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Avatar n tn Having a hysterectomy is a major surgery and therfore stress the body and warrants healing. If your ovaries were removed and you were premenopausal you coud now be suffering from menopausal symptoms. In you question you did not specify. Most women in my clinic report improved function and quality of life after having an indicated hysterectomy. Allow your self time to heal and be sure to follow-up with your docotor concerning depression. Thank you, Erich T.
Avatar f tn I am 33 years old and have had 2 children (ages 10 and 4). Today I have been struggling with my emotions and have not been able to sleep since I woke up at 7:00 a.m. I know this must be "normal", but I just want to be sure. Is it common to feel weepy after this type of surgery? I want to be clear that I am happy I made the choice to have this surgery and it was medically necessary I do so. I do not have any regrets. Thank you for your help!
Avatar n tn It does sound like it would be the best solution. I can see what the doctor means. If they leave the ovaries, at least you wouldn't experience surgical menopause, which can be a bit brutal. But you would say goodbye to your womb. How do you feel about that? It might be a good idea, for the sake of your general health. Fibroids naturally shrink after menopause, and often cause no more trouble, but with the kidney involvement, I would say it's best to have the surgery.
1510783 tn?1290099907 What can I expect in regards to pain, recovery time and emotions. I've had my tubes tied for 4 years so I am fine about not having any more children. My doctor is not sure if she has to cut me or go vaginally. I am a little nervous and scared about this major procedure. Any feeback would be greatly appreciated. I am 38 years old.
Avatar f tn Its not odd at all to question getting your tubes tied at any age or any circumstance... My mom was in her 50s when she got a hysterectomy and she cried for days before and after about how she couldn't have kids anymore... Even though my dad was snipped in 1986. She said it just seemed so final!
Avatar n tn my mother (she's 46) had a complete hysterectomy 6 months ago and is unable to ever receive HRT due to health reasons. As a result she experiences intense uncontrollable emotions. I believe she is very depressed and i am concerned to the extent to which she may be so. Medically there is nothing they can do. Im trying to support her but i dont know how. Does anyone have any advice on how i could deal with this or how long she is likely to feel like this? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have been dating my girl friend for 3 years 2 years ago she had a hysterectomy !! before the sugery she loved being close and was crazy about making love and could feel every thing a tuch a kiss Now affter the surgery she cant feel any thing no lobieto !!! when we do make love it up sets her becuase she can feel any thing and i beleve her she just lays there ??? it is hurtting both of use ??? Thanks for any help !!
Avatar n tn Hi: I forgot to include this question in my last post. I am postmenopausal (about a year and a half) & am scheduled for a complete hysterectomy. I read a lot about physical/emotion effects of hysterectomies on premenopausal women, but can't find any information about the physical and emotional effect on women who've already gone through menopause. Is there still some hormonal effect on 'p. m.' women?
1316708 tn?1310919782 My Emotions are wild and I feel jumpy and off track and I don't know what to do ...I feel like it is too much to handle..I had stopped having my Periods for a few Months and then they started again and I was not naturally moved into menopause. I moved into it from having Cancer and the Chemo treatments made me go into menopause. So now I have been Very Emotional with them making my life hard to deal with. Was wanting to know if anyone had any ideas' on what Might help me?
Avatar n tn it helps with bone density and increases happiness, sexual desire and returns emotions more to normal...I have said this many times and my nurse friends on this site agree with me Vivelle patch seems to be supreme above other hprmones..its very easy to use and helps after just a few days..sometimes getting the dose right may be tricky,,,if you have a cometent doctor he/she should get it right atleast by the second time...
Avatar n tn Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure everything will so smooth. If you don't mind me asking, why are you getting a hyst? It's looking like in the next few months I will be getting a hyst. too. Just wondering if we had some of the same symptoms and maybe you could answer some of my questions. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Oh you poor "girl." I had a hysterectomy at age 49 and it was devastating then! It sounds like you are not on an adequate form or dose of estrogen. The hormone loss (especially estrogen and possibly testosterone) after ovary removal can cause all kinds of health issues and make us feel like we are 90.
Avatar n tn I only had one ovary and then had a partial hysterectomy 6 days ago. In the hospital a rush of uncontrollable emotions hit me and I cried like a baby. Maybe I was emotional because they put me in the maternity ward and everyone was asking if I had a boy or girl. I am 43 so I guess the hysterectomy made me feel old. I think I took my husband by surprise. I must admit that I still feel sad and a little grumpy.
Avatar n tn It will help with the emotions and hot flashes. A hysterectomy is an emotionally hard operation its very common to be blue, sad and depressed, if these symptoms dont subside do discuss with your doctor there are some women who develop a bit of post surgical depression.
237152 tn?1206654636 I just read your comment on this website today (2-9-13) and think I have found what I have been searching for. I had a partial hysterectomy 30+ years ago and my life and marriage went into a devastating tailspin a couple of years later. I found myself with a very strong sex drive and found myself cheating on my husband while at the same time wanting him to "rescue" me. I tried everything at the time: counseling, help with hormone issues.
195145 tn?1255640047 My mom passed away due to ovarian cancer (12-6-07). I have a beautiful DD that was conceived via IVF, took lots of fertility meds. I was with my mom during one of her consultations for OC. Her oncologist asked mom about her daughters (there are 3 of us). When I explained to the oncologist about my IVF and fertility meds, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "When you are finished having children or before you are 40, get a hysterectomy, ovaries and all.
Avatar n tn dee26 I am 26 years old and just had total hysterectomy forr severe endometriosis and my doctor has given me hormones called Prometrium 200mg and vivelle-dot and those things gave me crazy mood swings so I took the patch off and stopped taking the prometrium. I have three little kids and I don't have time for the major mood swings and on top of that I run a daycare center. I just had my hysterectomy five weeks ago and I may have had five hot flashes all together.
Avatar n tn Well I be damn, I'm not the only hysterectomy-notwannabe out there. I'm 38 and I had a hysterectomy in Oct.07 , I still have both ovaries,but I have gained about 15 lbs since the surgery, there has to be something out there for us. I thought you would lose weight with the damn surgery,what is going on?
Avatar n tn My doctors suggestion was a laproscoptic surgery to remove the cyst and I asked about a hysterectomy and he agreed to do as I wished. I had my utereus removed along with the cystic ovary and the fallapian tube on that side. Upon my wish the doctor left the other ovary and tube and cervix. I was informed by him later that because the cyst ended up being an endometrioma caused by endometriosis starting that I might later have the same trouble on the other ovary.
Avatar f tn Before my hysterectomy I was blessed to have had my son after great difficulty via IVF. I was 25 at time of hysterectomy and thought I would get through it with ease given my age... Very wrong. I have turned into a monster, pushed every friend and my family to disown me and making horrific decisions that I would NEVER had made before surgery.
Avatar m tn My fiance had a hysterectomy 2 months ago. She lives in Thailand and I had to return to the USA to take care of personal business with my family. I have been away from her for about 4 months. I was not there when she had the surgery because I could not change my travel plans. In the last month her attitude toward me had made a 180 degree turn. She does not respond to my messages or calls. When she does it is to confront me about past issues that we have already dealt with and resolved.
Avatar f tn I had my uterus and Cervix removed, although I still have my ovaries. The last couple days I have had major mood swings and a Acne breakout. I talked to my Dr and she said she said it will go away. She said if you take a happy healthy person and tell them they can't do anything it can cause these types of moods. I felt better that she put it in that sense, although yesterday I was driving and had a bad case of road rage. I had my son in the car and he started to cry.
329994 tn?1301666848 They just don't understand and they want quick fixes (men do), so it is hard for him to understand truly what you are going through and our emotions can be all over the wall anyway. You take care of you and it will work out, I promise!!
Avatar n tn I am 35, and am considering hysterectomy for AUB. As far as I know there is no reason to remove my ovaries and since I probably have 15 years until menopause I can use the hormones. I was wondering if because of still having the ovaries which leads to the menstrual cycle does one still experience PMS? By PMS I mean the moodiness, bloating, constipation etc?
Avatar n tn Option 2 is something to think about, however as I discussed about scar tissue, you will get it,,,my ovary became wrapped in scar tissue and was attached to my bowels lead to lots of complications,,A hysterectomy has lots of pluses and minuses at your age, Of corse you will be thrown intomenopause. have you tried Leupron its an injection that will put you into a chemically induced menopause, I have heard many negative side effects as far as emotions running high, crying spells etc.
Avatar n tn those emotions can be long or short lived I had a hyster, and did ok It was when I had a second surgery and got the ovaries out I became irrational i knew it just couldnt control it,,,Been on estrogen now and am back to normal,,,,I think Laney is likely right it really sounds like her ovaries are either not producing hormones or something else is going on with hormones. Some women dont feel like a "real woman: after a hyst, i never had that but many on here have...
1990256 tn?1326828457 I have to say though seeing and reading that there are others out there with the same feelings and emotions and similar curcumstances makes me breath a little better that I am not alone.
Avatar n tn I woke up having a total hysterectomy, bladder and bowel ressection, kidney complications and stage 3c Ovarian Cancer - quite alot for a 26yr old (or anybody, really) to take in. I have a very hard time trusting Dr's now, as you can imagine! Do not concede defeat - there is plenty that can be done, and I'm appalled that they would give you a timeframe like that without even doing chemo or anything.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had or heard of anyone that has had a partial hysterectomy (cervix, uterus and tubes removed-ovaries left) instead of a tubal? I have heard so many horror stories of heavy periods after a tubal, and mentioned that concern to my OB/GYN. I currently use the Nuvaring, but we are sure we are finished having kids, and I would like to get off hormones (I get the automatic 5lb weight gain). My OB/GYN recommended the partial hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn During this time period, her Dr. kept running tests and telling her no sex and recommended a full hysterectomy. In June 09 she went through a complete hysterectomy removing everything. During the surgery the Dr. made some mistakes that nearly cost her, her life and she spent 4 days in an ICU unit with me by herside unconcious. Little did I know that this would turn my life and our relationship upside down.