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568812 tn?1379169394 i think i have a slight allergy to raw fruit and veg and i love fruit but dont eat enough cause my lips sting something fierce and inside my mouth and throat gets very itchy whenever i eat it. Anyone know if antihistamines (spelling?) work? i have hayfever and had them for that but didnt notice if it helped with fruit.
Avatar f tn I have had a very itchy swollen and sore vigina for a month now.. I am 25 years old not pregnant n I am not having sex to...
Avatar n tn I live vegetables though and eat a them very frequently. Am I missing out on much with not eating fruit often? I know fruit has sugar in it and I'm trying to lose weight- is that alright? Should I take a multivitamin to supplement whatever I'm not getting from fruit?
Avatar m tn i do throat clearing all the time .more throat clearing after eating. as if a small mucus is stucked in my throat,which is not comming out.i was admitted for this in hospital.they have lots of tests including ct scan of chest,mri scan of throat,barium meal,endoscopy,24 hr esophagal ph monitoring,usg,blood tests.all are GERD.what should i do now? please help me. one thing i must tell u.this started at sep.2009.
Avatar f tn I am a young mother of two and, in the fall, i was dying. My reactions are respiratory and very throat swells, it gets itchy, my mounth, nose, eyes and ears itch, heqart races eating for me was almost like impossible b/c i was so woerried i would die from my reactions. Anyways, i went to see a hollistic doctor after having NO luck with traditional doctors who all thought i was nuts. She did allergy testing and she also uses a technique called BIE to ELIMINATE allergies.
Avatar n tn It has to do with the aroma coming off of you from it. So maybe if your eating a lot of fruit or around a bunch of fruit, the flies and gnats are attracted to it.
Avatar n tn I recently have started feeling sick when I am eating and for a while after I am eating.
288415 tn?1231634102 I have had the ithcy ear thing for 4 years now - - starting in one ear and recently moving into the other ear (i believe after scratching the ear with a bamboo chopstick - works great by the way - that i had used on the itchy ear). The itching gets intense after eating sweet fruit or honey or when my blood suger drops (my family and i eat only raw food no refined suger or the like now).
Avatar n tn Gluten and soy haven't been too much of a shock to the body however I'm still cautious of how much I'm eating. Today I decided to try ice cream - my feet immediately felt a little itchy while walking. As we speak I have woken up in the middle of the night due to the itchiness in my feet. It doesn't seem to be the whole foot, just a bit around my soles. They're red and itchy, if I stretch my toes backwards to stretch the skin or press it in, it clears into white blotchy areas.
Avatar f tn I have found a solution that works for me - a cup of unflavored hot strong tea that clears the grease from my throat. I either avoid eating greasy food in company, or eat moderate amounts combined with hot tea. Hot tea also helps soothe anxiety. I did have to experiment with the amount of greasy food I can tolerate with the help of tea, but it's been worth it - I am now confident of not getting the dreaded phlegm when eating with other people.
Avatar f tn I am similar, 27 y/o female - history of GERD - thick sticky saliva or mucus in back of throat, especially after eating. - After eating, lots of burping and bloating in esophagus/upper chest. - Sometimes chest pain, from the ribs at times radiating up into the shoulders as a kind of shoulder/neck/back ache. Also sometimes a sharper pain in the upper chest.
Avatar n tn I did an elimination diet to figure out what works for me. I stopped eating processed food completely. I eat just veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish and chicken. I never eat Dairy or things that contain Gluten. I know it sounds tough, and it will be at first but it is worth it to feel good again. I hope this helps someone get better sooner than I did. I know what you are going through!! Hang in there!!
Avatar m tn Hi Clive, I am experiencing the same problem as we speak and I am considering going to my Dr but I'm sure that they will have nothing to say other than stop eating fruit. I love fruit especially in the summer but my stomach aches are becoming to hard to deal with.
Avatar n tn Recently I havent even be able to use my usual lip balm as my lips react to that as well and my eyes are puffing up and getting extremly itchy and stinging. I was heading overseas for 3 weeks and the doctor have me some tablets to take to clear up my lips as she said they looked like they had a staff infection. Whilst I was OS all my symptoms cleared up completely and within 2 days of returing home everything started up again!
Avatar n tn I have the exact same thing. Itchy bumps (just like insect bites) on my elbows (and sometimes knees) over about 2 months they have intermittently appeared then disappeared on their own. I have also had intermittent skin coloured bumps, smaller than those on my elbows, along the sides, and on the joints, of my fingers. They don't itch or hurt, and eventuallu fade. The bumps on my elbows and knees are not a rash, they're definite bumps. Weird.
Avatar n tn I have the same situation. It started a little while after I gave birth. It is only an itchy inner labia. No other side affects. I was tested for a yeast and bacteria infections. My ob-gyn has no clue (I went to 2). It comes and goes and is itchy!! I can not figure this out!!!
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar n tn i have had a itchy scalp for 2 months and now i have a rash on back of neck and is itchy.i just went to my doctor today and she said i had head lice WRONG!!! if i had head lice i would be infested with them and so wouldn't my family.i have tried t-gel,head and shoulders,scalpacin and taking benadryl.i do have a little bit of dandruff and the tops of my ears itch.
Avatar n tn here i for the last 6 months i have had itchy eye doctor told me it was due to mild allergies and prescribed eye drops which didnt help in the least so i turned to over the counter allergy medicine which hasn't helped either (so i dont think it's allergies) and in the last 3 weeks not only are my eyelids itchy but when i wake up in the morning my upper eye lids are bright red and swelled up so bad that its embarassing!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi I have exactly the same thing red, itchy, burns when i apply any creams went and got allergy tests done and nothing came back comes up bad after a night out, beginning to think its spirits - its only happened in the last 6 months skin red, tight, and itchy if you have any look let me know
Avatar n tn Your lips swell, throat or skin get itchy in minutes after the meal (especially fish, shellfish, peanuts or tree-nuts)? 3. Symptoms after dairy foods? 4. Symptoms after fruits, fruit juices or foods containing high fructose corn syrup (many sweetened commercial foods) or sorbitol (diet cola, sugar free chewing gum)?
3706087 tn?1347923744 Basicaly i want to start eating healthy, especially because i feel depressed and comfort eating, id rather comfort eat fruits and such!'? i dont wanna gain weight to become more depressed. normally you would say eat healthy FRUIT - VEG? ok i wish, everytime i eat alot of fruti i either get heartburn.. but most of the time very irritated back of mouth throat i hear this is because of certain foods in my diet? what foods should i miss out in order to help them alergies go away?
Avatar m tn Do you get any other symptoms when you eat the foods that cause the cough, such as itchy throat, swelling in the mouth or throat, hives, itching, etc.? If so, it's very likely that something in the fruit you are allergic to and you may want to consult with a doctor to determine what your allergies are. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn It's nice to know what this is actually called and to know that I'm not alone. People do think that itchy throat from eating melons is weird, but I don't because this happens to me, too. I have had to avoid all these foods that I've become more sensitive and allergic to. The itchy throat is only one of the symptoms. All of these foods are things that I'm sensitive and allergic to, too. I knew about the cross reaction to the birch pollen.
Avatar m tn Make sure that you always wash your hands before eating and after you have handled raw fruit and vegetables (especially chillie, onion, garlic and other strong foods and spices). The other thing to question is whether the biscuits had any contamination from nuts or were made in a factory that uses nuts, as some people do have an allergy to nuts. There also may have been an air borne irritant that may have triggered off your reaction, for example, any spraying of chemicals nearby.
Avatar m tn Also, if you eat meats, milk, wheats, beans - check to see when you develop phlem or sneezing within 20-30 minutes of eating that food, (runny nose, sneezing, phlem in the sinuses or throat area). Chances are, in my opinion, that you have developed an intolerance - the body can't compensate for that food anymore - it has no resources left. Consider changing your diet. As a start one might think on carrot juice or wheatgrass juice to re-alkalize the body after eating an acid diet.
Avatar m tn So I continued to suffer occasional reactions, albeit milder ones than the original. Finally on Christmas after eating turkey I had a fairly severe reaction that lasted almost six months. I immediately put two plus two together and realized I was dosing myself with these drug by eating certain foods. I called the USDA office in Olympia, WA and they came up the next day and collected samples of the turkey and bought additional same brand turkeys from the store were mine came from.
Avatar f tn ( not painless) I get coating at back of tongue and sometimes can stretch even more far after I get done eating plus my tounge doesn't look like a healthy pink tongue, looks palish white/ pinkish sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.. Just yesterday I noticed my left tonsil sticks out a bit more than the right one and of course that just brings up my anxiety too. ( don't know how long its been like that) Roof of mouth has been a bit itchy these past days but has lessen each day also..
797873 tn?1265740119 Chronic infections – Would always get a sore throat and painful ear ache whenever I binged on sugary/junk foods. Breakthrough - I decided a few months ago that I would try EXTREMELY hard to cure this problem for once and for all, and do whatever it takes. I spent hours each day doing research. Learning as much as possible, reading all the success stories. A major breakthrough was realizing that even though it was chronic, it was much worse at certain times than others.
Avatar f tn The next month, I was itchy before. I treated it as a yeast infection both times, and it seemingly went away. The next, I had been on acidophilus (don't know if this is why, but..) I didn't itch that month. I went off of the acidophilus, and during July, I got itchy right after my period again. Now, I'm kind of itchy again. And I have noticed some very small bumps right below the vaginal opening. Depending on the time of my cycle, they seem kind of irritated sometimes when touched.