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Avatar f tn I have had jaw pain for many days, only on one side, now i have ear and throat pain on the same side, and my jaw hurts so bad, like I had been punched (or so I assume) really har din the jaw. It hurts to eat, and I have pain in my ear and a sore throat.....can anyone give me advise? Bad sinuses? Time to go the Dr?
Avatar n tn Sometimes it is so bad that it is difficult to eat. When I grab the left side of my jaw and slide it right, the right side/TMJ hurts in the same way as it does when i bite down. Pushing the jaw the other way produces no pain. I am concerned because I also have a funny "feeling" in my right ear that has accompanied this jaw pain. My ear canal feels "cool" and like there is liquid or wax in it, but when I put my finger in it, there is nothing.
Avatar f tn Neither seem too concerned. An xray showed no problems with those teeth. By now the pain was all over the left side of my lower jaw and into my ear. It doesn't keep me awake at night although I do clench my teeth. I recently went for my healing caps and adjustment to the partial. One week later I went to my regular dentist for another adjustment on my partial. The very next day the pain was terrible. I woke up in excruciating pain all along my jaw, in my ear, and down my neck.
Avatar m tn When the numbness wore off, I experienced jaw/throat pain in the back of my mouth on the right side with the pain centered below my ear. The pain is tolerable but is is difficult to swallow and chew. Now on Friday, the pain continues and it has remained the same since the first day. Since I am not experiencing tooth pain, should I call the dentist and schedule an appointment?
Avatar m tn alot of morning i wake up with one and im guessing its due to this jaw pain. is only on left side. do i go to the dentist or dr for this? had my wisdoms out yrs ago and had a bad infection, could this have anything to do with that?
Avatar n tn Anyway, the pain came back again yeasterday with a vengence! My lower jaw on my left side has severe pain that lasts several minutes then subsides for a while. The upper jaw on the left side is also effected but isn't as severe. Sometimes there is stabbing pain to my ear. The pain is bad enough to wake me up at night. It almost feels like a "charly horse" in my jaw. I use a splint at night. I do have an implant in my lower jaw on that side and see a dentist regularly.
Avatar n tn I have had pain in the left joint of my jaw for years now. As far as I can remember I have not been knocked in that area. The area of pain can stretch from the lower jaw area right up to my ear and can even give me neck pain. It causes pain when I open my mouth wide and always feels like the bones are 'clicking' and 'clunking' out of place. I have had phisio on the joint but that is only a stretch of the muscle and the pan is always present.
659608 tn?1318292966 I have recurring pain in my jaws, mainly the left side. I have been having it in the day and at night. It starts right at my ear, and extends down toward windpipe.Lately it is little sharp pains lasting just a few seconds, but really bothersome. I have been reading that women may have that kind of symptom before a heart attack. I had Rheumatic fever as a young child, and have never been told I had any heart damage.
1947337 tn?1331427490 Like a really bad toothache but the pain is on the whole left side of my jaw, top and bottom. This has happened 2 or 3 times in the past week and will last several hours along with pain going down my neck and behind my ear.
Avatar n tn Ear fullness/pain/some ringing on right side Headaches that are localized to the right side Pain behind right eye Jaw pain Teeth grinding at night Neck pain/stiffness I have always ground my teeth but have never had these symptoms until about a month ago. I haven't been wearing my mouth guard since my baby was born (he is 8 months and finally sleeping through the night). I started wearing it and the symptoms got worse. Does stress cause these?
Avatar m tn Started with a tickle/scratch in the throat. Pain in my left ear. Jaw on left side felt like it was broken. I slowly started to get congested. Next thing I know, I can hardly breathe...started getting yellow phlegm etc from nose and lungs. I've been this way for a month now. The sinuses feel much better...I can breathe...but still wheezing and coughing stuff up. Headache like you described on left temple as well. This started off very slowly. By mid December it was getting worse.
Avatar m tn A few days ago, my jaw began to become sore to open. The left side of my jaw feels full and sore. There has not been any trauma involved, and I will admit I haven't always been the best with Dental Hygeine.
Avatar m tn The pain has sense started running through my lower jaw and has become sharp and is now followed by slight ear pain and the occasional sharp head pain. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn In the past month, I have developed pain in my jaw on one side. I have also had pain in my ear on the same side. (I am currently out of the U.S. for several months and am having to rely on local medical/dental resources where I am not a regular patient.) I first saw a dentist who told me that my "bite" was not right and he adjusted an inlay in one of my molars to correct it. This has not really helped me. I also went to see a doctor who said that my ear was inflamed.
Avatar f tn I started this illness with a virus lasted for weeks eventually went but left me with pain and discomfort in right side Adam's apple jaw and ear. X-rays at dental hospital showed nothing nasty , thankfully. 3 months on very suddenly I lost my appetite completely ate nothing at all for 6 weeks , at the same time all the awful symptoms of hashimoto s kicked in . .
Avatar n tn The next day my jaw started hurting (not near the tooth but way in the back by my ear and all the way down my lower right side of my jaw). When I called the dentist he said to take ibuprofin for a few days then call back if the pain continued. The pain not only continued but got worse, to the point where I would wake up from it and have to take more ibuprofin and my ear started hurting. When I called to tell them this my dentist is on vacation for a week.
Avatar f tn just started two days ago with pain in left side of my throat started out like I swallowed a razor blade and progressed to left side of back of tongue and left ear ... last time I had a pain like this I had ulcers down my throat because of mono...
621386 tn?1221536083 After 7 months of symptoms similar to yours - I am still not sure if neck problems cause the jaw pain (and facial pain and ear pain lower back pain) or if TMJ disorder causes it all. What is helping: -Wearing a neck brace (inexpensive - get it at the pharmacy) seems to help. Espcially at the end of the day when my neck is tired. -Sleeping on my back. I used to sleep on my stomach - arms and lega akimbo. I think this put a lot of pressure on my neck and jaw.
Avatar f tn I consult ENT 3 more times,they are preferred antibiotics,I used antibiotics at the time it is cured few days then again repeated.present I fell pain in left ear inside and outer side of the ear down part and I fell neck pain and left chest pain ,left hand pain also...my age is 29years old. .I feel very bad..please give me good suggestion.
Avatar n tn Someone please help I have had ear pain for nine years on and off always in the right ear never in the left. The pain is in the ear and all around it and down by the Jaw when it comes on it is really bad sometimes making me cry. painkillers do not help and it doesn’t go away till I’ve been to sleep. So it can last all day. Anything can bring it on the wind.yawning.scratching. touching the ear. Eating.
Avatar n tn I've done that recently with my left arm and shoulder. The pain radiates up to my jaw, teeth and ear. Feels pretty rotten. But when I realized what I was doing (leaning on the left arm of the recliner while reading) and stopped, the pain went away in a few days. The fact that it's been going on for quite awhile, doesn't seem to be getting worse tells me it's probably not urgent. But only a doctor can diagnose this accurately.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I'm 21 years old and just recently have been feeling this extremely painful stabbing like pain on the left side of my head right behind my ear. I recently bit my left cheek while sleeping and since then have felt different pain. First it hurt on the side of my cheek then by wisdom tooth now, which is the second day of having this pain, i have a pain shoot up towards my head every time i chew or yawn. My ear has been feeling a bit tingling as well.
645390 tn?1338558977 When I was having severe jaw pain radiating to the ear and whole side of my face, both of these worked for me.The pain was the same as TN, in fact, they were having trouble edeciding if it was TMJ, TMD, or TN. It turned out to be an internal derangment of the temporal-mandibular disc. Cause by arthritis, the disc has shifted out of place. I didn't even know the jaw had a disc, LOL. I hope this helps you some, I know how painful it can be. Maybe from too many loud fireworks?
Avatar n tn In the winter, I have ear pain every time I leave the house. And in summer, I have ear pain when I'm in an air conditioned car. My family doctor hasn't been able to help and neither has a specialist.
Avatar n tn It starts in my gums on my left side which is accompanied by blisters in the gums and spreads into my left ear and jaw. When it hits the jaw the jaw on the left side feels and sounds like a loose hinge when opened and closed. The skin in the surrounding area gets really sensitive and itchy and feels like its on fire, even to the touch. All this pain lasts usually about 4 to 8 days, then subsides. It is extremely painful and makes me a very grumpy and irritable person which i am not by nature.
1759188 tn?1324681908 and I had the ear pain, it felt as though someone jabbing me with an ice pick....and I also had jaw pain....I would wake some days and it felt that I slept in a position that my jaw held my whole body up....which I know is not so....I also use to get this weird spasm when I would yawn in my throat/neck... Most of that is all gone with my surgery...the fact it is neuro it is hard to track down it does not leave a trace....or tracks as to what it could be...Chiari is very sneaky.
Avatar n tn - some ache in the jaw when talking (very minor compared to right side) misc: - have tried gentle cranial massage, chiro, acupuncture without success
Avatar f tn I also have the same problem. I started with pain in my left elbow, then it spread to my entire left side. My left wrist all the way down to my toes. The pain feels like someone hit my funny-bone...on every joint at once. I am taking flaxseed, fish oil, and calcium +D. I have ordered every crazy homeopathic pill, oil, ointment I can find. The doctor insists it is tendonitis, but how can it affect the entire left side of my body? And I am RIGHT handed.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I had a lot of ear pain, always in the left one, it was hot and itchy but not infected, according to the doctor. It stopped producing wax too. Anyway, it has got a lot better since I finished tx, but is still not perfect. I got a lot of ringing in my ears too, which has also lessened but is not perfect! I was sent to the hospital for an MRI scan and a hearing test 6 months post-tx; MRI scan normal, hearing loss (slight) in left ear.