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Avatar n tn I've just started using Humira after five years of Remicade. I had to stop the Remicade because of histamine reactions,sharp pain in the chest and a uncomfortable tenderness for a few days after. It's been two days since I've taken my first four shots and today I have a slight pain in my chest. I was wondering if any one has had the same experience with Humira? This pain is something I can live with as compared to what I had with the Remicade.
Avatar m tn Hi, how long has anyone been on remicade and is it safe in the long term? I've been on it every 6 weeks for almost 2 years now and no signs of my gastro stopping it...
179355 tn?1207410851 Yes, I started on Humira in June, 07 and am doing very well. Prior to that, I was on Remicade (starting Aug.2000). The Remicade finally gave me relief from the severe arthritis, my main Crohn's symptom. Before that, I had difficulty bending my arm to comb my hair. It may take a time for the medicine to help, depending on your wife's symptoms.
686769 tn?1236275731 If need be I will try the Remicade again becuase I know that if I develop a reaction from the Remicade (since I was on it previously) I will then try Humira. However, i cannot say enough good things about the Remicade. I truly believe that if I had not started on the Remicade I would have been in the hopsital the next week. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I am still on prednisone and my body won't let me get off of it. My doctor wants me to start Humira, but I am scared. I don't like reading about the side effects and things that can happen when on that drug. Does anyone have any experience with this drug (Humira)? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn I don't know what your doctors are saying but I wouldn't continue to take it if you are planning on keeping the child. I have been on humira, remicade, multi stem cells transplant/infusion, and tofacinitib and my doctors have told me that any pregnancy will be a risk for the child as I am consider toxic even if I have been off these medications for 20 years.
Avatar n tn I am trying to research the side effects of Humira My husband has started having severe headaches (like a migraine). I am beginning to think it is his medication. He was on Embrel and it quit working so he just started taking Humira. He had his first shot Thursday night and last night he had such a bad headache that he threw up. I am really worried about him.
Avatar n tn What finally stopped the daily, throbbing headaches for me was switching from Humira to Remicade. I hope you all find relief.
Avatar n tn I have severe Crohn's disease and have just come off Remicade because of several unpleasant side effects. I will now be starting Humira and would like to start an excerise program to build back up some of my strength that the Remicade Infusions knocked out of me during my three months of tharepy. Does anyone have any suggestions as I am tired (of being tired) and generally feeling unwell and don't want to continue on like this with the Humira.
Avatar f tn I have been on humira for 3 months after 12 years of remicade. I have had no changes in how my crohn's has been controlled, but my joint pain has more than tripled (and it was pretty bad to start with) Along with joint pain, I am experiencing inflammation in major joints that I have not experienced the entire time I was on remicade. I am concerned with joint damage and pain management is becoming difficult.
Avatar m tn The only difference is Remicade is a made-protien where as the Humira is a human protien. With Humira you give yourself a shot every other week. So far, after using both, I prefer the Remicade. I didn't mind the treatments as much as I do the Humira even though the Humira is more convienient (I hate having to give myself a shot.) Plus, I'm not sure if it's that this flare up was more intense than my last, but the Remicade worked faster and better for me.
Avatar m tn Dr doesn't like Remicade at all. How has your experience been with Humira? How long have you been using it, etc? THANK YOU.
Avatar f tn 29, 2009 - Rheumatoid arthritis patients who take the biologic drugs Remicade, Humira, and Enbrel do not appear to have an increased risk for developing cancer in the first few years of use, researchers in Sweden report. The study is one of the largest and longest population-based investigations ever into the cancer-causing potential of the drugs, known as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors.
1974283 tn?1425612724 I created a reaction to Remicade and Humira just doesn't seem to work anymore. I am bleeding more than I have in years and I am only 18. My brother met a girl who takes Cimzia and she is having amazing results. I have, well, little hope that the Humira will turn around and stop working. I am not asking a doctor is I should ask my doctor about Cimzia, I already plan to when she gets back from Holidays. I left my nurse a message about my medications yesterday, and hope to get an answer today.
Avatar f tn To my knowledge, there are no reports of increased herpes outbreaks with Humira or other similar biological compounts (Remicade, Embrel, etc). All those drugs have very specific and limited effects on the immune system. But if an outbreak does occur, I see no reason why acyclovir or humira would interfere with each other. Of course you should also ask the doctor treating you with Humira. She probably knows more about all this than anyone on this forum does.
Avatar f tn We just went to a med center rheumy who started her on Remicade infusion. She's had only one of those so far - no noticeable difference yet. Do you know how long it may take to see results from the Remicade???? And, I forgot to ask her rheumy this, but, maybe you know - why Remicade as opposed to Enbrel or Humira? (Oh - her test results are: Her C-Reactive protein has been as high as 168. Sed rate is 28. ANA is 1:320. RPR is non-reactive. AVISE MCV results are <20.
Avatar m tn On doctor suspects that because I have not taken Humira injection for about a month that it might have played a role in this mystery, Has anyone had anything similar to this or have insight on success and failures from Humira and Remicade, I really appreciate any and all responses and insight
Avatar f tn I am currently taking triminclone, azathrioprine and asacol for the crohns, but my doctor said I should start Humira if I keep having trouble with this stricture. Has anyone taken Humira to cure a stricture. Other than the stricture (that is located at the anastomosis) I am doing good. Hoping to find out from others if might help. I am skeptical. Thanks for your input.
468830 tn?1246112822 (and started at 100lbs) She was 4lbs 13oz, but healthy. My second is 17 months and I took Remicade which works very much like Humira (which is what I take now) through my whole pregnancy. I had no flares or problems related to my Crohns, and I had ultrasounds every month to monitor her growth and development, and she was born as healthy as could be. That was a hard decision to stay on the medication, but the risk of a crohn's flare could have been devestating to me and the baby.
Avatar n tn Debilitating fatigue (Remicade but not Humira) Mood swings and constant cranky, withdrawn feeling -- abnormal for me even when sick (Remicade but not Humira) Deep muscle pain and tightnes (Both) Terrible pelvic pain, testicular swelling and urinary issues (Both) Pudendal nerve problems (Both) Decreased testosterone and libido (Both) Pulsating headache along ear, jaw and trigeminal nerve (Humira more than Remicade) Jaw tightness (Remicade more than Humira) High blood pressure and fast heart rate
Avatar f tn There's a growing amount of evidence of the development of Autoimmune conditions, related to TNF inhibitors, such as Remicade, Humira and other biologics.
Avatar f tn I'm on Humira. I was on Remicade first, then had a terrible allergic reaction to it during my 4th infusion of it. I was switched to Humira two years ago and it has worked really well for me so far. Hopefully it will work just as well for your perianal Crohn's, too.
775302 tn?1253104105 It is comparable to Remicade or Humira and was recently approved by the FDA. Would love to hear your feedback on this medication. Have you started using it?
Avatar f tn Also, I forgot to ask this at her last rheumy appt, but how is Remicade any better than Enbrel or Humira? (SHe hasn't been on them, but I just wondered why he chose Remicade.) Any info you can provide would be most appreciated! My daughter is at the end of her rope.
Avatar f tn I have had two shots of Humira, I constantly have sinus issues, pain pressure, teeth hurt and hedaches. I got them on enbrel and after 9 years it quit working, so tired remicade but after 4 infusions I had such a bad insus probelm I quit it also raised my blood pressrue a lot. I don't seem to be able to handle hard core antibidoics so I can take zpack, and it helps, but I always seem to be back on it alteast every two months.
Avatar n tn Was the ER for mood Swings? and were you depressed while on remicade? How has your mood been since you have stopped remicade? Hope 2012 is better for everyone!!
621770 tn?1243224514 I am participating in a Remicade/Infliximab along with standard care PegInf and Riba and was wondering if anyone out there is too?
Avatar n tn I last had my last Remicade four weeks ago and then tried my first loading dose of Cimzia. I am very ill from the Cimzia. Does anyone know if I could move back to Remicade if only 8-10 weeks have passed. My side effects on Cimzia are comparable to the.side effects on Humira that caused me to stop using the drug. Remicade is only marginally effective now for my Crohns but the side effects are minimal. Any thoughts would be appreciated.