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686769 tn?1236275731 I just want this condition to get better. I have suffered badly now for a year and a half and just hope that this Humira works otherwise I will have to have further surgery.
Avatar n tn Debilitating fatigue (Remicade but not Humira) Mood swings and constant cranky, withdrawn feeling -- abnormal for me even when sick (Remicade but not Humira) Deep muscle pain and tightnes (Both) Terrible pelvic pain, testicular swelling and urinary issues (Both) Pudendal nerve problems (Both) Decreased testosterone and libido (Both) Pulsating headache along ear, jaw and trigeminal nerve (Humira more than Remicade) Jaw tightness (Remicade more than Humira) High blood pressure and fast heart rate
Avatar n tn Try Humira, it was for RA, but approved in March for Crohn's. 2 shots a month, works great with very little side effects. expensive but drug company will work with you. You gotta try it.
393986 tn?1303829575 I started a med called Salsalate on Thursday and it really throws my stomach for a loop, I will be able to get the DMARDS just as soon as I am accepted on their free med program, it will either be Enbrel or Humira. If I am not able to get those I will be having the infusions of Remicade done at the hospital. My body is not accepting the 10,000 IU's of vitamin D3 too well, my numbers are still low and it makes me very weak and tired.
Avatar n tn I suggest talking more about the humira, for me being on humira was life changing back to where I was before I was diagnosed.
Avatar m tn I took an Hiv Rna Pcr test at 5 weeks. Also I contacted Humira and they said that one 40mg dose has a half shelf life of 10 to 20 days but that it would be in my system from 50 to 100 days. Im worried Doc, my symptoms are getting worse daily. My muscles ache, I feel weak and tired, Under my arms are achy, same achy feeling on both sides of groin. My neck is starting to bother me and Ive found 3 swollen lymph nodes, 1 on each side of neck and 1 at the back of neck.
1087766 tn?1256646589 (I too have Crohn's and have been diagnosed for two and a half years. I am also on Humira and it took a few months for it to work, but it works REALLY well for me now.) Having any surgery on your bowels is a very very difficult surgery. It will take a lot of time for your abdominal muscles to heal and for your intestines to heal. It is my understanding that having surgery is a temporary fix for this situation. My doctor had the same discussion with me when I was first diagnosed.
Avatar n tn I have been on the drug for a week and a half and I am still having symptoms. Has anyone else tried this drug? How do you control the diarrhea? I keep taking Immodium but I still keep having issues and I still keep losing weight. I am having a hard time staying about 100 ibs and I'm 35 yrs old! All foods in the grocery stores are designed to help people lose weight. Fast food & fried foods don't stay in me as they immediately make me sick. How do I gain weight?
1325952 tn?1274927517 My 16 year old daughter has a rare auto-immune disease called "Takayasu Arteritis". Her medicines consist of Prednisone 10 mg daily (down from 40 mg), Azathirophrine 150 mg daily, Methotrexate 1cc 25mg injection weekly, Humira 40mg 1cc injection weekly, & Levothyroxine .5mcg daily. Despite these medications, her Sed-rate ranges 13 - 40 and its checked every 2 weeks along with CRP which ranges 3.2 - 12.
Avatar f tn But really Im open to anything I have been suffering for a year and a half and Im just ready to get better and move on with my life. Thank you to anyone that has any advice to help and god bless everyone else that has to live with Crohns or Colitis.
Avatar f tn CRP, with its short half life of 19 hours, makes it effective for monitoring the onset and resolution of inflammation, the researchers note. It is the most extensively studied of all lab markers in IBD, and the most useful, but correlates more closely with disease activity in CD than in UC. It is also more specific for diagnosing CD than for UC. A change in CRP levels is a good parameter for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment, the researchers note.
Avatar n tn Hi Jaynbe, thank you for responding to my comment to troubled cd - it is rare that anyone responds to me! I don't understand your advice - how can I have a reaction to Remicade, if Humira doesn't work? Seeems illogical. As remicade is not bringing my Crohn's into remission (hence my high CRP - 53 and rising) I don't feel I have any other option than Humira. They have stopped using Ciclosporin here due to mortality stats).
Avatar n tn I am probably about a year and a half away from when I noticed my finger problems. I have high rheumatoid factor, high c reactive protein, and some other stuff related to Anklyosing and rheumatoid arthritis. Currently I am worried about amyloidosis because of having an enlarged tongue which feels like it puts pressure on my throat. I have tried minocycline, methotrexate, sulfasalazine, plaquenil, and prednisone with no help. I am about to start humira.
449619 tn?1206370243 Calcium Citrate Broad Spectrum Multi-Vitamin B6 - Theraputic Dosage MSM Magnesium Malate Zoloft Oxy 20 1X then 10 1 X daily Neurontin Humira At the approval of my rheumatologist, I ceased the Humira treatments until I'm 30 days clean. Here's how it stands now... Calcium Citrate Broad Spectrum Multi-Vitamin B6 - Theraputic Dosage (Doubled dose) MSM Magnesium Malate (tripled dose) Zoloft (now take additional 50 mg at night) Neurontin Clonezepam - .
Avatar m tn My gastro had told me that I would be on it for life to keep the crohns in remission. I would assume you would be also or until it quit working, then they would try one of the other treatments they have now. The good thing is that there are other treatments now so if it does quit working you have other alternatives.
254544 tn?1310779332 He told me that if I did nothing, I would probably reach stage 4 within 7 years and it would become life threatening within 10 years. Interferon is most likely the culprit for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are no knew drugs coming down the pipeline that would include a treatment protocol without Interferon. So …. Because of this ….. RETREATING ME NOW IS REASONABLE AND IS THE BEST THING TO DO!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!! I cannot do Infergen because of the RA.
754703 tn?1233703440 it worked well for about a year and a half, but then my body lost response to it. I then started Humira (adalimumable) and i am not having any luck with it. I am seeing a dietitician next week to see if it helps my chrons disease.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 about a year and a half ago. I have suffered migraine headaches since I was 8. About 2007 I started having (sporadic) episodes when I was having weakness , fatigue, double vision, and nausea. Parts of my legs and arms going numb. As well as diarrhea. I was diagnosed with sever anemia and later Crohn's. The medications , aziothioprine and humira, are helping to control the Crohn's. Which brings me to the Chiari.
Avatar m tn I was told that I would most likely become cirrhotic and it would most likely be life threatening within the next 5 to 10 years. Since there are no treatments coming down the pipes in the next 5 years that do not include Interferon I have no choice but to do the interferon. If I were you I would not try treatment again unless you have pretty significant liver disease. Treatment will make RA worse and it will be VERY painful.
707867 tn?1229128800 I have been seeing a specialist throughout this period and had another colonoscopy just a month and a half ago. He told me everything looked normal. The results were: The specimen is received in formalin and labeled with the patient' s name and "random colon biopsies". The specimen consists of multiple tan-white irregular soft tissue fragments ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 cm. The specimen is filtered, inked green and entirely submitted in one cassette.
Avatar f tn I suffer from being fatigue but that is almost everyday. I’m just scared and do not want to infect my partner and ruin his life if I did pass it down to my genitals.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 23 years old and am currently in a flare up that started back in November 2009. I have tried Mesalamine, Prednisone, 6MP, Remicade, and am currently taking Humira and Methotrexate once a week. I feel like my life has been taken away from me. I was studying abroad for a master's degree when the flare up set in and decided to fly home to my parents to get proper health care and support.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old male that has been having problems for 3 years but has became worse in the past year and half. I had problems with the restroom, that is using it 5-6 times a day. Then i had problems with my feet but it was not severe yet. Then year and a half ago I started having intense chest pain ii went to er and afterward went to 4 heart doctors and they found enlarged tymus however they told me a biopsy to risky.
Avatar f tn borderline....mild. However, I have been in pain for 7 or so months and it effects every part of my life. I am not a whimp! Anyone have input?
Avatar f tn that didn't seem to do the trick (even on 20 mg of prednisone per day) so my rheumy put me on Humira in late April (a bit controversial & risky for SLE patients since it can cause lupus in RA patients, though that is still fairly rare I think.), which has been helping...but I still had feet/toe pain with metatarsalgia so we added Celebrex and low dose Eliva (for insomnia & chronic pain relief)...
Avatar f tn You will need regular monthly blood tests when on methotrexate, but at least you won't spend half your life in the bathroom and will feel much better, able to absorb your food and not the abdominal spasms. Can you see your gastro for a review of your current meds? You really don't have to live that "half-life" as I used to call it. You deserve better, and the help is there if you seek it out, as I did. Take care, and good luck - be proactive with your gastro - he is not God! Liz.
Avatar f tn I actually got myself pain free, I was walking around, functioning very well, but the euphoric effect got less and less. Now only a half a pill helps the pain and believe it or not I still get that euphoric feeling. Unfortunately that's not good. But I am weaning and planning to get off of these.
168348 tn?1379360675 don't get me wrong, I love no Miralax but I cannot help but wonder if the other half of thryoid has begun to work after a year and now too much hormone levels bcz 100mcgs was not good in anxiety dept at all with TSH of 0.667. Ankle is not good but such is life. Still on Mobic 15mg daily. Phys therapy failed after 60% improvement so grateful for that but left with a custom made orthotic/ brace up the calf of leg with just awful break-in adjustment period.
Avatar f tn I cannot take Ibuporfen because of the Crohns(It causes stomach ulcers/bleeding) Im currently on Humira(crohns injection) Baclofen(muscle relaxer) and Klonopin.
1325952 tn?1274927517 I have a 16 yr old daughter with auto-immune thyroid disease and a rare form of arteritis called "Takayasu Arteritis" (also believed to be auto-immune related). TA has been an extremely hard disease to manage. Her MRI's of the Aorta and its branches shows that she has Left-subclavian occlusion at 100% with collateral vessels that have resupplied blood to her left arm. She also has partially blocked right subclavian artery with bruits mostly over right side neck.