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Avatar f tn He's even threatened to break up with me if I can't get over this. Should I stay with him? Is this not a big deal? This guy is amazing..basically willing to do anything for me. Am I overacting to a slight flaw? Any answers would be wonderful. Thank you.
Avatar f tn or should I risk the relationship that we might have back in the future and be strict with him. I am filled with so much rage..but I want things to work out.
9542671 tn?1412017007 I was in same situation i ended up breaking up with my sons father and moving back in with my dad and working and taking care of my son by myself.. I got tired of seeing like i wasnt in a relationship when i was .. It was very hard for me to do but im glad i did.. Even thigh my sons father has only seen him like a hand full of times in 2 years and hadn't contributed anything he just gets his mom or grandma to.. Ik my son is way better off were we are know...
11715504 tn?1422290015 So for some time now I've been trying to break up with my boyfriend "ex" I'm 27 weeks pregnant with our son and I'm just over him he's been making so many promises to me and can't even keep them. He even said "family or nothing" Like I don't need him my main priority is my son and him only if he wants to be selfish and not take care of his son because I don't want to be with him then fine. My son will realize that he wasn't there for him.
675718 tn?1449992146 Today i broke up with my girlfriend, i feel real bad cuz i care about her.but i caught her with another man and she didn't apologize.
Avatar f tn Where are you going to live, who's going to help you with child care, how are you going to get money, etc. All that planning you have to do before a baby arrives. If your boyfriend turns out to be a good dad, fantastic. Icing on the cake of all the plans you've made. If not, you are prepared. I also encourage you to continue your education as far as you can go. College or trade school to get a sustainable job down the road is so important for your financial future to be independent.
Avatar m tn Obviously the relationship was not perfect, or you wouldn't have wanted to break up with her in the first place. Based on your post, it sounds like you took your ex for granted and then when she moved on, it sunk in that the relationship was irretrievable. It may be a regret of the past, but it doesn't have to be a regret of the future. People do break up because they feel they're too young to be in a serious and committed relationship.
Avatar f tn I'm supposed to go away for a week. First he wanted to break up, then he proposed I should make up my mind till after my trip and call him if I wanted to get married to him. Otherwise it would be finished. This again is emotional blackmail. I don't know anymore what to do. I wanted the relationship to develp solid ground before getting into marriage. Being left every second week doesn't really contribute to that.
Avatar f tn I don't want to break up and regret it but I also don't want to keep feeling unhappy the majority of the time. It's so hard knowing when to walk away or keep trying.
Avatar f tn I know it's hard and you don't want to appear to be mean, but you need to do what is best for yourself. Did you talk to him about your reasons to break up? Does he know you're not in love anymore? You seem to be smart about it; you're aware that it would only drag the break up process if you get back with him. It's good that you realize that. Don't give in and continue being strong. Going out with friends will be good therapy for you. Good luck!
Avatar n tn When I first was with my current boyfriend, he was so in love with me, and I fell in love with him - things just felt blissful and perfect when we were together. Then, as time passed, I started to get confused. Since I had been with my previous bf, and at the time I felt things could get serious with him, I started to doubt whether I could trust my judgement with my new partner. Also, I hadn't really been single and wanted to have time to be my own person.
Avatar f tn I think that you set up a time to sit down with him (in person, while not easy, is the best and most final) and just tell him that you'd like to break up. Make a clean break without any wiggle room. It's hard but when you are sure, your're sure and you sound sure.
697574 tn?1273959347 I met him when I moved to Florida for grad school. I moved in with him in May because I really wanted to see if this was meant to be or I should move back with my family up north. I gave it a chance and Ive been miserable/ unhappy. My fieldwork is over in 4 weeks and I wanted to leave the opportunity to maybe get hired there or if I do not I want to move back to NJ.
Avatar f tn Well I have been with my boyfriend for more than two years, we met in high school and after I graduated from high school we had planned we I was going to move in with him. So i did, in 2008 i came to live to utah with him. Just last night I went into his e-mail to get a code i needed, and so being the insecure person i am i snooped around throuh his e-mails and found that he bought a 95 dollar membership to a porn website.
Avatar f tn I don't wanna break up with him because it would be very awkward in them classes with him. I really have strong feelings for him but im really stressed out and he isn't help with that. He's sometimes the reason to why i get stressed so much. I really just need a break but i don't know how to tell him that and i know if we broke up id just want him back.
1029439 tn?1265665405 Was a good suggestion with the music thing. I find I have to actually listen to like sad music if I feel sad to get it all out so to speak rather than listening to like happy music, that just gets on my nerves is all it accomplishes but everyone is different and this might not be true for him.
Avatar f tn Then he also does that with telling to me moving back to our home town and that we need to break up...then a few days pass and he says sorry and not to leave. Well see I do everything that he wants for me to do to make him happy cause I love him. I even take anti depressants cause he said that I need to!
Avatar f tn During that time since I got there he didn't even call me to see how I was so I got really fed up with him and decided to call him and end it. I didn't want to do it face to face because he was very good at talking me out of things and plus I still really loved him and didn't want to see him hurt. Well I told him how I felt, I was very strong and held in my tears, I told him that I wanted to do it over the phone because it would give him time to move out.
Avatar f tn I would consider that he is out of the picture for good and plan on how to handle things with the baby keeping that in mind. I also would consider a DNA test for the bio dad to establish some kind of child support if you need money to help support the baby. But I think that this man probably had some reservations regarding becoming a dad so soon into a new relationship when it wasn't his child along with the problems that cropped up as he got to know you better--- and has bolted.
304970 tn?1331429594 He would NEVER have our son in a position to go without anything.. I just don't want to break up, I dont want to start over, I dont want some c r appy low paying job.. I guess I just thought our life was "planned"..
1285214 tn?1274881043 I have two friends who have to deal with overbearing mother in laws who don't know how to back off and don't know how to let their sons live their own lives, that one of my friends is seeking to file for divorce because her husband would always choose his mother's side, and my other friend is constantly contemplating a divorce because her husband financial supports his mother and has put strain on their own finances because of it.
Avatar f tn I was kicked out of my house recently they said either break up with your boyfriend and learn to stay in the house such as drop my friends and live a good life where you get anything you want or get out and they gave me a couple of months to find a place. My boyfriend goes to a university 40 mins away from where we lived and the school is becoming too expensive so him and his bestfriend are trying to get apartment together.
1414095 tn?1295122599 We do feel lost after something like this, but you have to realize that you have an awful lot to offer the right person, who is still out there waiting for you to come along. Don't beat yourself up over this, try to learn from it. I think the first thing you need to do is realize that you can enjoy your own company for now. Once we can be happy with ourselves, we develop a whole new attitude and you will appear, and feel more confident.
Avatar n tn ( I have been brought up to speak in not very good English and he has a massive issue with this) I need to break up with him but whenever I go to break up with him he threatens to kill himself, that he has no other reason to live. He also threatens to cut himself, I think he does this because he knows I have a past of this.. almost like blackmail because he knows how much it affects me.
Avatar f tn I'm going to be 33 weeks in a few days and I am constantly wanting to break up with my boyfriend. He's wonderful, caring, does things without being asked, attentive, great job, home 2 minutes after work, never have to worry if he's doing wrong. But it's almost too much for me. I'm overwhelmed by him always being around and nice to me. I try to search for similar situations online and I only get results for boyfriends breaking up with their girlfriend while preggo.
6548496 tn?1384493623 Thanks everyone i uderstand but if i break up with him he said he would kill his self because he cant live without me im in such a mix up
Avatar f tn 2 weeks before my due date, we broke up because I wanted to move in together and he told me he was moving in with the other girl. After our daughter was born, everything changed though and we eventually got back together and he got evicted from his apartment to move in with me in February. Not even a week after we moved in, the other girl claimed to be pregnant again. Turns out though, this time she actually was.
7385294 tn?1412109339 I wouldn't break up with him over this, if he seems sorry and won't continue this. Men do some pretty weird stuff when they're about to become a dad - it's stressful even though they may not show it. If this is just the final last straw in a string of unacceptable things about him, that's different. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn I can't even try to put in my idea of why I am not happy with whatever just happened because he automatically directs it back to me and says YOU did this and YOU did that. When I try to make things okay and tell him just to calm down I get the exact opposite effect. He normally hurts me enough to where I cry or when I say you are really hurting my feelings and then his response to that is “You give me an opportunity to shout at you by making mistakes each time.