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Avatar m tn 04/12 changed him to Dilatan and keppra more seizures. 05/12 put back on keppra only 3,500 mg. 06/12 seizures moved to keppra 4,000 mg a day! He has had only 1 seizures since been on 4,000, but this is a very high dosage. He is going to see an seizures specialist. Hoping he can get this dosage down.
Avatar f tn I held a steady job for a year prior to having seizures and I was told I was a very out going employee. But now after being on keppra/ off brand of keppra I've found myself loosing the drive to do anything, start anything, or keep going at something. I don't know how to tell my doctor all this because I don't want to seem like a pill junky, I've tried the B vitamins and they just make me crash and feel like I'm going insane.
Avatar n tn I had a seizure in my sleep Thursday night. I was perscribed 500mg Keppra twice daily. I took my first pill at 1:30 and felt high all night. I finally went to bed at 8pm without taking another and slept until 9:30am!!! I have a 2 year old. I have no idea how long she was awake and waiting for me. I am afraid to take another dose. I can't sleep like that. Is this a side effect of the medicine? Or still fatigue from actually having a seizure?
Avatar f tn Your keppra doses werent high either, and yet you had a bad response to it. Please fill me in on this. Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn I have had these problems for 20 some years due to brain damage and keppra has not made it worse or changed anything for me though. I am on a high dose and on other seizure meds. You may want to see about a mood stabilizer for her I know she is young it may or may not work. If it is the med maybe switch meds no one needs to feel that way and I know from experience it's not fun not being yourself and putting others through it.
Avatar f tn My son is 13 years old and has been on Keppra for the past 3 years. His Dr just increased his dosage to 3000mg a day. That sounds a little high to me, and I was wondering if anyone had more information than I on this. I am concerned with his mental and emotional behavior on this drug. He has regressed in school since the 5th grade, granted he's had two grand mal seizures and some partial complex seizures, but I was wondering if this medication had anything to do with it as well.
479255 tn?1208119748 I was on Keppra and Had the Same exact problems. My doctor thought mayby he put me on to high of a dosage and lowered it and same thing continued again, he continued to lower it. until my nor i could take it anylonger, and he switched me to Topamax and its working Great. my mood swings stopped immediatly. He started me on 25Mg 2 times a day and increased it slowely each week to now were working me up 200mg 2times day.
Avatar f tn old son who was diagnosed with epilepsy las June (08) since then he's been on Keppra. He's doctor has upped his meds. 1000mg in 4 weeks. I haven't seen any behavior problems but he is always forgetting things, talks in circles and it takes him 10 minutes to get one request out he also has anxiety. He has complained from the beginning about stomach pain and nausea and most recently has to use the bathroom 7 times a day (in school) only and claimed he saw blood in his urine.
Avatar m tn His seizures diminished in severity and frequency until he may have a petit seizure a couple of times a year. However, he only had 3 grand mal seizures since the keppra and he is now 10 years old. Keppra is surely hard on his liver and his life span may be shortened by a year or two. However the difference in his quality of life and mine for that matter has been nothing short of amazing and miraculous.
Avatar f tn After having those 2 he went on Keppra. A very low dose, 250mg twice a day. For 2 months he was seizure free and we had forgotten about it all(other then to give his pills twice a day). So, then our vet recommended us weaning him off Keppra. She believed his seizures may of been triggered from him being on trifexis flea pills - he has always been using. Within a week to week and half we gave him the lowest dosage of Keppra - 125mg for the entire day. That day, he had 4 seizures!
301640 tn?1302655934 michelle here i got high function autism and im a mum i find it hard communicating i feel like breaking down i cant even say what i want to people cause i afraid to exoress how i really feel and ive had no friends as a child i am afraid of not looking people in the eyes i get overload only can focus on one thing or i get anxous and confused just like the 3 councillours im so confused i cant make my mind up which one to choose i just cant
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. It is possible that your symptom was due to high BP. Your BP was extremely high and could have caused a mini stroke which resulted in sudden weakness in the leg. It is important to get further evaluation done to prevent stroke from recurring. Restrict salt intake completely and take medications to keep your BP under control.
Avatar f tn I recently went to a physician and was told that I have high blood pressure as well. My B/P is only 156/108 but still its abnormally high for someone my age. I haven't been to a doctor yet, so i'm wondering should I go and check this out. Please comments and concerns are welcome.
Avatar f tn The transient high TSH levels may have been secondardy to the seizure activity. Doubtful (with otherwise consistently normal thyroid levels) that thyroid caused the seizure.
2030686 tn?1351692148 I've had a few seizures in my sleep and after the last one I was put on Keppra. They don't know what's causing them yet. The Keppra makes me really aggressive and off balance and I itch all over but no hives. So, I think I might be allergic to it. Today, I was in a high stress situation and I just started shaking all over and couldn't catch my balance. I didn't have any real mental issues so I don't know if it was a seizure or not.
Avatar n tn I would talk to a Dr directly for this question... to make sure there isnt anything concerning going on for him to be having severe headaches and high temp... im assuming he is on those meds for seizures or epilepsy?? but if the heachache isnt a common occurance i would get him checked out and if it is a common occurance then its best to find out what your options are for relief...
Avatar n tn She's presently taking Keprra 750 mg twice a day. I thought about having her blood level tested for possibly to high of a dosage of Keppra since she's only had one seizure which led up to the diagnosis. Let me know your thoughts.............
Avatar f tn But then, according to the PA at his office, none of my symptoms which started after starting keppra are side effects of the keppra. I wish I knew how to wean myself off. I hear its dangerous to do it without knowing how. And, to be honest, after having 3 seizures in the last three months (more than I had in the previous 5 years combined.....I am a bit paranoid about being off of any drug. Good luck with your son and the surgery. I am thinking about you.
Avatar m tn Without any hesitation, I was allowed to continue playing football for the rest of my high school career. Since my seizures, I have been put on Keppra and have been completely seizure free. My question is whether or not it would be alright for me to compete in amateur boxing; more specifically, is there any evidence that blows to the head/concussions could aggravate my disorder or make it worse?
398501 tn?1334705873 I have been placed on 1000mg of keppra(?), does anyone know the side effect of these that I should expect?
Avatar m tn Right now I am actually on Keppra and Topamax and they have both kept me seizure free for over 3+ years and I have no side effects. My memory isn't that great but I'm not sure I can blame the drugs. The two of those as a combo, for me, are wonderful!
Avatar f tn I was actually on Depakote and high risk but I have a very health normal very active 10 yr old boy! I'm taking Keppra now and they still consider me high risk but the risk is much lower with Keppra then it was with Depakote. They have done several ultrasounds and baby is great!! They have me taking 1000mg of Folic acid in top of my prenatal vitamins. It suppose to help with the effects of the Keppra. So far so good. Ready to be done lol!! Good luck to you Hun and don't stress it will be ok.
Avatar m tn She would hug me for an hour at a time, and leave blood scratch marks on my back. Anxiety was very high. We took her off the Keppra (a call to the children’s hospital confirmed to do this). She was on it only three days, and I would say hardly slept. When we took her off, at night she sleep talked and trashed a lot, and hallucinated, but that was a lot better than before.
Avatar m tn i started on dilanton and now have been on keppra since about august 2007. i have had problem with acne in high school but i can tell that the meds are causing the bad acne. i have been dealingwith this for over a year now and am fed up with it.
Avatar f tn At first I thought this a side effect of the anticonvulsant I take (Keppra) -- the instructions say to avoid alcohol because very serious interactions can occur, although they never specify what those interactions are. A couple medical professionals I talked to about it said that it's because Keppra increases the level of enzymes present in my liver, thereby speeding up my liver's metabolic rate. So my body just skips the drunkenness stage altogether.
Avatar n tn When I looked at the data sheet that came with the Keppra, it indicated that it was for partial seizures. The Keppra is very difficult to function on. I immediately felt when it hit my system. It is making me sleepy and loopy. They should rename the drug, "Blond". I have fibromyalgia and am fatigued to begin with, so I'm really dragging. I feel completely drugged. However, I'm determined to try this!
Avatar f tn I have had headaches since I was in junior high. I have always managed them. I always had strange symptoms. I used to "faint". I would just slowly without being able to stop drop to the ground whole my arms and legs flopped around. Then in Junior high I got headaches and one day one of my eyes dialated for some undiagnosed reason. Then my senior year I started seeing stars and patterns and I thought I was going to faint at my desk, I got my worst headache ever that night.
Avatar n tn This can be made more likely, for example, when you are sleep deprived, take alcohol, fevers, miss your Keppra etc. Try to avoid these precipitating events, try to get enough sleep etc. 2 grams of Keppra a day is a standard dose, and should hopefully protect against a furhter seizure. If not, then there is room to increase it further, unless you have intoelrable side effects.