543631 Also I should point out you should still do some research and possibly try to find user reviews on the web for lamictal and see how many people had birth problems. I think that's more valuable than any organization's information although the people who had negative experiences on these are sometimes biased and forget it might save someone else's life and not cause them problems at all.
Avatar f tn She said the androgens from the Lamictal could stimulate hair growth, and I should consider going on a second form of birth control. (I already have Mirena) The birth control will help... Otherwise there is laser hair removal, but that is expensive.
Avatar f tn If you're really worried about pregnancy, consider a copper IUD or just use condoms with the birth control. I am on 200 mg lamotrigine and birth control pills right now.
Avatar f tn but i would like to share this with you lamictal and trileptal do affect birth control pills and vise verse i.e. you can get pregnant using these as they reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills by 40%to 50% ,,,,,,,,,,also (which done me a great harm) the birth control pills reduce the effect of BP meds up to 50% also. i read on some site (but i cannot remember which) that birth control pills can affect most of psychiatric meds.
Avatar n tn 1% have serious skin rash, especially females on a high starting dose), hives, facial swelling, painful sores in mouth and around eyes, and swelling lips and tongue. Please visit your GP and tell him/her about other meds (eg valproate) that you are on. There are other possible causes for your acne (diet, puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, stress level, birth control pills etc.) Good luck.
Avatar n tn the symptoms have lasted longer that i though they would. i know that the mixtures of the birth control and the lamictal can have an affect on eachother but i havent increase or decreased either of the doses so i assumed that everything would work as usual. the birth control that im taking is tri sprintec ( it goes by another name but i cant think of it right now) Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi. I am bipolar and currently taking Lithium, Neurontin, Seroquel & Lamictal. I have only been on the Lamictal for about 7 weeks, starting @ 25mg & every 2 weeks adding another 25mg; thus I am currently @ 100mg per day.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I drank over the course of this time - I don't think anything too crazy but I honestly wasn't keeping track. My psychotropics are what I'm really afraid of. I am on 100mg daily of Lamictal and .5mg PRN of Klonopin. I take the Lamictal for mood disorder although it's also a drug used for epilepsy. The only place I've been able to find information about Lamictal and pregnancy is the epilepsy website, and many of those women have taken it to prevent seizures.
Avatar n tn Anticonvulsants/Mood Stabilizers These drugs were initially used only for seizure disorders. The following anticonvulsants are now prescribed frequently in the treatment of bipolar disorder and other selected forms of depression: * Carbamazepine (Tegretol®) * Divalproex (Depakote®) * Gabapentin (Neurontin®) * Lamotrigine (Lamictal®) * Topiramate (Topamax®) Hello. I am doing some homework, I read this...
1109293 tn?1258333223 I take Lithium, Levoxol (thyroid med), Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, cytomel (thyroid med), Tamazapan (for sleep), birth control pills to regulate hormone levels, Lamictal (and I just stopped the abilify). I feel like a junkie - and I happen to be a recovering alcoholic and addict, so I have to be very careful about what meds I take. Does tardive dyskenesia usually go away after a short period of time? Does it mean that some part of my brain has been damaged?
Avatar m tn Insomnia, heart palpitations, nausea, increased thirst, headaches, hot and cold flashes... etc, etc...) I've read online that Lamictal can affect the effectiveness of birth control, but my doctor assured me that the dosage I am one would not. It should be noted here, just in case, that I am, in fact, sexually active. Our contraceptive is my birth control pill. Long story short, (too late!) about 4 day before my AF I began to bleed pink and brown, some red.
Avatar f tn The meds that usually have problems with the pill are the anti-seizure/mood stabilizers like lamictal and depakote.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 50mg Zoloft and 150 Lamictal for about 5 months and have felt great. recently I started on femcon fe birth control. I started feeling irritable, and aggressive. My DR upped my lamictal to 200, but that seemed to make me worse after a few days, so I went back to 150. I stopped the birth control, but am still feeling irritable. How long should I give it after stopping the bc before possibly changing the zoloft or lamictal?
Avatar f tn The majority of my upper arms and back are literally covered and my chest and stomach have quite a few. Some are all red bumps while others have a tiny white spot in the center of the red mark; none of these come out. I also had some hard large ones on my face and neck which would not come out. I made the mistake of going back on Estratest vs Estradiol at the same time. This makes a direct correlation between meds and side effects difficult for me.
Avatar n tn I was born in this manner and have suffered poor hand eye coordination, poor right hand control and grasp and a week (wandering) left eye. I have seen references over the years that the above birthing situation is responsible for these problems. I am now 38 yo male healthy but am sick of droping objects almsot constantly so have started to research the problem. But I have not been able to lkocate anything.
Avatar f tn The doctors say there aren't studies that prove lamictal causes birth defect and there aren't studies that say it won't. If I took legal action would there be any real case??
Avatar n tn I've experienced a little bit of blurred vision every now and then from it but wonder why I'm having a small trace of vaginal bleeding every once in a while. I'm on Portia as a birth control method and I haven't had my period for a while now. Also, there is no research on whether or not this medication can affect the effectiveness of my birth control. Why am I bleeding and is there a greater chance of pregnancy from it affecting my bc?
Avatar m tn As far as the birth control, I got pregnant on it and it can cause low birth weight but that's about it, just take the prenatals and see her doctor as soon as she can.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Seroquel for about a year and Abilfy for about 4 years and birth control. I felt stiffness in my muscles the last time I had a seizure with alternating feelings of weakness and numbness. This time I just felt weakness by itself. My arms wanted to go limp this morning. The feelings lasted about an hour then they subsided. Does this help in your understanding?
Avatar f tn Some antidepressants do cause weight gain. But since there is a change in your bowel habits I would see a Gastroenterologist to find out what is going on. It doesn't sound serious, and may just be related to what you are eating. But it's always best to check things out to be on the safe side. Take care.
Avatar f tn Up until about a week ago I was on Hydrocortizone, Levoxyl, Humatrope, Enpresse (a Birth Control), and Topamax. Now last week I saw a new neuro for some seizure medicine complications and he is going to wean me off the Topamax and slowly put me on Lamictal, which I have begun, I am only on 25mg right now. Today I had a very small amount of alcohol, a mixed rum beverage, which I mixed myself, and I felt absolutley awful.
1756969 tn?1332440763 For example my doctor prescribed the birth control pill to try and regulate my cycle, the pharmacist caught that we had to increase the lamotrigine because BCpills decrease it and they phoned the doctor for an increase to the lamotrigine (generic Lamictal). There is a section under "Health Information" for bipolar but unfortunately not for borderline, but if you google DSM borderline personality disorder a few sites come up and give you definitions.
Avatar f tn I tried meditation and yoga and I feel like I'm not in control anymore because I know the moment I express any kind of joy or happiness my depression will soon stuck and I just want to know if there are any other soon to be mom's out there that may be in my shoes to offer any advice. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Very rarely, the Lamictal can screw with the birth control, which caused me to spot for 3 weeks before getting a period even while taking the active pills, but switching to a higher dose pill has completely fixed that. And that one is so rare that it's almost impossible to find any references to it in the PI sheet, so it's REALLY unlikely that it will happen to you.
Avatar n tn I'm on a birth control pill, Ogestrel, and it has succeeded in making my periods lighter, which is what I take it for. I recently started being sexually active though. I also take Lamictal, and I just stopped taking Depakote. I've read online that both medications can lower the effectiveness of birth control pills. I took my last active pill five days ago, and I still haven't gotten my period. I haven't had any cramps either. How likely is it that I'm pregnant?