How long does it take for aciphex to work

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Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the GERD forum. I know how difficult it is to step down from PPI's as I was on them for years as well....but I was able to do it and agree many of us are on meds we do not need.....and with the onset of now knowing how it affects acids we need and prevents us to absorb minerals and vitamins we need.... Know you will have some rebound regardless of how slowly you step down....keep to a modified diet to help with the rebound symptoms....I had reflux from water...
410850 tn?1229182311 It kind of hits you all at once and the meds to help it take about 2 weeks to work at least. Make a list to ask your dr. I made one for someone the other day...if you don't find it, I will. But there are some questions you need to ask. If he doesn't know, then you may have to get a Hepatologist, if you don't have one already. Good luck...look for that thread on Questions to ask Dr's a few days ago.
Avatar n tn I took my first does 10 mins ago and although it say's to start taking them first thing in the morning, I just had to try it now, how long do they take to work? Does anyone else suffer the likes of dull pain sometimes in arms and legs? I take it these are associated with the so called 'acid reflux'? Many thanks in advance for your help.
Avatar n tn Nexium is helping, not 100% but my condition is much better - at least I'm sleeping through the night now. Any suggetions on how I should proceed to switch over to DCL. How long do you take DCL before you see improvement? Or, can I take both, DCL and Nexium and then try stopping the Nexium?
Avatar n tn I think a bigger issue for you is that you seem to me to clearly be a long-term sufferer of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease ("GERD"), which can be VERY dangerous, including leading to esophageal cancer ("EC"). EC has the second lowest cure rate among all gastroenterological cancers (behind only pancreatic cancer). I don't say this to scare you. I merely would like to strongly encourage you to get the endoscopy as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I hope I don't find out the hard way, because after last year's esophagectomy, there isn't much internal plumbing left for them to take out of me!! I have no idea how to quantify the long-term stomach cancer risk. I assume that long term PPI use is preferable to no treatment and enduring GERD over the long term. Unfortunately, I know what longterm GERD can lead too. The best course is to alter one's lifestyle and diet to control the GERD, if possible.
Avatar n tn I am in an extremely stressful work position, which I believe contributes to this. Also, I work out every day to help combat stress. Could it be something else and if it is gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome, does it ever heal?
Avatar n tn It is called Latero-Flora (800) 736-1991. I only took it for 3 weeks and only take it occasionally just because I want to. I have a hiatel hernia also all my life and I am so tired of sleeping at an agle and urping a very small meal all the time. I have heard about a new prosedure where they tie 2 pieces of stomach around the esophages. I am concered I will not be able of throw up or parachute jump etc. Any information or a site I could read about it would be appreciated.
1140722 tn?1266356279 EsophyX, a new incisionless procedure to prevent pain from acid reflux, is puts all these fears to rest. When performed by Dr. Elliot Goodman, an expert in gastric disorders and bariatric surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, NYC, GERD from a failed gastroesophageal (GE) valve can be reduced or stopped altogether. EsophyX is an incisionless procedure that recreates a functional GE valve.
Avatar n tn I've taken it in the past for stomach ailments and it works good, too. I don't take it everyday because I forget, but it can't hurt you, so...
Avatar m tn it can take a long time to recover..... I do know how frustrating it can be....try to put it out of your mind until you need to have the next ultra sound....
1704915 tn?1357604854 Should help a bit with bloating since constipation s/b reduced. Keep in mind that it will take a bit for your colon to adjust after surgery so may not be regular right off the bat but should level pretty quickly with proper diet. Remember sugar is glue in intestines/colon so the more you eat, the more constipation you have. So hard to give it up though, we all love our brownies!
Avatar n tn Okay. In a nutshell. I'm 36 Female. Good health for the most part. Mild mitral Valve Prolapse. Diagnosed with GERD and Hiatal Hernia. Here's problem....Immediately after I drift off to sleep something "overtakes" my body, almost like a gaseous, like carbon monoxide, feeling or more like what happens to your chest when you "almost get in a car accident"? As soon as I clear my throat or sit up it goes away.
Avatar m tn Nothing seems to cure this problem and I suspect it has to do with the fact that most of our food has been modified. Might ask your doctor for Dexilant. Seems to work best for me of all the antacids out there. Best of everything...
906759 tn?1275961220 So taking the pain med to see if it is really anxiety does not work. You are correct - just take the anxiety med and see how you feel in about 1 1/2 hours. I'm at the point now where just an Ibuprofen when I'm feeling anxious is helping enough to relax my muscles so that I can get a grip on the adrenalin rush. Remember, a big part of helping your anxiety to subside is to conciously relax your muscles.
Avatar n tn I did want to speak to the diarrhea, because there is a drug called Questran that people take for the bile reduction and diarrhea that seems to help. I can't take it because I am on the constipated side of the problem Good luck and please don't give up or I will have to. I have had no life since Dec 2000, but HAVE to work or there will be no health insurance in my house.
Avatar n tn I actually have never heard of gallbladder area retaining gas, I don't think it is gas since I've had it now for 11 days. I just want the doctors to do an ultra sound, maybe that will detect something. Thank you for your comments.
Avatar n tn I don't want to run to the ER everytime I experience a little pain but I can't seem to stop worrying about it. Would it be normal for chest pain from the heart to go on this long? About me, total colesterol is 199, HDL 46, LDL 88 & TRI's 280. Blood pressure is controlled and stable at 115-55. There is no history of early onset heart disease in my family as well.
Avatar n tn People have been very nice, and have made allowances for my being sick, and I now have a few days to rest. But I'm wondering how long it'll take to get back to normal. Next week I start physical therapy for my shoulder, and I'm on pain medication (2 mg. dilaudid 4 times a day), which really isn't much. My primary physician strontly suggested I get off the oxycodone (10 mg.) I was taking at night along with 30 mg. of temazepam to help me sleep.
Avatar n tn I am skeptical because I have always thought it was not a 'real' diagnosis. He gave me Align to take to see if it helps. I am writing in this forum to see what IBS really feels like, what the symptoms are and to hear from someone who has also been given the IBS diagnosis. My problems started about 4yrs ago with lower right quadrant pain approx in the area of the appendix.
Avatar n tn please e-mail me and deb too, so we can talk about this. go to columbus hospital friday for test. it does help to know other people feel these too and haven't died!!!!
Avatar n tn I also have to say that although I have only been taking it for 5 days, I find DGL to be very helpful. It tastes awful but I am hoping that it will work. I took it when I felt a stomach attack coming on and I avoided 2 attacks altogether and one of them was not as bad as usual. I have been off prilosec for 2 weeks now. I am hoping to stay off of it for good because my insurance no longer pays for it and I don't like the side effects. I wish everyone the best and God Bless.
Avatar n tn This helped for a while and then seemed to lose it's effectiveness. Maybe it will work better for you. Be careful with it though, it has addiction warnings. Seems like the normal course of diagnosis is treatment with meds for reflux, Upper GI scan, gallbladder ultrasound(Looking for gall stones), endoscopy and then I think a Hidascan would be in order. Have you had any of these test yet? You mention the "Fondue" surgery. What is that? I haven't heard of that.
Avatar f tn To Patricia for Jeannine: I have been taking Cisapride, a prepulsid, since my last onset of motility reflux a few weeks ago (20 mg twice a day). I have experienced dizziness from time to time as well but nothing significant. When you feel drowsey just lie back for a while and take a nap. I find if I ignore the drowsiness I feel dizzy. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi Carrie, That sux that it doesn't work for you. How long did you take it for, what other medication / suppliments where you taking?? I'm sure you've tried many things, one way I deal with PVC's when they get really bad is to do some breathing excersises, these really do help. Does Coenzyme Q10 Help PVC'z? 1 x Yes, fixed them completely. 1 x No, didn't work for me.
Avatar n tn Then I have to REALLY want it, or I can't even get my mouth open to shove it down. BTW I didn't take that Ensure (to gain weight) to gain weight, I do not need to gain weight! It seems like I do 'snack' most days, since I eat so little even at meals.
Avatar n tn how long does it take for the body to get used to this medication? ANYONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCED THIS AND IT HAS GONE AWAY I would welcome any and all comments.
Avatar n tn Hi, You may want to make sure that your GERD is very well controlled and also discus VCD with your doctor. GERD can cause coughing especially when liing down. VCD can cause trouble any time and a common trigger is laughing. There are many life style changes that help with GERD. I also found that pro-biotics are essential to my control. Digestive enzymes are helpful as well. God bless.
1704915 tn?1357604854 ) Barium enema xray = because my colon is so long and loopy they had to fill me up with 3 bags of barium instead of 1 and had to flip me upside down for quite a long time to even get the test going. The results showed the same thing as the colonoscopy. Longest 2 hours of my life. Worse procedure EVER! At this point the GI dr told me there was really nothing they could do for me but continue running more tests to eliminate other things.
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