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Avatar n tn What can I do if I do not work due to a stroke and can't afford the $217.44 cost for my Janumet 50/1000 Tablets that have been prescribed for me?
Avatar n tn Aside from this, I have no scrip coverage right now and the Nexium was going to be nearly $180 for one month. Now, I wouldn't mind paying this cost for something I felt was going to help me, but if it is the same as prilosec, I do not want to purchase this scrip and then have same problems. If anyone has any experience with prilosec backfiring on them or anything similar, I too would appreciate having them post, also. It is very frustrating to have more problems than I started out with.
Avatar m tn switched me from Janumet to Metformin. In the past, I have been able to get an A1C number of 6.1 with Janumet alone. The weight loss has been the best thing for me. However, Victoza is so very expensive! I am going to retire next year and don't see myself being able to afford it then. We'll see what the next year brings.
Avatar n tn G., etc.) and now they want to do an angiogram which would cost $20,000.00. The only thing they found in my stress test was that my heart's lower chamber seemed to have a slight lack of blood flow, but they said it could be a false positive.