Is a coffee enema safe

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Avatar f tn The most common recovery period is two weeks at home. I can't imagine a mere 3 or 4 days to recover. Is this to remove a cyst? If so, what size? Do they know how many laparoscopic incisions they plan to make? (it is usually more than one) Sometimes a person goes in for laparoscopic surgery and ends up getting a laparotomy (open surgery) when the small incisions are just too small for them to work. That requires an at-home recovery of about six weeks and a longer hospital stay.
Avatar f tn html I think it could be a result of the combination of the meds and maybe how they work together. I am not sure if there is a way to specify which medication is causing which side effect. Don't know if that helps, but I hope you get some relief soon. I think we are all counting them down.
Avatar f tn Prune juice, lots of water and Miralax is safe.
Avatar f tn Just a cup of coffee helped me go today. I haven't went in 3 days.
Avatar f tn A large cup of coffee does it for me but if you're a regular coffee drinker it might not help. Sorry that is the worst but it'll pass.
Avatar n tn What is the first step to becoming a nurse is what I'm asking, I guess? Is it 4 years of regular college, then 2 years of a pre-med school?
Avatar f tn Chocolate milk makes me go too.
Avatar f tn A good cup of dark roast coffee always helps me. And don't feel weird asking those kids of questions here...luckily were all in the same boat and many of us have experienced constipation at one point or another during pregnancy...along will all the other gross stuff lol. Try coffee hopefully it helps. I know when I get constipated in get horrible pains in my belly so I will do anything to get things moving. Keep fruits in your diet to help keep it at a minimum. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn it's safe and has no taste, because it's been so long you may need a enema and at least 3 doses a day after meals to get yourself going. I had a problem with constipation myself and the best thing was taking the mineral oil. Good luck.
3245423 tn?1353505501 Constipation can b terrible i had to use n enema 1x a week during pregnancy cuz the meds i was on made me b backed up bad n no stool softner fiber fruit veggies coffee miralax m.o.m helped enema just got me by. my lil guy is a month n it feels so good to b regular again.
Avatar f tn It's a weird remedy but I go get some really greasy fast food like Long John Silvers or Pizza Hut. I don't eat fast food often so the grease in those two places especially cleans me right out lol.
Avatar n tn As with other medical procedures you should have them done at a proper facility. A proper facility would have a qualified staff to answer more in-depth questions as well. Your doctor's office should be able to give you a referral to an established clinic that specializes in digestive health. You will be able to get as many enemas that will benefit you the most and at the proper frequency from that clinic.
Avatar f tn after taking it, that next morning, i felt like everything heavy inside me was gone.. its a life saver.. and i read that it is safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.. and of course drink tons of water..
Avatar f tn Try a fleet enema they wrk n r ok to use i was having the same problems a couple wks ago n my doc told me to try tht at home because the er is just going to give u the same hope it gets better i def knw how tht feels
Avatar n tn agree with greg another thing to try would be a enema, if that doesnt work ask your doctor if it would be safe for you to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate its what they have most people buy ( its cheap like 2 dollers over the counter) to drink before surgery it wil definatley clean out your intestines,,,if all this doesnt work you may have a fecal impaction , which does require medical care, usually a didgital manipulation of the stool to get things started.
4738473 tn?1360039398 If u are desperate go to a pharmacy buy a enema and there u go.
Avatar m tn Essentially, you had safe sex and a near-zero risk exposure. I'm not sure what is causing your symptoms, but HIV isn't the cause.
Avatar f tn Milk of magnesia is pregnancy safe. helps with acid reflux too.
Avatar n tn Could I have some sort of blockage? Does anyone know if it is safe for me to try a fleet enema? Has anyone had a similar situation. Altough I am not in pain, I am certainly very uncomfortable and it is not making for a happy person. Any response would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn There are some over the counter pregnancy safe needs to try. Colace, which is a stool softener is one that you can take daily. Many people fund that too be effective. If you haven't had a bm after trying all that stuff, usually by day 3 or 4, glycerin suppositories are approved for use in pregnancy. Not glamorous, but they work fast.
Avatar f tn If it works too quickly, yes, you'll get dehydrated, but colon cleansing does help rid the body of toxins that stick to the walls of the digestive system. One way to do this is to fast; no food in, food out. Another quick way is to use coffee enemas, but fast means it can be dehydrating and should be done only under the care of a professional. To do on your own, find a product based on things such as psyllium and other fibers, which will gently scrape the digestive system walls.
2097069 tn?1335286483 I 've tried eating a ton of fiber bars, cereal, coffee. I've taken Dolalax(sp) and Miralax and still nothing. I'm tempted to do an enema but want to as a last resort. Anyone have any FAST relief ideas, i'm dieing to get this over.
206807 tn?1331939784 There even are YouTube videos on how to do a similar treatment at home via an enema. A study in a medical journal of a small number of these "do-it-yourself" cases suggests the approach is safe and effective. Dr. Thomas Louie, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Calgary, devised a better way — a one-time treatment custom-made for each patient. Donor stool, usually from a relative, is processed in the lab to take out food and extract the bacteria and clean it.
213617 tn?1189759421 Should be able to get these from a supermarket or pharmacy. 3. Micro Enema - (one brand is called Microlax Enema) It comes in a tube with a long neck on it for insertion up the butt. Again you can do this yourself if you lie on the bed on your left side. Put a dollop of lubricant on the end of the enema and insert as far as it will go then squeeze. Again you need to leave it at least 15 minutes before trying to go to the toilet.
Avatar f tn You can also take colac (docusate sodium) 100mg 3-4 times a day. This is safe with preganancy, too. My sister had terrible constipation then hemorrhoids because of prenatals and extra iron (she's anemic) and had been told by her dr to do this. Congrats on your pregnancy and hope everything gets better with you!
Avatar f tn I dont think I want to try this method at all, so is there anything else I can take, I tried an enema but it didnt work either. Should I trust my doc and drink the castor oil, or just go and get a different OTC relief?
Avatar f tn It would be great if there were local chapters where new and old CP patients could get information. And if you could have a coffee hour once a month or so, it would be nice if you felt up to it to get out and meet people in the same situation as yourself. Maybe networking with each other in ways that would be beneficial. Someone needs a ride to a procedure, company, whatever. (I know, for instance, my sister is tired of me asking her to drive me to procedures. I don't blame her.