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Avatar f tn He thinks it is a reaction to my Humira. He said to stop taking Humira and see Dr. Singh as soon as possible. He did give me a script for Lidex for the itching.
Avatar f tn I changed to Humira recently and was wondering if anybody has had success with humira who has ankylosing spondylitis. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have injected humira 2 weeks ago and after 3 days developed a itch and cant sleep. will it subside?
158939 tn?1274918797 i stopped the arava, took cholestyramine to get it out of my system. rash went away. still taking humira. no more rash, so that's good, but i'm not sure where these twitches are coming from. they started about three weeks ago. i'm so sorry you've been having this reaction. sounds like you've had quite a history. i wish you the best. hang in there.
Avatar f tn he thinks that i will get some help from humira and i am to start that this week. i have done searches but only find info on humira induced lupus, nothing about treating lupus with humira. is anyone on here taking humira for lupus? any advise would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!
Avatar f tn I just started Humira (2 shots so far) and have had a worsening of symptoms since the first shot. My hands/feet have become swollen and my joints hurt more than before I started taking the Humira. I also have systemic vasculitis (Churg-Strauss Syndrome) and am on Cytoxan and Prednisone, but I have been taking both for more than a year and know the side-effects from each.
Avatar f tn During this time I continued with plaquenil and humira. Within the last week my joints have gotten more painful and my muscles also more painful (dx with fibromyalgia also). Two days ago I noticed a mole on my lower back with a raised red area around it and currently there are several areas going From there down my left hip. It itches but is also very sore underneath the areas when pressed on. Right now they just look like a hive.
Avatar n tn On my journey to the dermatologist to have stitches removed (totally unrelated to the rash, I think), I noticed my left eye swelling. The derm checked it out and said it looked like bug bites. The following morning, I had more spots, but I was mostly alarmed at the increased swelling of both the upper and lower eyelid of my left eye, as well as some internal eye reddening. I went to my rheumatologist, who was slightly concerned.
544279 tn?1214291008 It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases. Adults usually develop heat rash in skin folds and wherever clothing causes friction. Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or small blisters that maybe associated with itching. Most often, heat rash goes away on its own. Severe forms of heat rash may need medical care, but the best way to relieve symptoms is to cool and dry your skin and prevent sweating. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I am 27 yr. old female. I have what seems to be a rash on my cheeks & around the nose area. It is very small circular light pink covering cheeks & most of my face & almost invisible to the naked eye when make-up is applied. I have seen a dermatologist about 6 months age who believed it was acne caused by stress. I used the cream for several months with no difference, except for dryer skin. It does not itch. It never forms a head, like a pimple would. Is this acne?
Avatar f tn My medications are Humira q14 days, started 1 year ago. 5 months ago, I had 1 week of night sweats, fatigue and a butterfly rash. I still have the rash (mildly) and the fatigue (feel like I haven't had a good night sleep. Thought it was from the Humira. My GI said he doubt's it is from the humira, but did all the lupus tests all which came back negative, except for the a-SMA. It is weekly positive at 1:40. My liver functions are completely normal and have always been completely normal.
Avatar f tn my left wrist and my feet and right knee are becoming more painful. I was not able to take my Humira injection two days ago due to shingles on my right hip. For two days I have had a soreness in my right upper quadrant that I have never had before. I will get my blood work results tomorrow from pcp. Went to him for the rash and he did blookwork.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. The only new thing I have started on myself, is Humira. I'm due for my 3rd injection tomorrow. I have rheumatoid arthritis myself. Could there be any connection?
Avatar m tn Theoretically Humira might delay development of antibodies to HIV but there is no data to suggest that it makes persons more susceptible to HIV and there is no theoretical reason that Humira would make p24 antigen harder to detect. 2. Your rash sounds nothing like the rash of HIV. Your other symptoms are non-specific. 3. Your psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and gout do not make you more vulnerable to HIV. 4. If your symptoms were due to HIV, your PCR test would have been positive.
Avatar f tn My medications are Humira q14 days, started 1 year ago. 5 months ago, I had 1 week of night sweats fatigue and a butterfly rash. I still have the rash (mildly) and the fatigue (feel like I haven't had a good night sleep. Thought it was from the Humira.My GI said he doubt's it is from the humira, but did all the lupus tests all which came back negative, except for the a-SMA. It is weakly positive at 1:40. My liver functions are completely normaland have always been completely normal.
Avatar f tn I am currently diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis and Fibromylgia. Been on treatment since 2015. Humira and methotraxate for AS and valdoxane for FM. However my Rhumy cannot give me an explanation whats causing my weakness or numb feeling. I have also had a skin biopsy done for a rash I have developed. Result was vasculitis. Now that I am having another episode of weakness on the left side my Rhumy has requested for another Brain and neck scan.
Avatar m tn I think I've had these rashes for some time. They do not blanch under pressure, and usually fade within a couple of days. As you can see they don't really cover much of my leg. I have a number of autoimmune conditions (Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis) for which I take Humira and get blood tests every 6 months, including a CBC. I've never had it come up abnormal. If anything before I started Humira, my platelets were too high.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until today that I got thinking of this and just when this rash began which is shortly after me quitting. I have been in a tizzy this whole last week of constant morning blistering until this morning! I smoked a whole darned pack of cigarettes last night! I woke up this morning with no even one new blister. What the heck? I have checked into Celiac Disease but last night ate noodles and bread so if this is my problem I should have had a reaction this morning. Nope.
Avatar n tn I am a RA patient and am on Humira. A long time ago I was also diagnosed with rosacea. I do get the redness over the cheeks and nose but now I also have a similar redness and weltlike rash on my upper chest. Is this typical of rosacea. I have a derm. appt in a month but am curious as to if this is another type of rosacea.
Avatar m tn I am 32 a women 30 weeks pregnant first child. I was diagnosed with Chrons at 23 years old was on humira till I went off due to pregnancy complete remission when I went off. I had my gallbladder out two years ago and felt awesome since even went down in humira dosage. My husband and I had issues getting pregnant so we did IVF and sure enough it worked! Got positive confirmation in July 2013 and stopped humira that month. Symptoms started August 23 2013.
Avatar f tn At night time, I could not sleep because it felt as tho the bedclothes were also wet. The Humira made me very sick so I stopped that. I asked my doctor about the rash but he continued to state that it was a skin disorder and I should visit a dermatologist which I did on 3 different occasions. Of course the dermatologist said he could not find the reason for the rash after trying a couple of ointments. So on April 19, 2009 I stopped taking all my drugs. Nothing.
Avatar n tn Humira 40 mg every other week by injection, methotrexate 1cc weekly by injection, naproxen 375 mg twice a day, sulfasalazine 500 mg twice a day, hydroxychloroquine 200 mg daily & folic acid 1 mg daily. Sometimes I have to take prednisone when a flare-up occurs, (have to be tapered) I do not think it is a reaction from any of my medications because my all of them changed after it appeared (due to losing insurance) & the spotty rash did not change at all.
Avatar f tn Which means new insurance, new drs and new egos. With my change in healthcare, I have not been able to refill my Humira which provided moderate results permitting me to actually get out of bed and have more good days than bad. So I am having more bad days than good. Sorry for the length December 2010 acute shoulder and finger pain and popping.
Avatar f tn Even the strict guidelines followed by most doctors that exclude many Lyme sufferers from diagnosis state that if there is a bull's eye rash, NO testing is even necessary as the rash is that conclusive. Since you had the rash some time ago and now have a wide range of symptoms, your case will be more complicated to evaluate for Lyme. Many people who have been sick for a long time test negative, though many doctors contest that.
Avatar n tn About a year after starting taking the humira I started having skin issues ransom rashes and such,I did have a Butterfly rash on my face and was subsequently tested for lupus which is not the issue. About four month ago I got this irritation on my neck that looks like some on tried to hang me as it runs across my neck in the creases, also the skin all over my face is so dry it hurst all the time. I have tried every moisturizer with no luck! Any suggestions?
5625068 tn?1371159781 now need to decide on a medication and have been giving the chose between the infusion and giving myself shots. My doctors seems to be leaning toward Humira shots. The idea of giving myself shots for the rest of my life is very overwhelming. My mother gives herself shots, and wants the infusion, but cannot because she would have to change medicines and her Embrel is working so the Dr. wont switch her. Does anybody have any insight to which is better.
Avatar f tn After I think that the first set of rash is going to be gone and then it'll be gone, another set of rash appears; this has been continuous since the last week of October (actually, it was the week before). I am fed up with this erythema multiforme skin disease or what ever it is. I've done research on the internet but it seems like there is no way of curing it. Plus, I read that it will be like this for life. It'll pop up when it wants to.
Avatar f tn Now I get them every single month and they're showing up new places and the pain is worse every time too. I have discovered that pure tea tree oil directly on the rash does amazing things. The rash dries up and disappears 5 times as fast as without it. Last month when I had my break out I put it on at the first sign and it even prevented the breakout from getting as severe. Good luck!
680313 tn?1249316003 I then went into a crohns flare up and when it was all said and done within in two days my potassuim levels had dropped to the point where I was lucky not to be in the hospital. I tried Humira and was allerigic (hives), tried Remicade it did nothing. Been on so much prednisone that I get the side effectis almost instantly (moonface, sleeplessness etc) and my bones have been affected. Entocort did nothing but give me side effects.