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Avatar m tn 2 g/d total) Acetyl l-carnitine (1 g before breakfast; 1 /d total) L-arginine (1 g between meals; 2 g/d total) Pcynogenol (50 mg between meals; 100 mg/d total) Grape seed extract (100 mg after lunch; 100 mg/d total) Vitamin C (500 mg after lunch; 500 mg/d total) Fish oil (900 mg DHA+EPA /d; 900 mg/d total) Zinc (30 mg before bed; 30 mg/d total) Thank you for your comments and suggestions -Ac
Avatar f tn Your hubby may need to take supplements to help his sperm, my hubby takes fertility plus for men ( which contains zinc, l-carnitine, l-arginine, co-enzyme Q10 among other things which are important for male fertility), EPA (fish oil - omega 3) and vitamin C. These were recommended by a nutritional therapist who has 25 years specializing in fertility. Good luck huni, if you need to chat just give me a shout.
Avatar m tn 4 g Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides ZMA® (Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate) MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Glutamine Peptides (as hydrolyzed wheat protein) Borage Oil Powder L-Theanine CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) Ecdysterone Extract (Cyanotis vaga)(plant) (standardized to minimum 90% ecdysterones) 5-Methyl 7-Methoxy Isoflavone Taurine 1 g L-Valine 1 g L-Leucine 500 mg L-Isoleucine 500 mg L-Arginine 250 mg L-Glutamine 250 mg Aminogen® 25 mg * Percent Dai
Avatar f tn and started taking Zinc (75 mg), Selenium (200 mg) and L-Arginine along with L-Carnitine (although I'm not sure this one was a key). You know that sperm takes 3 months to generate, so three months after taking this, retest. My husbands count went to none, but maybe one or two, to getting pregnant with Lauren 15 months after Kathryn was born. Sperm test inbetween had him listed as low, but normal. Kathryn's genesis was aided by donor sperm.
1617164 tn?1308282863 Rath VITAMINS Vitamin C 600 - 3,000 mg Vitamin E (d-alpha-Tocopherol) 130 - 600 IU Beta-carotene 1,600 - 8,000 IU Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 5 - 40 mg Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 5 - 40 mg Vitamin B3 (Nicotinate) 45 - 200 mg Vitamin B5 (Pantothenate) 40 - 200 mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 10 - 50 mg Vitamin B12(Cyanocobalamin) 20 - 100 mcg Vitamin D3 100 - 600 IU Folic Acid 90 - 400 mcg Biotin 60 - 300 mcg MINERALS Calcium 30 - 150 mg Magnesium 40 - 200 mg Potassium 20 - 90 mg Phosphate 10 - 60 mg TRACE EL
461993 tn?1245696952 I couldn't find the other items on the list. Will this be a good start or will I definitely need the other items (5-HTP, L-Glutamine, L-Taurine, DLP, Calcium and Magnesium, etc)? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn The other ingredients are in pretty low doses as well, but I think they're in there to help absorption of the B-vitamins (i.e., effective doses of L-glutamine, L-arginine, etc. would be in the range of, say, 5g instead of 10mg, so this pill wouldn't be a primary source of amino acids.) The NAC is also good, but again at a low dose (600mg is a more common dose). But you can only fit so much into one capsule. For the B-vitamins, this supplement seems awesome.
Avatar n tn Recently, progesterone therapy has been shown to dramatically reduce prematurity in pregnancy. Take L-arginine, an amino acid which helps improve circulation to the reproductive organ. Chasteberry (Vitex agnus castus) is an herb that enhances hormone balance and ovulation frequency. Chasteberry can help the body establish a proper balance between estrogen and Progesterone by encouraging the production of progesterone.
Avatar f tn (which is something that is a common issue the older we get, impaired blood flow to the ovaries) I am up on female supplements so don't know much about supp's for men. But the ones with l-Arginine and zinc and stuff like that should be helpful! (and if possible they ought to limit smoking, drinking, caffeine, etc.
529981 tn?1212853666 I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar m tn Also try supplements like l arginine 18-30g if you can tollerate this is for t cells so not sure if it can help with antibodies but wouldn t hurt immune response anyway
1042487 tn?1275283499 This is the list that I was taking before the Warfarin Fish oil 2 tablespoons per day bilberry 500mg 2x a day Magnesium malate 1250 mg 2x a day garlic 600mg 3x a day Vit.
Avatar m tn Try eating healthier lots vegetables and seafood squid salmon tuna mussel, exercise in combination with Amino 1000 try extra L-arginine 500 both 3 tablets 3 times a day. Try some testosterone booster but from natural herbs like; damiana, muira puama, horny goat weed with macca, gotu kola, gingseng, yohimbe. From my experience i've tried first testosterones booster mentioned above Natural herbs but realised that only testosterones won't suffice.
Avatar m tn Started taking L-arginine 3x1000 daily with Vitamin C 2x500. This helps you guys .. but the key here is to stop masturbation and lessen the sex for a year or something .. " **** that I'm not going to quit sex for a year! Some doctor must know how to treat this! It is treatble, my penis returns to normal after several days! I don't even know where to get this Ginko Balboa and don't have money on this ****.
Avatar n tn Not viagra or anything like that, id consider that cheating. Basically L-Arginine plus some herbs. Anyway, Friday i'm seeing one the 2nd girl I failed with.
Avatar m tn Urine that is too alkaline will reduce the amount of ammonia that is removed by the kidneys. Three amino acids, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Ornithine, are necessary components of the urea cycle, and are therefore believed to work as protective agents against ammonia toxicity. They do this by stimulating urea formation, which aids the kidneys in performing their detoxification function. All three of these amino acids may be purchased in supplemental form.
Avatar m tn If you do a search on the symptoms of conditions such as adrenal fatigue, low testosterone and hypothyroidism it is ridiculous, I would say just as bad as any other terrible illness. The thing is all these hormones work together i.e. adrenal fatigue will mess up your thyroid functon so any benefits through stimulants etc may be short lived because our endocrine systems are basically not tuned up like they should be or were.
Avatar n tn In studying the relationship of lysine and herpes, researchers have found that in order to replicate, the herpes virus needs arginine, another common amino acid. Arginine is found in such foods as peanuts, chocolate, almonds, seeds, grains, gelatin and raisins. Lysine competes with arginine for absorption and entry of tissue cells. When lysine is present, it prevents the growth of HSV by depleting the strength of arginine.
Avatar n tn If I take creatine supplements for a while it may happen. If I take amino acid supplements such as L-Arginine consistently it may happen. Very hard to pinpoint the exact root cause without basically making yourself a lab rat and living a dull life of exclusion. So hard.
Avatar n tn Man it sounds a lot like me. I'm 28 though. I typed a couple paragraphs on here for you but it got erased and dont' feel like typing it out again. If you are still interested in what I had to say I'll type it again. How has the porn-abstinence been going? Is it working?
Avatar n tn I would say mine could easily be discribed as a squished nerve and a muscle spazm, just effecting that part of my body. l dont want to babble, I know how horrible this is. Luckily I have an understanding family that is here to support me. One major problem I have is that I have pretty much lost every abality I had (to an extent) and really just dont care about life anymore, and I dont know what do do with my life anymore, and frankly I dont feel like I can.
Avatar f tn Please keep me posted on how you and her are doing! We have to stick together and give any advice to each other that may help! God bless...
Avatar n tn I found out from a friend that you shouldn't eat peanuts or cashews or anything that contains L-arginine because that makes it worse. I also avoided alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. The pain was intense for three weeks and worsened when I was tired or more stressed. Like other posters here, I also went through a day or two when I thought I might be having a heart attack because I had severe pain radiating in the left side of my chest and ribs.
Avatar n tn Well good thing I never gave up and to top it off the IUI worked not even IVF. I am a believer in God and science working together. My advise to you. Don't give up I am living proof of having faith.
Avatar n tn Estrogen also plays a role in keeping the collagen and elastin matrix together so bHRT might help AT THE EARLY STAGES. Unfortunately, the issues causing the sagging are a little too deep for skin creams to address, and DMAE really is not that effective. Thermage, Titan and Affirm don't have a very high success/satisfaction rate however the occasional person is very happy with the procedure. I'm not prepared to take the risk of losing $ on something that doesn't work.
Avatar n tn Me and my girlfriend have been going together for several months, and she never touches herself because she thinks that its demoralizing. I on the other hand dont think that at all and masterbate from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10 times in a week. I used to be able to *** over just my own imagination of receiving sex or oral sex. Then I was introduced to porn which I have needed to watch in order to just get it up at all in the past year or so.
Avatar n tn 2 quarts or more of H20 a day, no caffeine,alcohol or chocolate, liver detox(helps to regulate hormones), Female Complex by Nature's Answer (includes herbs to help eggs, ovaries, hormones), wheatgrss pills, extra B6, vit E, omega 3, zinc and of course a prenatal tab and walking 40 minutes a day on treadmill... I REFUSE to think that I am old and if I go back to this doctor and he says no... FSH is too high I will simply take all of my records and find somebody else that will help me..