Itchy bumps on skin during pregnancy

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1095404 tn?1333996439 Hey guys another question for you! Anyone else experienced itchy skin in pregnancy? Im 18 weeks and its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
676912 tn?1332816151 Yes! You totally describe me as well. Although I'm only itchy on my stomach and extremely itchy on my boobs, it drives me nuts when the itches attack me in public..ugh so stressful! What helps me is the Cocoa Butter cream I got at wal-mart, you should try it! It relieves the itches a little bit and it helps with preventing stretch marks caused by them. Although I'm already full of the stretch marks I still use it and it helps me most of the time!
Avatar f tn Itchy skin is very normal during pregnancy, and will be even worse duringthis time of year due to the weather and temperature. I've been going threw it as well. I recommend the cocoa butter at least 3x a day and drinking at least 3-5 bottles of water a day.
Avatar f tn It's normal to itch during pregnancy due to hormones and streching skin BUT if its really severe I would def8nitely talk to your doctors. Especially if its in the 3rd trimester. Not trying to scare any of you ladies but with my son I got unbearably itchy in my 3rd trimester and ended up having cholestasis.
Avatar f tn I find my skin dries out like crazy during pregnancy ( my hair too). Once I'm dry out of the shower my skin gets almost crusty and I have to slather myself with lotion. Best thing I've found is to not shower as often (I try to go every 3 days), not have the water as hot, and put lotion on while your skin is still damp to seal in the moisture. I've gotten a few itchy/hives areas too but they go away in a day or so when I'm lotioning like crazy. Coconut oil may also help.
Avatar n tn we lose sleep, and emotionally it is getting to us! Our symptoms include itchy skin all day usually worsens at night, where ever we itch a rash will appear, we all have scratched so bad had made scabs. Husband has some bumps alittle bigger then me and my daughter but for the most part are the same!! PLEASE HELP US!!!!!
Avatar m tn Hello, It is common to find some itchy rashes in pregnancy but they are specific for pregnancy like pruritic urticarial plaques of pregnancy( PUPP). If you have generalized itchy skin, it can be due to the thyroid condition also. PUPP is characterized by small red bumps and hives, and when severe, the bumps form large patches. This rash usually develops on the abdomen, and spreads to the thighs, buttocks, breasts and arms. Slight itching from PUPPP may cause mild discomfort.
Avatar n tn I recently had try skin on my finger which turned itchy and became broken skin. At first I thought it was beause I had been itching it but I kept it clean and used e45 cream regularily. After about 2 weeks I discovered tiny little rough skin spots which were sometimes itchy, through touches my feet and hands it has spread. I've been told its dermatitis or maybe something else. The spots are not sore just itchy and hardely noticable. Seems similiar to what happened to you..
Avatar n tn For the last 20 years I have gotten small red bumps on the sides of my fingers. They don't blister. They start out as one or two and then I might get a few more and they seem to cluster up on only the sides of my fingers. They are not itchy but they are sore to the touch when you run your finger over them. It feels like you have a splinter. They are slightly raised and red in color. They will stay for varying lengths of time and then dry up and go away.
Avatar n tn i used to have a rash in the crevice on both sides of my nostrils and in my groin area when i was younger but i havent had a problem with that for a long time, but i do still have a problem with moderately itchy bumps that form on my scalp, usually in the very back of the scalp and sometimes they have a pus and sometimes they dont. those come and go. sorry for the nauseating description but any suggestions with that would also be helpful. thanks!!!
Avatar f tn At the exact same time, my scalp broke out in a rash, became itchy and flaky, my eyes got what seemed to be eczema around them (swelling, itching cracking, bumps, flaking around the red inflamed areas), and I got itchy patches on my skin. My lips also dried out and swelled up. My dermatologist prescribed steroids and the rash went down, but the itchy scalp and flaking and hair loss are still going on - three weeks later.
Avatar f tn I called my doctor and went in and she told me it's normal bc you get drier skin during pregnancy and to get unscented bar soap like dove and an unscented laundry detergent abd make sure you moisturize your skin every day. She told me I can tske benadryl and i use cortizone 10 hydratensive anti itch lotion that I'd made for eczema. She told me if it's worse she can test me for something pregnant woman get called "pupps" which is when your skin breaks out, etc.
292932 tn?1209309180 My sister had colistatsis of the liver during her pregnancy and was VERY itchy- but that also was with a rash and was ALL OVER her body!
Avatar n tn So if your having this problem after using a pad or panty liner it is most like just skin irritation. Just stop the use of the pad and put lotion on the dry cracked skin ( Only on the Outside!! And use a Non-scented lotion to keep from further irritation!!
Avatar n tn Occasionally I also experience the stinging near the bottom of the opening, more on the perinneum area, but no bumps there. I have been tested for the obvious herpes, but to no avail. I have had blood work and swabbing done. My doctor feels it is lichen sclerosus, because she sees what she called "cigarette paper" skin, meaning it is very thin in that area. I have requested a biopsy, which is pending, because I want to be sure.
Avatar n tn I guess this is normal during or after pregnancy. One article said that if you were torn during childbirth and weren't sutured up properly, that skin tags can be the result. I would have to say to go get a second opinion. Don't question your marriage because of the uncertainty of a doctor. Believe me, I have had quite the experience in matters of broken trust due to a gyn problem.
738822 tn?1264912007 It works for about 2-3 hours, then I am back itching. I am also getting little red bumps on my stomach, is this normal? Also, my son is located on the bottom (that's where I am itching the most), will the srcatching harm him in anyway?
Avatar f tn Hey everyone! I am 5 weeks pregnant and have this extremely itchy rash on my body, particularly my arms, chest and trunk. It looks like tiny red bumps and appears to be more severe when I scratch (but it's so hard not to!!!). I've read about pregnancy rashes, but they usually occur much later in the pregnancy. Does anyone know what could be going on and is this normal??
Avatar f tn You have been working in the garden so the little bumps on your skin may be caused due to insect bites. The red bump is caused due to the toxins injected into the body by the insect like fleas, mites, mosquitoes; etc.The next cause is allergic reaction. The allergic reaction can be due to any plant, medication, eatables, etc. If the bumps and itchiness appear to spread, then it is best to seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn I'm a lactation consultant and have nursed--sounds like what most of your are experiencing is just the drying of leaked colostrum on your nipples. As your breasts change and prep to make milk, you develop colostrum, or a thick pre-milk that's usually yellow-orage in color. When a little leaks out at night or otherwise, it dries pretty quickly.
Avatar n tn My mom has been getting the same itchy bumps on her arms for almost a year now. Nothing seemed to work until I suggested she start taking an Antihistamine. This seems to help alot. She has no history of allergies, bug bites or what have you, but she does get cold sores and suffered a severe outbreak on her entire face due to contracting bacterial menangitis where her immune system was so impaired, the herpes ran rampant.
Avatar n tn Besides for the blister style bumps, I have traditional dry skin eczema on my thighs and back of arms. These are bumps and itchy with major dry patches but without liquid.That problem Eucerin or any fragrance-free, potent, extreme dry skin or itch relief lotion helps. You do have to be diligent in applying often and it helps to apply RIGHT out of the shower so that your body does not dry out and absorbs the moisture while your pores are still open.
Avatar f tn i started getting a rash on my hip before i found out i was preggo....very itchy!!!!!! i googled rash during pregnancy after i found out i was preggo and i found that some women show slight signs of eczema/psoriasis during pregnancy but most of the time it goes away! i just kept it clean with mild soap and use cocoa butter to relieve the itching! i still have a small area and i am a lil over 13 weeks...but luckily it doesn't itch anymore and it has almost cleared up!
Avatar n tn I've never really considered the fact that the two might be linked. Thank you for this question it really makes a girl think. I've always been more prone to stress and it turns out my family (ALL of the women) lack Vit B.. which is often used to deal with stress. I always seem to get stressed out. .which causes more breakouts! I never had out of control breakouts, but I did and still do from time to time break out. My husband got me a engagement ring and it is silver.
Avatar f tn A good friend of mine got a rash when she was pregnant with her daughter.. I can't remember what it's called, but it comes during pregnancy and the only way to get rid of it is to deliver the baby. She said it itched ALL over and she had like a red splotchy rash all over her body. She couldn't stop itching for anything. If this sounds like what you have I would ask your doctor if you could possibly have it.
Avatar n tn HELLO I HAVE BEEN EXPEIRENCING THIS PROBLEM TOO, I'm not sure what I have, its itchy as HELL, there are a few bumps on my labia, it really stings when I pee, and it feels swollen too.. :( I don't know what 2do, Im in so much pain I can't even sleep!! Its affecting me alot especially since I have work too.. its so un-comfortable :'( I feel like crying. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I just recently had one of these pimple like bumps appear on my vagina at the same time that I tore the skin at the bottom of my vagina. I think it's some sort of infection. NOT HERPES. I was told by a doctor that looked at it that it was just from shaving...razor bumps I suppose. Not sure if this will help anyone but with a qtip i dabbed hydrogen peroxide on the bumps only. Also Tucks medicated wipes/pads may help a little too...or neosporin or zinc oxide cream/ointment.
Avatar f tn My midwife tooks some bloods to check for any problems showing with my liver but they came back fine and it was just a case of pregnancy changing my skin. I mainly had it on my bump and it drove me crazy. I was prescribed E45 itch relief which was a god send. I am in the UK tho so not sure if its available everywhere. I also put a few drops of baby oil into my bath.
Avatar f tn I at first thought this was a heat rash due to sitting on the couch constantly while on leave. *i have VERY sensitive skin and am use to having bumps develop or eczema flare ups if something irritates my skin* Well, the once harmless rash jumped to my face and neck last night while out with my husband. I attributed this to hives because i was beyond stressed out about who knows what... Up until 4 weeks post pardom I was healing quite well and having no problems. This just came out of nowhere..