Hyaluronic acid injections pros and cons

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Avatar n tn I'm sitting here reading all these pros and cons regarding Synvisc and wondering what to do for my knees! I'm 45 yrs old and have had problems with my left knee since I was 15. I have NO cartilage in my left knee due to the surgery they did when I was 15. (gymnastic injury) Of course...that surgery set it up for arthritis. Over the past 7 years or so both knees are getting worse.. The dr. wants to wait until I'm older for the knee replacement, but it's only a matter of time.
Avatar f tn They are not dangerous and have been tried for a quite long time. Before the procedure you should be discussing the pros and cons of Orthovisc injections. Side effects are least and outweigh the benefits of the procedure. If conservative management has failed, the other two options are Orthovisc injection followed by surgery. Keep me informed. Bye. *- Mannoni A, Briganti MP, Di Bari M, et al.
Avatar n tn To help restore fluid within the discs and also help with inflammation, look into this. ----Hyaluronic Acid. I'm taking one called "Baxil" but I can't find the link on the web. Regardless, look into it b/c the discs in your back are made up of this acid. Most of all, Stretches. http://www.spineuniverse.com/article/back-pain-exercises-4413.
Avatar n tn I have had spinal fusion to correct spondylothesis about 11years ago. I felt great about 7 months later, along with the burning skin sensations, crawling ants, and constant lower back pain. Now 11 years later I have been experiencing a very sharp really pain stabbing pain in my tailbone! It is horrible! I too have had X-rays (all looks good) and regular steroid injections, however this "new" pain is bad. I do not want another surgery....and I am sick of pills.