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Avatar m tn Also, whenever I try and sit on my ankles, I am in HUGE amounts of pain just in the left knee. Please inform me on whether I should see a doctor again for my knee problems, or just what you think about this injury I have. Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn Should I stop exercising (walking and tennis)? Should I wear a brace? What can I do to avoid surgery?
Avatar n tn i have pain in the muscles behind my knees. they stiffen whenever i sit for a period of time. the also ache bad during the night. the outside bone on my right knee is tender but nothing like that on the left knee. This started with sore muscles that i thought was from not being in shape and playing tennis. it has progressed to almost constant pain and stiffness. even with 800 mg ibuprofen i was up half the night in pain.
Avatar n tn Sat out my 6 weeks and did my Physical therapy, and finished just in time for tennis season to start. Got into my second week of tennis, ended up having the same knee pains as i did in august. Went to new doctor and he said i had Severe Patellar tendonitis. Said he could inject my patella tendons with plasma to help them heal faster but wanted to do that for last resort. Went back and kept playing tennis.... Then had very very bad knee pains (sharp pain, stiffness, hard to get up, etc.
Avatar m tn Good day! I have been experiencing tennis elbow (tendonitis) in my right elbow for the last 6 months. It's due to weight training and heavy lifting. I've cut back on the weight but still have soreness (though not as bad.) I've tried ice a few times each day, a brace when I exercise and Advil yet I still have it. My health insurance plan at work ***** and I don't want to go see a doctor as I don't have the money. Any suggestions? Thanx!!!
1394601 tn?1328032308 I use a cane, and a scooter part time..I also just got fitted for a foot brace - actually an ankle brace that goes up to just below the knee.
Avatar m tn I bought a knee brace for work, and sports. It is like elastaprene, or something. It works well keeping my knee stable (ACL injury). But it makes my skin have a rash. Is there another style material brace I could buy that would not make my skin have a rash?
Avatar f tn Hi all i am new here, i had a nasty car accident back in febuary in which i broke my hip and pelvis and suffered a large nasty open wound to my knee,since leaving hospital and bein able to know weight bear its come to light i am suffering with footdrop :( i am on many pills and painkillers although i can walk i have a very bad limp due to the droop :( can anybody help withways of relief? has anyone done anything similar? will it ever get better?
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564321 tn?1216333985 The result is a footdrop brace that is just as effective worn barefoot as a conventional hard brace and shoe. This elastic brace conforms beautifully to the ankle and calf. Worn under stockings, it's practically invisible. Ideal for hyper-mobile and post-polio afflictions. Includes a semi-rigid plantar footplate, which helps maintain the arch and provides a stable support surface. I hope this works out.
Avatar m tn Because of the atrophy in my leg, I will have to wear a brace for the rest of my life and this brace seems to be the one that gives me the most support. I hope your knee is better and you do not have to wear a brace indefinitely but if you do, I recommend the Donjoy Defiance III. It is a custom fitted brace. Your doctor should be able to help. Best wishes to you and stay positive. You'll be fine...
17484539 tn?1580565249 So it turns out I had a small radial neck elbow fracture AND lateral epicondylitis.(the fancy term for tennis elbow). I have been wearing a lightweight brace for 6 weeks hoping the symptoms will subside.but I am totally baffled as to the diagnosis. If this is from a fracture, why did it take weeks to become so debilitating? Just about 50% of everything hurts - i.
Avatar m tn The area that is most tender to touch is underneath the kneecap where it has been swollen continuously for two years. When straightened, it looks like there is a lump on my knee. Some of the pain also occasionally runs down towards my ankle. Recently I have also experienced minimal hip pain. While walking, the area along the medial side of the knee also hurts. The entire area feels like it is full of sand to touch.
Avatar f tn Is it o.k. to wear a knee brace that also covers the vaiacose vein in my shin. without the brace I have pain in my knee cap & not sure if any pain is from the varicose vein. it does feel better with the brace on But will it do harm to the varicose vein?
645800 tn?1466860955 I would love to figure out how they've set up both for you. I have to wear a knee brace on my weak leg 24/7 -- the foot drop assist afos that were approved by my insurance wouldn't work with the knee brace. The one that does work with knee brace? Insurance has denied it twice now. They won't cover it. I'm incredibly frustrated and not sure what to do next. What sort of afos are you using? I am so glad that the set up is working for you though!!! Must feel pretty good!
Avatar f tn My pain is in the front of my knee. I am a tennis player, 63, and am going crazy from not being able to play.
Avatar m tn I am 36 yr old male. Started to do some workout to keep fit almost a year ago. Things were going good. One day I was doing biceps with dumbells I started to feel pain in my left elbow. I ignored it but couple of days later it got worse. My doctor told me "tennis elbow" and gave me exercises like "pronationa and supination". I did it and still doing it. I used elbow bracing and taking pain meds. It didn't improve.
Avatar f tn My son destroyed an ACL playing football -- he lives a normal life without one, but uses an orthopaedic knee brace when he runs or plays sports.
645800 tn?1466860955 Yesterday I finally got my new foot brace for my right foot ( called a toe off) . Right from the start it felt so weird walking with it on. Probably mostly because my foot has been dropping and turning in for such a long time that I had gotten somewhat use to it. It is made of carbon fiber material and goes all the way up my shin to just below my knee.
Avatar f tn I've been suffering from Tennis Elbow for over 2 years and would really like to avoid surgery. Any suggestions based on your experience would be highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn thanks for your reply, I was also wondering do you think they would follow the same steps as last time regarding the surgery?? like six weeks on crutches again but no knee brace again or would they maybe change it?
Avatar f tn so, i've been a little under 2 months now and it was my good leg. my right leg's knee is giving me fits even before the foot drop. so far, i've had the eeg test which determined there's a problem in my leg. just don't know why and hoping the mri will show something. in another couple weeks, i'll get my brace. ortho doesn't seem to have a lot of hope because they ordered the high-dollar pivoting brace.
Avatar m tn The knee started feeling around 80% better about 3 days ago. I wore knee brace every day even to sleep, 2 days ago I changed to a more comfortable brace with those metal hinges on sides, also slept with it. My current issue/question, is 2 days ago I woke up with a swollen ankle and pain when putting leg down to walk. I don't remember any sprain in ankle at all, I had just walked a theme park the night before with no ankle issue or even the knee felt great.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am not a doctor, but an athletic trainer. As an athletic trainer, I specialize in orthopedic injuries. I help prevent, diagnosis and rehabilitate injuries. I like to think there is always hope. Have you gone to another surgeon for another opinion? Do you know what is limiting your ability to straighten your leg? Is it scar tissue? If so, they can remove that. You will have to go to physical therapy again, but it should help you regain your motion.