How long does nitroglycerin work

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Avatar f tn I called my Dr. to ask about the meds and how long they would take to work and she told me they can take up to a month before they stabilize my blood pressure. Today it is actually not too bad 138/86, much better than I have had it in the past. Hopefully something will start to make sense soon!
Avatar n tn tanns i'm the same way with medicine terrified of taking medicine. tugar . how long did you have the costochondritis? what exactly did it feel like?
Avatar f tn if we suppose that the patient does *not* faint during a tilt-table-test, how long is each position supposed to last? And the second is relating to the tracing of the syncope event: <--- That's a scan of the tracing, and my attempt to enhance the contrast to actually be able to distinguish the tracing lines (I guess the machine was running out of ink?) left two very visible blotches on both sides of the scan.
Avatar n tn If the stent was used to treat the severe blockage that you describe and a repeat catheterization found no problem with the stent or any other new blockage, the symptoms may not be cardiac. Coronary spasm can occur, but long-acting nitroglycerin preparations and calcium channel blockers virtually always get rid of spasm.
Avatar n tn I think there have been recent studies showing that mesalamine (Pentasa and Asacol) aren't as effective in controlling IBD after you have had surgery. how long have you been on pred (which is the likely culprit for the weight gain)? because 40 mgs is too high of a dose to be on for any length of time. I would strongly recommend getting a bone density (DEXA) scan to make sure your bones are still doing ok, since age, IBD and prednisone can really decrease your bone mass.
1348086 tn?1370786785 They sent her home with nitroglycerin for pain. It had been okay up until about 3 weeks ago when we had to go to the hospital. They sent her home last week and it has been going down ever since. We've decided not to send her to dialysis today because she is doing bad and her blood pressure is 88 over 50. I just need some advice on how to control my excessive anxiety and depression. I am on Cymbalta and Xanax when needed (and has been needed a lot lately).
1209084 tn?1267371006 The surgeon was unable to place stents or relieve either blockage at that time, and they sent me home with three new prescriptions for Metoprolol, Amlodipine, and Niacin. My question is, how common is it for an angioplasty to simply be impossible to accomplish? And can the medication changes I've received clear these blockages and eliminate the need to have an angioplasty at all (with the prerequisite lifestyle changes, which I have started to do)?
Avatar n tn Hi there was wondering if anyone can help does taking nitro-glycerine spray sublingually for angina increase your risk of developing a brian aneurysm as i am worried by the headaches i get when i take it and because it dilates the blood vessels in the brain i am worried it could lead to aneuryms forming as their is a slight family history of them,can anyone tell me the risk from using the spray.
Avatar f tn Last week we had to take him to the emergency room due to the problem. Blood work indicated Myco. Plas Pneumonia, and elevated liver enzymes. We have him scheduled to see a Dr. next week and Roeder in two weeks, but we are very frustrated about the quality of his life. His pain seems to flare up from anything to no activity to physical work. He is 20 years old and healthy except for this and it is dragging both him and the family down emotionally.
424549 tn?1308519102 A cardiac arrest while we were present. It does more often happen before you're there. We were there, initially it was chestpain that had made the woman call the emergency number. With nitroglycerin and other assessments we got the EKG sent back to the hospital and thanks to a rapid response from the emergency physician, he did also get there before transport. Based on EKG and initiated treatment it was determined that we were to bring her in to surgery.
Avatar f tn Before the nitroglycerin my heart rate got to 115 no lower than 93 . With nitroglycerin it got to 152 with bp 109/60. How does vasovagal syncope explain everything else. Everything I've read about POTS symptoms sounds dead on for me. I've been struggling for so long and just want to feel better. I have a second opinion but they can't get me in until July. Does this seem like POTS or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Avatar f tn Maybe most of my anger results from patient mistreatment in the hospital in 2010 when I had atrial fibrillation and other diseases at the same time. In May this year I was also mistreated, for which I am angry. Bercause I have seen how they work in the hospital, I can conclude that if I were very seriously ill, almost dying, I cannot get help or I may receive wrong medicine. The public health care is in so poor condition. I must go to myself and try to treat my diseases as I can.
Avatar n tn Since the chest pain has been reduced so much with the nitro, and the only side effect has been a lowering of my blood pressure that has not bothered me, why not just keep using the medicine and forego further tests unless more symptoms occur? 4. How does elevated homocysteine levels fit into the risk assessment? Are they more/less important than cholesteral ratios (I have read both viewpoints depending on which camp is talking)?
Avatar m tn I think my immediate concerns are, what would be the consequences of my return to work? How much risk, i'm not afraid of work but I don't want to die there just to satisfy those greedy people. They say there is no arbortration process, can they do that? They say that if a person can perform 60 % of they're duties, that they are not disabled. I say thats fine for a stock boy but what about an airline pilot?
598766 tn?1316995146 Also at my worst I have been physically sick but this hasn't happened (the being sick)for years I think it as something to do with me having learnt over time how far I can push myself before I end up in bed for up to 2 wks as I have in the past, although I still end up ill in bed more often than I'd like, it doesn't last as long as it would have when I used to push myself too far. Does anyone else have these symptoms or anything like them wether diagnosed or not?
941046 tn?1250642429 How long should I give the Ativan a chance before I call the doctor back? Other then being less nauseous, I don't notice any change.
Avatar m tn It's 1cm deep now, not sure how long it will take to heal but there was no fistula it just came from within the cheek. The word pilonidal cyst is used a lot and I don't think that is what this is... perianal cyst? I'm not sure. It's been drained twice so you'd hope there was nothing left in the cheek and it'll heal up forever. Does anyone have an advice for me? Diet, cleansing tips, packing? I'm currently on the sorbisan ribbon as it's small but has anyone tried aquaform?
Avatar f tn I appreciate you answering me. I had to go back to work today because I have been off so long and my job is not being very understandable and I can't afford to not work since I am a single mom with 2 kids. I have been miserable today. I have tried every kind of pillow and cushion and nothing helps.
Avatar f tn Chest pain from level 1 to 10 1 being minor 10 feeling like a heart attack 1 is frequent nearly every day, tolerable No problem to deal with, annoyance, can apply pressure Anything over 4-5 escalates and peaks Sometimes quickly, if quickly pain normally is not higher than an 6-7 This is more common Dissapates 'usually' quickly and is over with for the day On occasion Im not aware of pain until it starts at a 5 or above Pain slowly escalates and peaks from 7-10 Pain disapates but s
967168 tn?1477588089 I thouth I found a great cardiologist who understood Dysautonomia and even referred me to Vanderbilt so I can have more testing since it wasn't his expertise. Boy was I wrong, when push came to shove and I gave him my RFC form and restrictions/limitations about everything I'm going through his response was - I can't sign this - there is no reason with these conditions why you shouldn't be able to work or be medically "disabled" How do I get a doctor to understand?
1006065 tn?1251482269 Is it common for a person's blood pressure to elevate such as mine after discontinuing Fentanyl and, if so, how long do these symptoms usually last until the blood pressure issue resolves itself? Is it too soon to expect relief or am I an unusual case and perhaps something is wrong? Will it resolve itself without assistance and, if not, what might that assistance be? I feel that I should be much better at this point in time and so does my doctor.
Avatar n tn Hello Kathy, I am sorry to hear about your recent bout with chest pain. 1. Can you explain more about the use of nitro patch for other causes? Nitro can help some forms of esophageal spasm. Nitro also helps many forms of cardiac chest pain -- believe it or not, all chests pains are not created equally. The stents you have were placed to treat blockages in major epicardial vessels.
725248 tn?1316165845 I kinda laughed because most laxatives don't work for me either except for large doses.....But I can say this one does at least so far.. hope you find some relief!!! Please be very careful when on narc's you could get impacted than that would require a fast trip to the ER.
140029 tn?1393301742 Years later i've gone through the whole IBS theory, can't work at all due to nausea so I begged the doctor to test me with an ERCP thinking maybe this is bile duct related. He refused because my pancrease and liver enzymes were normal and felt the risk was too high but he let me do a MRCP last week. Which came back normal. My question is: Since they've done a MRCP, I know that doesn't rule out SOD at all..
Avatar f tn yes u r eating a few things u should avoid with, chocolates,wine...and any citrus juices. How long since u quit smoking?...and congratulations on quiting...good for u!! How long prior to sleeping did u eat or drink something? Also some meds can cause these issues.....chew gum (not Mint) and the excess saliva can help. Ask ur pharmacist about ne interaction btwnmeds u r taking and if ne have this as a side effect.
Avatar n tn Hey how are you i read your problem and i had the same thing happen to me accepted i worked at lowes full time and had to quit working plez read what i wrote and look it up on what i had its a very serious matter! my name is Brandon and i did have wolff parkinson white syndrome im only 22 and had the surgery in 2004 and the reason i knew i had it are listed here. all kinds of chest pains sharp, heavy, painful and all over my chest area.
Avatar f tn Again, it was like I hadn't taken anything at effect! How can this be?? If benzos don't work anymore, my life will be severely limited:( Has anyone else ever had this happen? How can the effect change so drastically...sometimes a 1 mg kpin has made me so sleepy, It practically knocked me out..Any ideas?? I appreciate any thoughts you good people may have. thanks!
Avatar n tn How high and for how long do cholesterol levels have to be elevated to do any artery damage? My husband is a 39 year old white male. His total cholesterol level for the past 12 years or so has been 240 or greater. His last cholesterol level test was in January of 2000 and fasting total was 307, HDL was 50, LDL was almost 200 and triglycerides were 291. There have been times when his cholesterol could not be calculated because of triglyceride levels being in excess of 400.
Avatar n tn After getting used to it (which took a while, I'm not sure how long, but maybe a month or even two) I have had no problems EXCEPT when I was sent 100mg tabs and told to split them and take them 50mg twice a day. When I did that I had general sleepiness and dizziness when laying down or getting up. I solved that problem by not splitting the tablet and taking 100mg at bedtime.