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Avatar n tn I am still having severe neck pain, dizziness, weakness, and severe throbbing one sided pain at the temples..I have tried every otc to calm head pain to no avail...I have tried chiropractic which made it worse...I have tried massage, hot baths, jogging etc..The pain is still here! Been to the neuro 3 times and they claim muscle tension is pulling the muscles of the neck, face and scalp causing the head pain...had ct on neck with problems...
Avatar f tn Hello, The first possibility is of a spinal cause like cervical stenosis or degeneration which is causing nerve irritation. Nerve irritation may present with pain in the neck and when movement of the neck is there from side to side if cervical spine is involved and tingling and numbness in the upper extremities. Any spinal cause in the lower spine may be associated with tingling in the soles of feet and legs.
Avatar f tn I I have had jaw pain ever since towards the end of my ortho treatment, it's throbs pain goes to my head neck shoulders sometimes I feel like I can't get out of bed I've been to chiropractors dentist Chinese medicines GPS everything I love on pain killer panadol and mersondyle when really bad and can't sleep because of it, I recently had a splint made have been wearing it for 2 weeks so far no change maybe a little bit 10% ever since wearing my splint it has made my teeth feel different when I b
789820 tn?1315452113 30, constant achy pain (no throbbing) left jaw, neck and shoulder pain. Panic Attack symptoms, body shaking and chills. Wed, continuous headache (no throbbing) with some slight sharp pain. Took Loratab to control the pain. Fatigued alot today, pain is centered an 1 1/2 inches behind my left ear in the Mastoid region of my head.
Avatar n tn I have the same issue going on too. A friend who is a neurologist said it quite possible is migraines. My docs were saying I have neck, jaw & ear pressure/pain because I clench my jaw. Well that makes since, but sometimes I have this pain when I haven't been clenching and it's been constant for a good month or so. Anyway, the neurologist said that migraines can cause you to clench your jaw.
12912879 tn?1427858672 I had the worst toothache on my left side which became jaw pain on the left side. After taking antibiotics the tooth and jaw pain slowly slightly faded with just a small toothache 1 or 2 times per week. However the eye and head pain and waking up with headaches and the horrible constant pain on my left side started maybe a few weeks after ky toothache went away. So its probably unrelated but just throwing that out there. Please help me.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms of headache and neck pain could indeed be directly associated to this. Aside from the imaging study, additional diagnostic tests should be done for proper evaluation. It is important that you discuss all the results with your attending physician. Rest, cold packs and pain reliever may help at this point but ultimately, management will depend on the diagnosis made. Take care and do keep us posted.
1156727 tn?1309571208 I have been having chest pain, palpitations, neck pain, jaw pain, weakness in legs, headache & dizziness. I have a pacemaker b/c I have complete heart block. Pacemaker is working ok. I went to ER last night...they did bloodwork, chest x-ray & EKG...kept me for overnight observation & said I was fine. I DON'T FEEL FINE!. I'm exhausted all the time....have appt w/ cardiologist that i can't get moved up b/c she's so booked.
Avatar f tn have a headache and at this point now and the pain has spread to my jaw and teeth...I feel it encircle my head like a vice!!! Have a call in to my doc for a stronger pain med...mine is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not cutting it.... I seem to have a very high tolerance, which is so not easy to talk to a doc about.... but before and after the 2003 surgery I had been on Morphine & that Fentenyl Patch and all kinds of stuff...
Avatar f tn I am a LimboLander with an uncomfortable new symptom--or maybe not a symptom?? I have a stiff neck--and not the kind that you get after you sleep weird--and not like something is "out." It's just this line of pain from my neck dowm my right arm--and up to my jaw--I feel stupid asking because maybe it's just a stiff neck--but I've never had pain like this before and was just wondering if this sounds like something to add to my log of sx or if it seems unrelated.
621386 tn?1221536083 After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
Avatar f tn Todays symptoms are severe headache, loss of ballance, blurred vission, tingling in fingers of both hands, neck pain, low back and traveling down right leg pain and stomach pain on right side, nausea, sleeplessness, confusion at times and no appetite.
Avatar f tn See if a chiro can adjust your jaw. I was amazed at how quickly my headache, neck and shoulder pain went away after one adjustment - less than 10 minutes. I am very serious. I only recommend chiros for musculo-skeletal isssues. I highly recommend them as somethinge to try for TMJ and sciatic nerve issues. Other that, I pretty much stay away from them. It might be both TMJ and a sinus infection though. Feel better.
Avatar n tn I have severe jaw pain that turns into a really severe headache. I feel it in my face and neck and jaw. It starts usually on the left side of jaw and goes everywhere from there. Even when I bend over I feel pain in the head. I've been to the doctor, neurosugeon, chiropractor and seeing a dentist. Nothing is helping. I dont have popping or grinding. I tried to wear a mouth gaurd and only seems to make things worse.
Avatar n tn Symptoms include ear pain, neck pain extending to the oral cavity and the maxilla, dysphonia, dysphagia, odynophagia, persistent sore throat, the sensation of a foreign body in the pharynx, painful trismus <25 mm, vertigo and tinnitus. Pain is also observed when turning the head or extending the tongue. Apart from turning the head, yawning can also trigger symptoms, particularly those resembling migraine.
Avatar n tn I have a headache on right side in eye, head, ear, and goes to neck and jaw. not daily.For 3 or 4 days, there is none, but when it comes, pain is intense and Tylenol does not help. My eyes are runny. Headache does not interfere with my sleep. I had headache since October. It began with a cold and I thought it was sinus, then allergy so I took claritan D and Flonase. And this did not help. Had ct scan (normal).
Avatar m tn Dr Sharma thank you for your advise and suggestion. Now a days, my headache is accompanied with neck pain on the same side. Also, my headache transforms from one side to other side. For example, if i get headache on my right side and if i have analgesic it will be cured in right side. But i will get headache on my left side by same day or next day. I took my MRI report for second opinion to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn Unexplained hair loss Headache, mild or severe, Seizures Pressure in head, white matter lesions in brain (MRI) Twitching of facial or other muscles Facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy, Horner's syndrome) Tingling of nose, (tip of) tongue, cheek or facial flushing Stiff or painful neck Jaw pain or stiffness Dental problems (unexplained) Sore throat, clearing throat a lot, phlegm ( flem ), hoarseness, runny nose Eyes/Vision: Double or blurry vision Increased floating spots Pain in eyes, or swellin
Avatar n tn precipitation of head pain by neck movement or awkward neck positions, head pain when external pressure is applied to the neck or occipital region, restricted range of motion of the neck, and neck, shoulder and arm pain. Treatment for cervicogenic headache includes physical therapy, medications, behavioral therapy, and other modalities. Occipital neuralgia is caused by irritation or injury to two nerves that run from the upper neck to the back of the head.
Avatar f tn Temporal tendinitis mimics migraines including TMJ pain temporal headaches, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. Treatment includes injecting local anesthetics and other medicines, moist heat muscle relaxants and NSAIDs along with physiotherapy. Multiple sclerosis would also need to be excluded.
Avatar f tn Then I ate som really hard licorice last night and my jaw hurt halfway through it. Then my headache progressed last night into a migraine, which I used to get but haven't for a few months. Anyway, it hurts really bad today, off and on w/pressure between my eyes, kind of dizzy at times. I am freaking out, thinking it is something bad. How do I stop my thoughts from thinking this and accepting it is just a headache? When should I be concerned.
Avatar n tn I was having head aches, neck/head aches, jaw pain, ear pain, and stabbing pains behind the eyes. Been on antibiotic, seemed to help alot, my eyes seemend like they were hazy even. Going to ENT doctor in early June. Oh by the way, I also had facial tingling for 6 years, this is why I had MRI done, everything was normal except for sinuses. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn Im 49 been having a lot of headaches with jaw and neck pain Left eye left temple hurting with blurred vision. My head feels weird and my face. I have tried excedraines migrains heat on my neck. I have even tried a icepack on my neck. I have tried ibueprofen , norco . I do have a bulging c1, c4, c5 l5 , disc degenative disease, I have a srynx at t6 to t9 I also have osteo arthritis. Sleep apnea, hypothyroid disease the low thyroid. I am in every day .
Avatar f tn I think I have TMJ, although no dentist has agreed with me, but my jaw clicks and I can see it shift when I open my mouth. So now I have this jaw pain that almost seems connected somehow to my neck -- just not sure if it's a possibility?? And how can I relieve it??!!?? Any input is appreciated!
Avatar f tn Ever since then, I've developed severe pain in my jaw, first it was just on the left side but now it's on both sides. It constantly hurts even when I'm not moving it and my face feels like it's swollen and tender although there hasn't been any visible signs. When I bite down, there is really severe pain in the back of my jaw, like where my wisdom teeth were. It hurts to open my mouth wide and sometimes my jaw cracks. Sometimes it hurts when I swallow too.
Avatar n tn The pain continues over face and around jaw, especially where jaw hinges and where neck and jaw come together in front, not the widest part of jaw, but forward to the second widest part of jaw. It hurts on both sides of head, but right now the left is worse. The pain feels like a combination of a sinus infection, tooth infection and getting hit with something hard in the face. Also, the area around my eyes, both up in towards eyebrows and behind the eyes hurts.