L arginine and endothelial dysfunction

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Avatar n tn CardioVance incorporates Omega-3 Fish Oils, CoEnzyme Q10, L-arginine, Calcium and Vitamin D, and a powerful multivitamin into a convenient daily nutrition pack. Both the L-arginine and omega-3 fish oils may help women to improve endothelial dysfunction and promote a healthy cardiovascular system. More information on women's heart health can be found at www.cardiovance.com.
545944 tn?1227830602 Am taking good care of myself, walk 15-20 miles week, eating right, don't drink, taking 5 grms fish oil and 6 grms L-arginine daily+ lipitor, propranolol, hctz so lipids and BP under control (except stress tests >190/90). What can I do to make this next appontment count? Is with Head of Cardio for Regional Hospital, don't want to waste anyones time but feel like doing everythng I can and isn't enough! Think need cardiac cath with and without ergonovine...
Avatar m tn L-Arg supplement serves as a potential adjunctive therapy for severe malaria, because it improves NO bioavailability and reverses endothelial dysfunction in severe malaria patients. In this study, we investigated the effect of dietary L-Arg supplement on host immune responses during subsequent malaria infection using the Plasmodium yoelii 17XL - BALB/c mouse model.
38309 tn?1270893703 After a positive adenosine cath, the cardio diagnosed me with endothelial dysfunction secondary to microvascular disease. (My coronary flow reserve was moderately abnormal, according to the cardio). I'm taking an ACE-inhibitor and diuretic, (my EF was 50%). I'm blessed (and cursed) to be the daughter and sister of neurosurgeons. My father said the new cardio was a "charlatan," and that anyone injected with adenosine would experience what I did. I am confused.
Avatar n tn com/html/taurine-l-arginine-arrhythmias.html I have read extensively on this subject and am fairly convinced that most people could find benefit from considering these alternatives. And I feel that quite a number of people are being harmed by beta blockers and anti anxiety meds because these do not address the underlying cause. For instance in my case my Doctor said my PACs were no problem..no worries, would have given me pain killers or B blockers at the drop of a hat..
Avatar m tn Prinzmetal's angina is treated with medications, specifically nitroglycerin. An over the counter product is L-arginine which enhances nitric oxide (NO) synthesis so this is also helpful. Pariet is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) and works by slowing or preventing the production of acid in the stomach. This drug should only be used short term as stomach acid is vital for good health. High acid is rarely the cause of reflux/GERD so in most cases an acid blocker is the incorrect treatment.
712042 tn?1254572809 Emory and their other research partners do not have another patient like me so I retain my Poster Child title for this cardiac endothelial dysfunction. Great! So I manage my own nitro and see what continues to work for me; I'll use more if I have to as I don't have much choice and too little nitro gets me quickly declining to pain and SOB. Everthing else health wise is great, lipids, BP, blood work.
1359524 tn?1282695510 As far as non-pharmaceutical treatments go, I am on a fluid- and sodium-loading diet (4 L/day and 5000 mg/day, respectively), I wear custom fitted Rx graduated compression stockings (40-50 mmHg), and I also did phase II cardiac rehab (I would be in phase III right now, but that's a long story).
Avatar n tn Angie, Microvascular disease could be a cause, even in light of a normal angiogram. The CCF doc is right -- the only way to confirm the diagnosis is through a highly specialized cath. (Try a Google search on "Womens Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation" study or the NHLB's WISE study on women with chest pain and normal angiograms).
Avatar m tn Besides, statins do nothing that a sensible diet, exercise, niacin and l-arginine can't do, at no risk and far less cost. I never said all physicians are corrupt; in fact I never used that term, or a synonym. I believe that as physicians enter practice they come to believe in pharmaceuticals, even though most of them treat symptoms rather than problems. And the influence of the drug companies is powerful and pervasive, influencing Congress, the NIH, the FDA and virtually all studies.