Is novolog and humulin the same

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Avatar f tn I also question having this Insulin as it has been largely discontinued for use as better insulins are now available. But the short answer is Novolog and Humlin R do not act in the same manner so substiuting can be very tricky and is probably not recommended. Use of the wrong Insulin at the wrong time can be DEADLY. This is not something to be played with. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION if you decide to do this and if you are not SURE what you are doing do not attempt it.
Avatar n tn Yup, if you are taking it at night, then it should be at its strongest while you sleep, so the Lantus shouldn't be the problem. Maybe the best solution for you is to increase your Novolog with the evening meal, and make sure you eat fairly early so you can catch any lows that happen if the Novolog peaks before the carbs in the meal digest. I personally find that I do much better with early dinner meals. One more idea...
Avatar n tn Altho' you say the low is not related to your Novolog, the timing (late morning) suggests to me that it is at least partly related to it. The good news in all this is that you have detected a PATTERN. Patterns are easier to troubleshoot than random events, so take heart & keep patient. My final comment is that if you're taking 150-200 gm of carbos and NOT ending up with an enormously high BG later, then your dose of something must be waaay too high.
Avatar n tn When I went off Lantus, I had same problem for about a week or two -- very strange and makes you realize how potent the stuff is. There might be something else to take more suitable for her exact symptoms (throat sprays or something like that), but it will probably involve use of anti-histamine if this is a reaction.