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Avatar f tn I started breaking out in rashes and my mouth would blister, it's a lot better than it sounds, I swear. But I started Humira in December. For the first month and I half I was moody and tired all the time. I felt so hungry and I ended up gaining about 60lbs, apparently most of it was water from the prednisone. Everything has precautions, but I think if you're doctor is willing to try it, it's worth it.
179355 tn?1207410851 Thanks for the response. How is your son responding to it? What was he taking before? My wife started Humira about two months ago. She was taking asacol for ever it seems but it just wasn't doing anything for her. So far, she really hasn't seen any response to the Humira. Is there a time period when she'll start feeling the effects of the new meds? Thanks. I hope your son is responding well. Take care.
686769 tn?1236275731 Has anyone been on Humira and what kind of result did you have? Any side effects? I am on lots of meds which are not decreasing the pain. My doctor wants to put me on Humira and I was wondering if anyone out there has had any success with this drug. I am desperate to NOT be in pain anymore. Help...
1974283 tn?1425612724 I created a reaction to Remicade and Humira just doesn't seem to work anymore. I am bleeding more than I have in years and I am only 18. My brother met a girl who takes Cimzia and she is having amazing results. I have, well, little hope that the Humira will turn around and stop working. I am not asking a doctor is I should ask my doctor about Cimzia, I already plan to when she gets back from Holidays. I left my nurse a message about my medications yesterday, and hope to get an answer today.
Avatar m tn in future diagnosis of flares and/or perforations. I wish you much success with the Humira. The shots can be painful, but Humira does help manage the pain associated with Crohn's. You'll probably discover a "new you" in the process of your journey with Crohn's. You might even surprise yourself. There is a book called "The Foul Bowel" by John Bradley. It is one man's 30 year journey with Crohn's Disease. The experiences and sense of humor make his story relateable.
Avatar f tn This time its really bad and I feel scared. Doc tells me our next step is remicade, humira etc. After researching I dont feel comfortable with trying any of those. It seems that it may help with the crohns but start a whole new diesease to tackle. My husbands co-worker suggested that I should try aloe vera juice. So I picked up some two days ago. Have been drinking 6 ounces daily since. I feel something is happening....stomach feels quiet. Although I still have the runs but not as much.
Avatar f tn I had a good appetite, no pain and no bleeding. Eventually a laparotomy was done (no scopes in thise days) and some 15 different areas in my small intestine were inflamed. Biopsies confirmed the Crohn's diagnosis. Only treatment then was steroids. I guess my first rectal haemorrhage (a lot more than blood on the paper or in the stool) was in 1985 when my husband and I retired to Spain. I was treated in hospital with IV prednisone and had 3 transfusions.
Avatar f tn Its the worst its ever been and I am miserable. I was on Azathioprine, Canasa, and a taper of Prednisone with no relief. Just started Humira yesterday. Four shots to the stomach....ouch! Today along with my flare symptoms (lots of bleeding, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, fatigue, dry mouth, occasional nausea) I have the chills with a very low grade fever and my fatigue is worse than normal. Is this normal after starting Humira? What do others do to manage all of these symptoms?
Avatar m tn At first Humira worked completely, but for the last 3 month I now have got again explosive Diarrhoea and bleeding. I spent a minimum of 10 times running to the toilet a day, and get anxious going out and that causes stress and then more flare ups. I had a SeHCAT Scan for suspected bile acid malabsorption which I have not got and is not my cause for my Diarrhoea. I also take 60mg and 16mg Loperamide a day but Diarrhoea will not stop, only with Prednisolone Steroids.
Avatar f tn Now got severe osteoarthritis in both hips, feet and hands and registered disabled. Many flares and bouts of severe rectal bleeding requiring inpatient care on IV prednisolone and nutrition. Dx breast cancer Jan 2003, 2 cm tumour stage and grade 2, 3/18 lymph nodes affected. WLE and total axillary clearance. FEC x 6 chemo and 45 gys rx. Colonoscopy in Florida 1996 showed pan crohn's colitis with crypt abscesses and ulcers.
Avatar f tn ive had problems with the bleeding and the cramps for about six yrs and i went to the doctors last week and the doctors say i might have crohns disease and lately ive been so tired and weak and i hadto put my job on hold cus i work as a tree climber and i stran all the time and the pain gets worse.
Avatar f tn Nothing is working. This time its really bad and I feel scared. Doc tells me our next step is remicade, humira etc. After researching I dont feel comfortable with trying any of those. It seems that it may help with the crohns but start a whole new diesease to tackle. My husbands co-worker suggested that I should try aloe vera juice. So I picked up some two days ago. Have been drinking 6 ounces daily since. I feel something is happening....stomach feels quiet.
Avatar m tn You were giving updated reports on your viral load and alt ast numbers. Its been awhile and just curious as to where you stand now.
775302 tn?1253104105 jmjm, Just last night my rhumetologist told me that the cream was controversial and he didn't reccomend it for any length of time, I had initially gotten it from my primary because my skin was cracking and bleeding on my elbows and knees.
Avatar n tn swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Serious and sometimes fatal infections may occur during treatment with Humira.
Avatar n tn Currently In the middle of a 5-week bout of gross blood in stool, along with joint pain, ulcers in nose, and extreme fatigue and feeling unwell. Colonoscopy and upper endoscopy were normal so source of bleeding is evasive. This has happened before, had CT scans and barium studies in prior years that really didnt show much. Blood work normal, sed rate normal, crp. Normal, not anemic. Do not have diarrhea, never really have.
Avatar m tn Organic foods with live-enzymes, specialty wheat organic breads, rolled oats, oat bran (not in a box) have ended the mucus, bleeding, bloating, cramping, constipation, gas and overall strain. Straining only puts pressure on the necessary muscles. I know it’s difficult not to strain when you think you’re going to evacuate, but trying to hold it will help exercise and strengthen the muscles, and work the process naturally.
Avatar n tn Due to the wide spread through my small and large intestine, stomache and esophogus surgery is not an option and every ************** has started to fail after 6 months. I have tried Remicaide, Humira, Methotrexate, and Asacol. Prednisone is the only drug that helps consistantly. My question is this, during flares I expell huge amounts of Uric Acid Crystals in my Urine which always end in the formation of Uric Acid Stones.
Avatar n tn go to er and why aren,t you on humira ? never mind the rest of the bull, i suffered for almost three years dont get me wrong i,m still not perfect but i,m much better then i was especially with the fevers, and pain is less sever. to people who are bleeding i started bleeding with first time normal stool in three years this week a good amount have no idea why red blood in toilet on toilet paper and possibly tiny clots any ideas?
Avatar m tn Best of luck and I hope they help you out....Your previous GI's laughed??? Well thats why they are "PREVIOUS" eh? My GI kicks ***. No pun intended. :P Ya gotta have someone who will listen to you...with how much pain we can be in at times why would we want another Jerk laughing at us. Here's a story... Went to the ER one time - one of MULTIPLE TRIPS and was in excruciating pain. The nurses were LAUGHING about my condition.
Avatar m tn I have a number of autoimmune conditions (Crohn's Disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis) for which I take Humira and get blood tests every 6 months, including a CBC. I've never had it come up abnormal. If anything before I started Humira, my platelets were too high. Ever since starting the drug, everything comes back normal. The problem is that, most of the time, by the time I can get an appointment the rashes disappear.
Avatar n tn I have a bleeding ulcer in my colon. I am taking endocort and Humira. I have stayed away from fats. I have been drinking Silk on cereal. Question: Is all the cereal and soy bad for the ulcer. And will going back to fats like butter and cheeze be a better idea? Thank you.
Avatar n tn Have you tried using Nizoral shampoo? My eldest son suffers from nasty scalp conditions and he was told to use baby shampoo and not to wash his hair too often. Water can make most skin problems worse. Fucibet should not be used on open sores, so perhaps that is why your doctor has suggested for you to quit using it. They used to do many surgeries for these sorts of problems, but most doctors refrain from those techniques now. You could inquire about it though.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
1325952 tn?1274927517 i am sorry to hear about your husband. i truly am. my husband had two bleeding strokes and a pulmonary embolism in jan 2008. he survived with only some blindness in his right eye, some minor short term memory issues and some balance issues, but no speech problems. i told him the Lord is trying to get ahold of him and has given him a second chance. drs. said he should have dies two times over...
229857 tn?1319033507 -) Mikaleen---if you have joint involvement you can probably stop the creams and phototherapy and go on to humira. Have you seen a rheumatologist or talked to your dermatologist about an official diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis? PsA is pretty common, especially when the Ps has a genetic predisposition.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Yes I am on suppositories and steroids and colazol and humira and synthroid and pain meds.... nothing seems to work. I also had a resection. I am so miserable with this. I have such urgency all the time. The bleeding is horrible. I am now anemic and get iron transfusions. Thanks for your response.
Avatar f tn Stress does not help my Crohns at all which is something I need to work on. The pain and bleeding seem to get worse everytime and no I feel that nothing is working. I am dubious about having the Methotrexate treatment but also know that something needs to be done. Would welcome any comments or advise.
Avatar f tn If your ascending colon is in good shape, the attachment should be quick and fairly easy, and you won't have to worry about a bag. Both Remicade and Humira have side-effects, as all meds do unfortuantely, but in the U.S. Humira is more typically used after Remicade has produced 'problems' - then Humira is tried. The most typical immediate side-effect is an allergic reaction to Remicade, which in some, can turn up pretty quickly. When that happens, a switch to Humira is the next step.
Avatar n tn then he had bleeding again in august and they did another surgery. however, he wasnt working out or anything over the summer. In november, he had a minor procedure done in the ER for a cyst or absess, which they just drained and then sent him home, Then in January, he went in for surgery because of a cyst on his scrotum which cause extreme bleeding and swellling down there. He had no problems since then.