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Avatar f tn Did you start it after or before keppra? How long were you on Keppra? I wish my daughter could take Lamictal but her rash got the doctor worried, even though it was ringworm. Have you heard of any other anti-seizure meds that might actually work well for moods? I know Lamictal is a very good mood stabilizer. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I read something on rxlist about moodswings and irritibility related to Keppra. It's believed that Keppra makes your brain "dump" Vitamin B6 at times which lowers dopamine or seratonin levels and makes you feel horrible. Does your daughter take vitamins? I'd try some Vitamin B6 if her multivitamin doesn't contain it. I started taking Trader Joe's High Potency vitamins and feel much, much better since starting. Good luck.
Avatar n tn i just started taking keppra and prior to keppra i was on depakote i was on depakote 4 bouut 15 yrs and new bout the side affects reguarding liver and having to do blood count i was ok w that but now here i am depakote free for 9 months taking keepra 750mg=3000 daliy yet i can skip it for time and days and there i go having seizures yet id skip like a month at times w depakote cuz i was doing drugs at that time and realized it takes like 5 weeks of no depakote be4 id be laying out w seizures but
Avatar n tn My 80 yr old mom has developed a severe rash from vaginal area into groin,up back side. Very red,fiery,itchy. Any clue anyone? Could this be related to medication, she has been on Keppra for about a year now,used to complain of vague itching but this is really bad now.
Avatar f tn hi, i have had to surrender my driving licence because of possible Epilepsy, im taking 500 keppra morning and night, no one is sure that i have epilepsy but as i fainted whilst over working and being sleep deprived and having back head cold which gave me bad ear pressure, the doc thinks its safer to take this pill as I need to drive for my employment, i can re-apply for the return of my licence in october this year.
Avatar f tn Also, she developed ringworm rash while on Lamictal. Do you think it's related? She is now beginning Keppra. Thanks!
Avatar f tn It could be a rash or reaction of some sort. It may have nothing to do with autism. Have you tried the Dermatology forum?
Avatar n tn Could anyone help me. I have epilepsy, I take keppra 3000mg, zoloft 100mg, and metanx and right now decreasing topamax to get off of it completely.
Avatar f tn Just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced swollen glands and itchy eyes when taking trileptal? I've only been on it now for 3wks and am currently on 75mg along with 375mg of Keppra twice daily. I don't have a rash but am wondering if this is just a cold or side effect from meds. I called the nurse yesterday at docs office they suggested being checked out by PMD, any suggestions? I dont have a fever or any other symptoms? Thanks for the feedback.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if your son was ever on Keppra? My daughter is on it for one week and is very tired. Does the fatigue on Depakote ever lessen?
Avatar m tn All that aside, common options for partial seizures are, to give you some names, tegretol (generic called carbamazepine,) carbatrol (or tegretol XR,) Keppra or Keppra XR (generic called levetiracetam,) lyrica, (generic called pregabalin) Topamax, (generic called topiramate) trileptal, (generic called oxcarbazepine) zarontin, (generic called ethosuximide) and zonegran (generic called zonisamide.) I know I’ve given you a long list, sorry about that.
Avatar n tn I left the hospital taking Dilantin until a got a red rash all over my body - was then switched to Keppra to prevent any additional seizures I might have. I am having some side effects but nothing major. I have an appointment on Monday with a Neurologist - but am wondering if anyone else could share their story with me if they ahd something similar? Do you generally stay on anti-seizure meds forever - or is there something that takes care of this problem? Thanks!
Avatar f tn My friend has an autistic 16 years old boy who has epilepsy ,Generalized Tonic-Clonic , he was using Depakene chrono for a long time + lemictal, he was ok with it till september 2007, the blood tests showed that the Depakene chrono was increasing in his blood, so the doctor suggested to stop it and replace it by Keppra, then , he was having seizures one after the other .. so they added the depakene to his daily taken medications ,, he was ok for almost 4 weeks ..
Avatar n tn Muscles ache, swell, get hot, develop a measly looking rash, and can cramp as bad as severe spasticity. eyes just finished with a bout of severe pain, light sensitivity, and only one time did eye doc find eye muscles inflammed. Other visits to ERs showed back muscles swell with rash and fever sensations, thigh required hospital visit with friend driver from severe spasticity, they offered morphine in it.
Avatar m tn he had taking xrays of my brain and he saw that half of my brain was shrinking. He slowly took me off of Dilantin and put me onto Keppra. Ever since I have been on Keppra things have be better. I still have small seizures but not many and they are under control...........Please get off of Dilantin and onto Keppra.
Avatar n tn She was first on trileptal, then added keppra, then d/c'd the trileptal. About 1 1/2 years ago they d/c'd her keppra, due to being seizure free for a couple of years and her dose was so low that on her last labs it did not even register. She got very ill in February of this year with the flu, then strep throat....after that she was not the same. Her behavior is getting worse.
Avatar f tn Have visual disturbances, pupils have intermittent reactions to lack of dilation in light. Do have odd lupus like rash on face like it burned in the sun badly when overheated. Sweating over 68 degrees. Take Baclofen, cymbalta, keppra, klonpin. Muscles get hard spasms, turn red with heat, if in fixed position bent at elbow for a few minutes, attempts to put it down cause severe pain and must be pulled back up and placed down very slowly. No biopsies taken. What can this mean?
Avatar n tn My husband is on 3 different seizure medications which include Lamictal, Keppra and Tegretol. He has had a very itchy rash that has been spreading over his body for about 6-8 weeks now. We finally was able to see a Dermatologist this morning and he thinks it may be Lichen Planus. He did do a biopsy and we will have the results in 10 days. My question is.....
1221035 tn?1301004108 I am allergic to cipro, topamax, zonegran, lamictal, keppra, tysabri and gilenya................ I asked my Neuro if it makes sense that MS patients would have a higher rate of allergic reactions due to our over active immune systems.....His response was that in theory that was completely correct, it only stands to reason if our body attack our own myelin, it would really attack an outside substance, like a foreign medication. I wonder how many MS patients have allergic reactions to medicines?
Avatar f tn I also took Lamictal or however you spell it and I got a rash so I quit that. Also took Welbutron or however you spell that and that made me more irritable. I'm thinking about taking an anti anxiety med. I don't know what to do. I need to be on something. Does anyone know of a medication that is for cyclomania or bipolar that doesn't have bad side effects?
1653487 tn?1303527762 I was placed on an anti-seizure medication - Keppra 1000mg and told that I can not drive for at least 6 months... Not a good thing since I am an external marketer for a LTC facility. Luckily my company is working with me (for now anyway)... This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions (and minor side effects from the meds). I have my follow up with the Neurologist on the 13th of April and of course have a TON of questions written down in a journal already.
1156914 tn?1300575229 Clonazopam, Clobazam and Keppra were all unsuccessful at keeping the jerks under control. He mentioned that there is a possibility that I might have lupus and I would just like to get your opinion on the matter.
620048 tn?1358021835 I went through a period of bruising. Was taking neurotin (sp) and keppra. Blood work was good other than vit D. Mine was on top of foot and alongside shins. Doctor didn't know about the foot, possible flailing in sleep at night, but the leg bruising was determined to be self-bruising from muscle spasm. It only lasted a couple months and then self-resolved. Is there any correlation between muscles that are spastic and these bruises?
Avatar f tn Hi Michelle, My son has Epilepsy and was on Dilantin the majority of his "epilepsy life" with wonderful effect. Several years later he developed a rash (not hives) all over his body and started having odd muscle movements also envolving his entire body. The neurologist told me that he had developed an allergy to Dilantin and to never use it again as a treatment. We discontinued the Dilantin while he was in the hospital while introducing a different medication.
Avatar f tn She is in treatment for almost 2 years now. But not much improvement. Earlier she was on Keppra 500 and now she is in Oxetol150 and for the last 2 months Oxetol 300 twice in a day. She is having headache every day and always sleepy. She got a rash on neck also after some 10 days taking Oxetol (not sure is it due to Oxetol). So may I know Oxetol 300 is a good and recommended medicine to treat partial-seizure and these side affects are common. She is getting fear like symptoms sometimes.
Avatar n tn She has tried him on Lamictal and Keppra, the latter having very unpleasant side effects that he does not want to live with and neither med has stopped the jerking. The condition seems worse when he is very fatigued which is often due to his job. I am wondering if Lyme's can lay dormant and cause problems years later. He has not pain or muscle weakness. He is not overweight and exercises as often as he can when home. He is not on medication for any other medical condition.
Avatar f tn muscle disorder? what is that? Given baclofen, keppra, klonopin (no seizures) have apnea. Is it close to: myositis: clinical exam appears so, bloodwork negative, not MS, no spinal proteins, HSN type? CIDP? What is up with all this? Recently back in for neuro rehab for disorganization, depression, vision: ocular migraines, eye fatigue. What does this match for dx? Anything helpful?
Avatar n tn My husband was operated on for a glioblastoma multiforma 9/11/07. He was on Keppra for seizure prevention, he had a seizure 2 weeks later and was given dilantin as well. About a month after surgery he had daily Temodar and directed radiation (5x/wk) for 6.5 weeks. A month or so after the treatments he was given an increased dose of Temodar for the first 5 days of each month.
Avatar n tn My husband was operated on for a glioblastoma multiforma 9/11/07. He was on Keppra for seizure prevention, he had a seizure 2 weeks later and was given dilantin as well. About a month after surgery he had daily Temodar and directed radiation (5x/wk) for 6.5 weeks. A month or so after the treatments he was given an increased dose of Temodar for the first 5 days of each month.