How long does psychotic episode last

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Avatar m tn I lasted a little while, but again I went back to vicodin. This is where it gets weird. In September I had a psychotic episode. I ended up getting arrested and taken to the hospital which is the only reason I knew I was sick. I don't remember most things and what I do remember was a delusion. What I remember happening did, but my perspective of it was "crazy." The toxicology screen showed I had no drugs in my system, which I find really strange.
Avatar f tn -went up to his brother and said “this is the night, I’m going to die” -began to have a psychotic episode: ~began to cry ~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??... like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
539694 tn?1434569547 It's a real bummer, always bouncing back and forth like that, but it can be helped a lot with the proper medicine. For decades I was treated just for depression but last year I had a serious manic episode that I could not ignore, and was diagnosed with bipolar. At that time I realized that I had been bipolar all my life -- I just never reported it to my psych doctor because when I was manic, I was feeling on top of the world and did not realize anything was wrong.
Avatar f tn FEP = First Episode Psychosis RESULTS: At baseline, no differences were observed in cortisol, DHEAS or the cortisol/DHEAS ratio between patients and controls. . . . Within FEP patients, decreases in cortisol and the cortisol/DHEAS ratio over time were directly related to the improvement in depression . . . negative . . . and psychotic symptoms . . . . Perceived stress significantly correlated with DHEAS . . . and the cortisol/DHEAS ratio . . .
Avatar f tn ~began to cry ~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??... like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
447130 tn?1225474466 I know someone who was very depressed in their bipolar cycle & has recenlty been traumatized, then had a complete meltdown which the docs called a Psychotic Break? They are hospitalized for being a danger to themselves & others. I don't have much more info than that. What does this mean? Is it temporary? How long can it last & does anyone know how long you can be held by law? Or is that a state by state issue? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn Thanks! When my daughter was hospitalized for the first time the end of February it was same way for her. The Dr. had her on depakote, zyprexa, a couple other things. She was pretty doped up too and could not hardly do anything but sleep and eat. I hurried up and got her off of that depakote. I'm really not fond of zyprexa either. So...what 2 medications ended up working for you? Are you on a mood stabilizer?
Avatar n tn 5 mg in the morning and at night i dont want to take these anymore so i decided to go cold turkey here i am on day two and i feel like crap no vomiting but i am nausus i get lightheaded i should have never started taking these i hate it sometimes im not sure if it is withdrawls or if it is actually anxiety ive delt with anxiety my whole life and never took pills and the stories i am reading are scaring me even more does any one know how long these symptoms last hopefully no more than a week caus
Avatar m tn I have a pertinent question to members of this forum which is does anybody know for how long we have to continue taking meds as sometimes I wish I could live a life without taking any meds.I have been having BP since 12 years and have been on an MS since eleven years.My Pdoc does not answer this question of mine and himself is not sure.
1310468 tn?1274867525 My pdoc told me evan though my mania was induced by meds she still was diagnosing me with schizoeffective disorder based on the last/current episode? After having read up on it tough it fits. It is sometimes hard for me to evan distinguish between episodes because of the denial its only later that I think wow I was out of control. hypnomania and mania are hard for us all to distinguish for are selves. Evan though I was aware that I was manic I still did some dumb things.
Avatar f tn It does sound like you need a med change. How long have you been off methadone now? I finally feel like my methadone madness is gone, but it took almost 2 years. If I remember right, it has been more than that for you.
Avatar m tn What does it actually feel like to be 'on one', or to have 'a bender' - positive or negative. How does it feel to experience a mood swing? I can only Imagine that folk feel that whatever their disorder is, it's singularly unique to them!
Avatar m tn It may be that the only way to get back is to go back on Paxil for the rest of my life, but that's a last resort. I don't really know how to answer you without you having seen what happened and how fast it happened. I decided to wait it out, but it never went away, and I don't want to live a life all drugged up. I'm a writer, and I went off the Paxil because the new side effects were getting in my way; imagine what it would be like on four different drugs?
2065348 tn?1331078807 And yes it will and could go away. Its just how long it will take. Hoopoe you start to feel better I'm here to chat if need be..
219373 tn?1274925034 and am currently going through an episode where i am not sleeping and will get an idea in my head and will frantically try to bring it to fruition. the last week i got an idea about making some jewelry...not anything unusual right...well now i have been staying up all night making jewelry because the ideas fro stuff come so fast and i have spent almost 500 dollars in 1 week on jewelry making supplies...i have never been interesed in making jewelry before?
561706 tn?1333950874 I don't usually recommend calling 911 because the police can be nasty (unless they have a gun or are driving) When a patient is compliant with their medications, they can usually take an extra dose, as prescribed by their doctor ( for me it was a Benadryl or an extra 1/2 dose of anti psychotic) and I was able to calm down and go to sleep after the psychotic episode had passed. Like others have said, you can't deal with this alone.
Avatar f tn I was confirmed to have bp a year ago (but clearly had known myself for 10). I have tried a few different things but my moods are getting so rageful and tearful again. 20 mg of ambien isnt keeping me alseep for more than 5 hours or so. My mood swings come on quickly throughout the day. i can feel myself changing. I take 150mg of Lamictal. I'm so tired of trying for fear nothing will ever take this mental pain away. It's affecting my wonderful marriage. He doesn't understand. Some advise please.
574118 tn?1305138884 In my case I was depressed and had to take an AD.
Avatar f tn They are more prevalent during a manic or hypomanic phase though. The episodes tend to last around an hour. Does anyone know what these episodes are, and whether they are linked to my bipolar disorder? Does anyone else have them? Also it seemed to be better when I was on Depakote rather than Lithium. Sorry it’s a long one; thank you to anyone who read it.
Avatar f tn or she might just have been opening a conversation that got problematic too fast to backtrack. If you guys began arguing, the last thing she would want to do is go into how difficult it is to tell which of you is the dad and what she thought the doctor meant and other analysis, even if it would have helped to do so. The question now is why she is saying you could just sign a document assigning any parental rights to her boyfriend.
Avatar m tn Can anyone share rehab information to assist me? Again, I have limited info and I was curious as to how long one needs rehab in their lifetime before enough is enough. I do the smart thing and don't reply to the call/texts.
358304 tn?1409713092 He said it's something we've taught our brains to do, and how to react. We've practiced it so much, it's became very common for the body to react like this. It's like learning how to drive a car, once you do it enough, you don't have to think about it anymore. The subconscious mind takes over. So, can I reverse learning to drive? Probably, but it's going to take work. Any words of encouragement would be great! Thank you! I've only been going through this for about 2.
Avatar m tn Certainly it is at least four in my whole life from what may have been the first episode in 1946 to the last brief episode in 1990 when I went off my lithium for between one and two months. Defining an episode is not easy for me to do; indeed, the concept of episode is only useful in some respects. In other ways it over-simplifies a complex set of behaviours; it has value, though, when trying to describe the experience in writing.
Avatar n tn but I need to know how long does this last...will I ever get my life back????I am so frustrated not knowing what to expect on a day to day anxiety is way out of control one day....I'm emotional the next.....I have done everything possible...I've walked an hour a day, watching sugars, eating healthy.....etc. I can't take it anymore....Dr.s only want to prescribe meds.they don't want you to come off of them....however my psychologist wants me off everything...but ....
Avatar f tn I know what you mean. When my Mom has a phycotic episode I am lost. I don't have a clue what to do. Used to my Dad would handle it but without him I don't know what to do. I usually end up in the corner hiding behind objects crying. I know sad huh. I told you I'm not mature. Maybe a mature person could deal with it. Maybe someone who is mentally sane could. Mom often talks about suicide and it scares me. She says she won't really do it that she mainly says it to scare me.
Avatar f tn Was the one from overloaded stress/responsibility the very first one he got into? What he was like during a breakdown? How long did they last? My fiance was sleepless, having delusions, and got very emotional at a time or quite manic in behaviors. Thank you therse83, and I wish your dad's situation gets better soon!
503960 tn?1399932852 i know that they want her to go to a doctor etc and see if she does. but my husband has not been told if she does or how it is going. I don't know if he has the right to kno, but with all the mistakes she has made we feel that is something we should bring to court because if she does it is effecting the decisions she is making for her childrens, as she has another with someone else she is not with.
585414 tn?1288944902 The difficulty is how to handle mania, even hypomania more than depression. When depressed, the key is to keep occupied and do something that will bring you out of the depression so you don't fixate on it. That's my strategy. But when hypomanic, over activity is part of the problem. You just can't focus. As for physical disabilities I look at the people in the family who had severe conditions such as cardiac conditions and strokes and just kept going to the end.