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Avatar n tn Does keppra bring abt major side effects to a nursing infant? I hv been taking keppra since i was pregnant..however i stopped for awile when breastfeeding n my seizure happened once. However, im really keen on nursing my baby n i need this medication. Is there any way i can balance both? Pls help me tks..
Avatar n tn (she was also on coumadin prior to this) She had a seizure a day after the pace maker surgery and the doctors put her on keppra and monitored her for several days. She was then transferred to the physical therapy ward after about a week. Long story short, while in that ward one of the doctors cut her dose in half. She had another seizure and was back in the ICU. More monitoring and another week later she was sent back to physical therapy. Important disclosure, she is also on dialysis.
Avatar n tn My 7 month old baby was admitted to Children's hospital because we thought she was having seizures. Her first EEG came back abnormal so her Pediatric Neurologist diagnosed epilepsy and started her on Keppra. The next day he said he wanted to be absolutely certain it was a seizure disorder so he orders a 24 hour Video monitoring EEG. She had a few episodes during this test which the Neurologist went over.
Avatar n tn She has many little seizures at night-time without a clinical presentation and I was wondering if the vns has ever been attributed to a eeg showing marked improvement with sub-clinical activity? She is also on 3 anticonvulsants, mysoline, Keppra and tegretol. Mysoline and Keppra are at theraputic levels and tegretol is being weaned slowly and is at a blood level of 3. I would like to also know if you believe that the 3 anticonvulsants have a effect on her cognition and clarity?
Avatar m tn Before I was able to get an appointment to the EEG monitoring unit my Neurologist put me on Keppra and with minor changes in the dosage it finally began to work. I went 3 nights without having a seizure (before EEG testing). The Dr. has since taken me off of the meds and the seizures are back. It is very difficult to sleep or sleep for long periods of time and feel that I'm going somewhat crazy. Has anyone else had these same type of Symptoms????
Avatar n tn I had a brain bleed 3 months age and currently am on 2000 mg of Keppra daily as a precaution to prevent a siezure resulting from the surgery. Could this be the reason? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259137'>Update on Monitoring Post Cancer Patients with CA27.29</a>.
Avatar n tn The doctor prescribed Keppra(which made me feel awful)I really do not want to take this drug-does one episode mean I must take this drug?I don't feel happy about it at all.Please give me some good advice!Unfortunately there are few people I can talk to about this.
Avatar n tn My question is I have confirmed epilepsy, and have gone into status several times, currently on a combination of three drugs (dilantin, tegretol, keppra). I do pretty well most day with the exception of when I have surgery. Recently I had surgery on my knee and during surgery I began having seizures became status having approx 25-30 sz at their best count. These were all confirmed by EEG monitoring. I alerted the anesthesiologist to this and he did not seem concerned.
Avatar m tn Hi, my 60 yr old father has recently been having blackout spells. He'll be out 15-20 sec sometimes and then 3- 4 min @ times. Then wakes up & instantly gets what he describes as a warm rush feeling across his chest then it goes straight to his head & gets a severe headache and then blacks out again sometimes. Past several days these episodes will last 30-45 min.
Avatar m tn I had my 1st seizure this past Nov. and started Keppra right away. We've been all over with the dose. I've been on it just shy of 3 months. In the last month I started having numbness/tingling in 2 of my right fingers. It started to move into the side of my right hand, traveling into my forearm. Then it started in my left hand in a similar fashion. Then on the right side of my face. Then, though not as bad, my feet.
Avatar m tn I went to a neurologist who did a 48 hour eeg and he said i had abnormal brain waves( prob the same ones that were found when i was 12) and he put me on keppra. when i asked him why it took so long for these abnormal waves to manifest itself he said " i dont know, it could happen" but here is where my issue lies with my diagnosis and what no neurologist could answer: 1) why did these abnormal brain waves turn into epilepsy all of a sudden 2) i have never had a full seizure.
Avatar n tn My 21 yr. old son had a craniotomy (large blood clot) at 2 wks. old and a shunt at 5 yrs. old. Was on phenobarb. until 3 yrs. old, not witnessed seizures until 12 yrs. old. Is now on 3 seizure meds. and is having these episodes - unsteady (will fall), dizzy, drooling, speech so slurred is not understandable, can't make his limbs "work". These happen at different times during the day, skipping some days. He sometimes has partial seizures (flashing lights) right before these.
Avatar n tn I never had any problems and have since then had 2 more children but the doctors should be monitoring this if she has a history of seizures because the hormones can or will possibly set them off. Good luck!
Avatar f tn may cause tremors, dizzyness, muscle weakness and lack of coodination, a slow and slumped gait, extreme lethargy (tiredness), problems swallowing..... the list goes on. We are decreasing his intake of these meds, and he is showing remarkable progress! In just 3 weeks, he has made a complete turn around, and his symptoms are decreasing every day! He is in the end stages, but heading towards recovery. The docs and nurses at his rehab center have never seen anything quite like this!
Avatar f tn The medication I am taking Tenex for dystonic spasms also serves as a mood stabilizer but it has like Clonidine the potential to cause mood alterations (that's why those two are little used) so I am monitoring not just my moodswings but for medication induced mania or depression. This is rare among the common mood stabilizers but there are lesser known ones that can cause that. I know Trileptal brought me into an agitated mixed state and Keppra caused suicidal ideations.
Avatar f tn His sezuires most occur during is sleep anywhere from 3am - 6 am in the morning every 2-3 months. His doctor has him on keppra 500mg 4 times a day. the medicine works for about two months and then here come the sezuires. I'M not complaining because I know that things could be worst. It has been hard for us because we are a young couple and we have our own business and we cant afford insurance without going bankrupt, we have applied for local medicaid but they denined us because we have no kids.
Avatar m tn Before I was able to get an appointment to the EEG monitoring unit my Neurologist put me on Keppra and with minor changes in the dosage it finally began to work. I went 3 nights without having a seizure (before EEG testing). The Dr. has since taken me off of the meds and the seizures are back. It is very difficult to sleep or sleep for long periods of time and feel that I'm going somewhat crazy. Has anyone else had these same type of Symptoms????
Avatar n tn If this does not stop the seizures, you may need to switch to another drug such as trileptal, lamictal, keppra, topamax etc. If you fail 2-3 drugs then you may be a candidate for epilepsy surgery (Which requires a workup including MRI, Epilepsy monitoring unit stay, PET scan, neuro-psych eval, and often invasive monitoring). The symptoms you describe are NOT consistent with CJD.
Avatar m tn My wife currently is hospitalized due to an Ischemic Stroke. She is having what appear to be seizures. They happen at a frequency of about 2 - 3 per day. We requested an Extended EEG to see if the seizures would occur during the EEG monitoring. She had 2 back to back seizures "Events" that were recorded during the Extended EEG. The Neurologist said that the info from the EEG said that she was having Non Epileptic Seizures.
1955351 tn?1324936304 i have Epilepsy. and i handle stress really poorly. i have had irrational fear since I was 5. i don't know when i started having disassociative state.
Avatar m tn 2 years ago I received an MRI with and without contrast because I was not doing well with the mysoline or keppra that I was given. I went back for the results, but sat in the Dr.'s office for 2 hours and left, my mistake. Over the last year, the tremors have increased greatly in my left hand over my right, so I have decided to find another Neurologist. In preperation for the new Dr., I had a copy of the MRi sent to me, something I never read.
Avatar m tn The psychiatrist is stating that this is not the issue, and he thinks it's neurological and referred me back to my neurologist. I'm on Keppra 750mg twice daily which has helped with the tremors it seems but I'm still having problems with my memory, and Trileptal 150mg in the morning and 300mg at night. I've always been known for having a good memory, never had to study, always remembered numbers and what people told me very easily.
1653487 tn?1303527762 I was placed on an anti-seizure medication - Keppra 1000mg and told that I can not drive for at least 6 months... Not a good thing since I am an external marketer for a LTC facility. Luckily my company is working with me (for now anyway)... This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions (and minor side effects from the meds). I have my follow up with the Neurologist on the 13th of April and of course have a TON of questions written down in a journal already.
Avatar f tn He was started on Florinef and increased his fluids and 2 gatoraids daily and became a little better, then I decided to wean him off of keppra, because the Neuro didn,t want to, but my son felt like keppra was making him worse. We weaned him off and instantly no more gran mal seizures. he still continues to have 2-3 petite mal a day, but he was having 7-10 daily on all the meds.Cardiologist just started him atenolol this past week and it has tremendously hepled with the chronic fatigue.
Avatar n tn ) said that he couldn't rule out that I had had a simple partial seizures and offer to re-start medication sue to the fact that I'm commuting and loosing my liesnce would be a big problem. He offer to restart Gabitril or try out Keppra. I decided to try Keppra and a month later I was doing okay on it but decided to discontinue because I was still only taking one pill (250 mg) and was really sleepy all the time. My question is this.... what is your opinion about me re-trying Gabitril?
Avatar n tn She has since been on an anti-seizure medication called Keppra, which has stopped the seizures for almost six months. She has been seizure-free since September. My question to anyone here is... has anyone else experienced something like this? Any ideas? Family has history of brain aneurysms, hypoglycemia, heart problems, breast cancer... and other things that I am not aware of.
Avatar n tn They are like a partial complex seizure. I saw a neurologist and was started on Keppra. I was up to 2,500mg a day and they were not stopping. I began to track them carefully and I believe I saw a pattern of only during the 2nd half of my monthly cycle, days 15 - 28 (and usually between 18 and 21) My neurologist decided to put me in the hospital to do a video EEG monitoring and I told him the dates it needed to be. We hit it right and it was determined that my seizures are NES.
Avatar n tn they then did a mri, eeg, and video monitoring. the neurologist said it was not seizures. we took her to see a pediatric opthemologist whom we showed videos of the episodes and said in 20 plus years and thousands of babies he had never seen this. we went back to the neurologist who prescribed keppra, which did not change her condition. we then went to a gi who prescribed zantac which also had no effect. should i still be chasing issues with the gi or do you think i should pursue other efforts?
Avatar n tn Glad that the MRI is normal. But further testing may be necessary such as admission to an epilepsy monitoring unit where you're continuously hooked up to an EEG and video monitor for a few days to catch one of these episodes. If there is no EEG change with the episode, then it's very unlikely to be a seizure. Atypical migraines may also present with similar symptoms, which may be a consideration for you as you've had headaches with some of the episodes.
220917 tn?1309788081 But not all the fun stuff that has come lately in the last 4 months. Wow, maybe that could be it. I was recently started on Keppra for a preventive. I agree, if any more sx come about, make sure to tell your doc.