How to remove protein from urine

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172023 tn?1334675884 We're going to keep watching, which is fine by me. Bladder xray when I get back from vacation, and going to spin another urine. Jake loves his cookies! THANK YOU so much for the "recipe". He missed his treats. I make them every few days now.
Avatar f tn Its yellow color comes from urochrome, a pigment that results from the breakdown of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells. "Discolored urine is often caused by medications, certain foods or food dyes. For instance, the dyes used in some sugary cereals can show up in kids' urine. In some cases, though, changes in urine color may be caused by certain health problems.
Avatar f tn Hi I am having laparoscopic surgery on wed to remove a few cysts,some scaring from a super patial historectomy,and they also have to remove my felopion tubes.I am wondering how long before I go back to work part time, the thing is I drive and lift auto parts for a living. I am also going to school will finish in 7 wks :) they said i will not have to stay in the hospital i could leave the same day.
Avatar n tn How can I contact to them? Please tell me more, just to deliver such information to my doctor.
Avatar f tn I don't have a clue at ALL. So has this ever happened to someone else? or know how to deal with this??
Avatar f tn I have a 6yr old male Shar-Pei. Took him to the Vet today to have him checked due to throwing up for about a week stright. I got the shock of my life when I was told he was in renal failure. His BUN was 135 and there were 2 other levels that were very high, but to be honest I stopped hearing after he said renal failure. My vet told me to push fluids through him tonight, and see if he urniates (which he did) and see if we can re-stimultie his kidneys.
2216535 tn?1339412493 hi much swelling??? its normal to have some swelling after surgery for a few days...if in doubt contact your Vet, there would be NO charge for a follow up exam after a surgery....don't attempt to do anything on your own and risk a problem.....normal after surgery swelling will go down on its own within a few will NOT affect the healing, its all part of the healing process..
Avatar m tn For instance, if you have very bad constipation and there’s no remedy, he might demand gut permeability test which could take days to a few weeks for the results to return from the lab. Also, MeBO has found that we have leakygut…meaning there’s an association but we don’t know how it’s associated for certainty… what it is exactly. We’ll have to wait for results. Here’s another thing. I think sufferers here think gut permeability (leaky gut) is something similar to ulcer or a wound in the gut.
1358341 tn?1282213443 ) UNSCENTED salmon oil, it comes in a pump can and will need to be refrigerated to insure shelf life and since it is an oil, to keep it from ever going rancid.. Drinking is good for your cat, as long as your cat is taking in enough water it helps to flush out toxins..I sit a bowl in the dining room, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom, since cats are random drinkers .
5901196 tn?1395547509 Taking Lactulose and/or Xifaxan 550. Preventing and treating constipation. Prescribing other medications to remove blood from the intestines or treat
Avatar n tn I told her this, but she was still convinced it was her that had bled and that I must just have had some of her blood in my penis from having sex. When my urine ran clear after the next time I went to the toilet, I convinced myself that maybe she was right, even though really I knew there had been too much blood in my urine for that to be the explanation. As it didn't happen again next time we made love, I kind of forgot about it.
Avatar n tn So, to make a long story short, that's why I try to put on a happy face to keep from really crying and breaking down. In the mean time, yall just keep me in prayer that one day I can carry another little one full term. Again, thanks for your concern and I wish you the best!!
Avatar f tn Larger tumors are only easier to a point - once they get to a certain size, they get too difficult to remove as they are too close to the carotids and the optic nerve. I don't know actually if the surgeons would agree with her statement since they have to remove more of the pituitary. Sure, you can see it but er, the risks are greater. Ah the adrenal scan. I had on tech want to take a picture of my face when I took a sip of the lovely and delicious (*gag*) contrast.
1395422 tn?1308019851 During childhood, the foreskin is also usually firmly attached to the glans to prevent contaminants from invading the urethra. The neck of the foreskin places the vulnerable urinary meatus at a distance from the external environment and defends it against invading contaminants. The fusion of the foreskin and glans and the nonexpandability of the preputial orifice in the child’s penis are therefore necessary for the health of the child.
4274823 tn?1388532698 I'll try to get back to it. While drinking too much water can be an issue, judging from your recent labs, I'd say that your symptoms of hypothyroidism are really coming from hypothyroidism, even though it's possible you are drinking too much water. Your TSH is too high and even though your FT3 and FT4 are "in range", they are too low in the ranges. Your FT4 is only at 10% of its range, indicating that your thyroid is not producing very much hormone.
Avatar m tn I had another dog, who he lived with from day one that I had to have put to sleep Dec. 27th due to Lou Gerhig's disease. I don't know if some of this with him is connected or not. He doesn't SEEM to miss her but I sure wish I could get into his head to see what is thinking! Said all that to say it probably will be better for both you and Kaos but if you have any doubts, call that vet - or another one - and ask questions. Just like OUR doctors - we have to be our own advocate. Good luck!
Avatar f tn tube and ventilator. (Family learned how to read lips, she seemed to be doing well. jokes, smiles.) Doc. tried to ween her from vent.on the 2nd now she is back up to 95% 10 peeps rspr. 45-55 . Family can't even touch our talk to her for the last two days.Doc say it is cause she is irritated by all the activity but for the last two day the rspr 40-60 just as high saw them myself and Now is on 3 diff sedatives to slow rspr. doc.
Avatar f tn My Urologist took 3 stones out of my right kidney last year and one was blocking urine flow from my kidney which caused it to swell up somewhat. No stint was required though. All done in a one day,outpatient surgery situation. They will knock your hubby out completely for the procedure and afterwards he'll go to recovery as usual in surgeries, until he comes out of the anesthesia. As I said, I didn't have a stint though.
Avatar n tn It's frustrating when you're constantly hearing a different answer from every person and it confuses me as to how I could possibly share anything with my boyfriend that I love without having someone tell me I'm at risk for pregnancy. You guys put me at ease. I still haven't gotten my period, but I have all the symptoms that I usually get every ::crosses fingers::, I think I should be getting it soon. I tend to stress myself out to the point that it consumes my every thought...
162948 tn?1205256292 I do have a hormonal IUD. I want to have it removed. But, I do Not know what to except from the removal.... I wish I new how long it would take me to get pregnant. With my first baby it was very fast for me to get pregnant... Thanks..
Avatar m tn One man wrote that after he began to treat lactose intolerance, it is almost completely reduced the allergic reactions from others. Some information about this disease: As I wrote, I have a lack of lactobacillus in the intestines. In this Monday, I noticed that allergic reactions from others were much less than usual.
Avatar m tn I was on Suboxone for 2 1/2 years. I put myself on them to get off Vic's. I took between 3-6 8mg per day. I decided to put myself into a 5 day detox center, knowing I was going to detox "cold turkey," I begged god to help me through this (this was my 1st attempt to quit with help, I couldn't make it past 4 days on my own, I had no idea what to expect). I had NO withdraws at all, in those 5 days (except I never slept).
Avatar f tn I switched from Synthroid to Tirosint and it took a while to get everything balanced again. I went from 150mcg Synthoid to eventually 88mcg Tirosint. My body absorbed Tirosint much better because of the lack of fillers. Everybody is different and it takes a while to get everything balanced after switching.
Avatar m tn That is why there are different types of specialist out there. You need to know Who to talk to. Besides that, you really need to know how to communicate with your doctor as well. Telling a normal doctor about PATM or Toxic Mold Illness will just be a waste of time. You need to speak with them in scientific terms. For example, tell them your house is infested with Aspergillus, Penicillium or Stachybotrys instead of saying "My house has mold and it's making me sick".
Avatar n tn I am sick and tired of being all consumed as to how many I have, where I am going to find more when I run out, etc. I had to cancel a trip to see my first grandchild and that is just pathetic..
Avatar n tn I went from 54% to 69% in six months. So I went from moderate kidney disease to mild kidney disease. If you google kidney diet you'll find some good information from some of the kidney foundations. This is what my doctor told me. Mostly it is avoiding items high in potassium and phosphorus (if it is pre-packaged - chances are it is high in phosphorous, as well as any dark cola except rootbeer).
Avatar n tn not only that they have to be taken in specific quantities protein, fruits and vegis,,,,,,, NO STARCH!!!!!! I tell you this if you are to lazy to find and read information you are to lazy to follow the very extremely strict diet drug regime period. I am not talking about all the new books to make money I am talking about the 1959 report in the doctors journal. No offense intended I just wish people to be real if your HCG injections DAILY!!
Avatar f tn Part of me is afraid it could have caused her kidney problems, but I don't see how it could be to blame. I want to try the Green Tripe in tins that you suggest. Can you tell me some brands to look for? Is it pure green tripe, or dog food that contains green tripe as an ingredient? My initial search has only found the latter. I read a suggestion on another forum by someone to not use Heartworm or flea preventative because they stress the kidneys. Is this your advice also?
1046985 tn?1305120648 In the past 9 weeks, I have had numerous episodes of this excrutiating pain, and have been stuck in bed with megadoses of pain relief and heatpacks(the only thing that gives me some sort of relief). A couple of times I have wanted to go back to ER, but am to scared to, as once in hospital they don't give me enough pain relief, though no meds stop the pain.
1358341 tn?1282213443 I wouldn't really trust a study done by a Pet food company,they would tend to be biased. From holistic sources I've read. Low protein diets can do harm to cats including ones with declining kidney function, this can exacerbate muscle wasting. Recent studies have shown keeping phosphorous levels in check slows down progression of kidney failure.