How is ammonia gas produced

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Avatar f tn The radiation that comes from the sun is electromagnetic energy. Gas is not radiation but just airborne molecules. Electromagnetic energy is different from Matter so have different properties. Most people know this. This idea has been brought up again and again despite all the evidence in this universe is against it so I’m curious whether you’re trolling or not? If you’re honest about not understanding the difference, then I can continue to discuss.
Avatar m tn Also, im sure getting better depends on how bad our body is, of course. Hopeful1234 probably is not affected as bad as others.
Avatar f tn Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood 9dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops 10dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops 11dpt...
Avatar m tn Another idea is trying to figure out the gas that is being produced. If anyone had access to a gas lab would help, but also there are meters out there that measure all kinds of noxious/toxic gasses in the environment and I came across one called Tiger-something, that tests for a list of organic and other gasses in the environment. It costs an arm and a leg, but I saw it could be rented, so I am very seriously thinking about. :) I'll post a link later on.
29837 tn?1414538248 Elevated ammonia levels in the setting of cirrhosis are the result of the reduced capacity of the liver to convert the ammonia produced by the intestinal bacteria from protein remnants in the food to urea, which is non toxic to our metabolism and can be excreted effciently in the kidneys.
Avatar m tn But this is simply a consequence of violations in the system of detoxification of the body. Not gas is the cause of PATM, its concentration is increased compared to healthy people, but too insignificant to cause allergies. However, this explains the smell of gas, chemicals and feces in some people with PATM. For the metabolism of scatol (smell of feces), toluene and benzene, the enzyme CYP2E1 is responsible. It's my opinion.
Avatar m tn This is a place where being acidic is good. When the large intestine has a high level of acidity, the ammonia produced by intestinal bacteria remains in an ionized form. In this form, it is easily dissipated from the body, without entering into general circulation through the blood, and burdening the kidneys, liver and brain. This is the approach we take guys. This is what's wrong with us. This is why we sweat profusely. This is why we smell of ammonia or fish or whatever it is!
Avatar f tn , Argon) may reach 33% of the air/gas mixture that is inhaled, reducing the pO2 to approximately 75% of normal before appreciable symptoms develop [3]. Initial symptoms present as rapid respiration and air hunger, followed by impaired muscular coordination and nausea. Finally, I wonder if anyone has had their CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) ever collected and tested. I know it is so hard to have done plus not mention painful.
186166 tn?1385262982 They report a wide array of symptoms, some of them are very severe. I think it is also significant that many of them appear to have been reading a lot about HIV since the incident which caused them to worry. Since these people are HIV negative, it seems logical to see a connection between their anxiety and their learning about HIV symptoms. Some of these correspondents report this connection after reflecting on it.
Avatar m tn 2,8 Examples of agents reported to cause RADS include chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, anhydrous ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, fumigating fog, heated acids, and smoke by inhalation. In 1984, a toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate gas released from a chemical plant in Bhopal, India, killed thousands of people, and caused thousands more to develop persistent respiratory disease, some with reversible airway obstruction.
189586 tn?1297257661 bugz 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a chemical by-product of the protein building block L-tryptophan. It is also produced commercially from the seeds of an African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). Don’t use 5-HTP until more is known. 5-HTP might be UNSAFE. Some people who have taken it have come down with eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS), a serious condition involving extreme muscle tenderness (myalgia) and blood abnormalities (eosinophilia).
Avatar f tn Maybe this is why ppl have different reactions on their own bodies since everyone is different , but the standard in this is how we effect otheres. I had a thick coated tongue but its pretty much normal now. Maybe my diet or from all the stuff ive been taking? Ive stopped buying all the stuff i was b4, and am now only taking those 3 things that Hopeful mentioned. So, SOMETHN is working.
Avatar m tn when a patient is sedentary, the bladder continuously pumps urine into the blood vessel under certain driving conditions. Urine in the blood push, first arrived at the bladder that nearest the pudendal vessels, and the genitals near the presence of a large number of sweat glands. These sweat glands excrete blood from the urine and are expelled from the body. The urine is evaporated because of moisture, so the concentration is high and the bacteria produce a strong odor of urine.
Avatar m tn Notice how your throat closes off at the beginning of the letter G. That is how you close off your throat when you are filling your nostrils. After you have filled both of your nostrils, pinch them shut. Set down the squeeze bottle. Then, very slowly bend forward, at the waist, until you can look between your legs at the crotch.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Hope you get relief tonight. Most of us have been in your present state and know how important it is. Besides, you need to eat Superbowl treats tomorrow, right?
Avatar m tn so scotthunter tell us, how did you proved your theory ? what is your export? can you count by hand how many doctors can find it real?
Avatar m tn in fact the patm symptoms seems to reduce if we don't care because we seem to emit some kind of gas or metabolites (maybe ammonia is released by these worms your doctor found) that makes people have these reactions and it gets stronger if we are stressed.
Avatar n tn If any fungi comes in our body, we will have power to fight and it fix it automatically. That is how our body is designed. We are not eating what ever food designed for us. There is no studies proves that Tiger or elephant got sugar or heart attack. Because they eat only the food designed for them. Not like us. I still believe to begin with we started eating all kind of unwanted food for tong (these tasty food is only for our tong not for our body) which cause all kind of these problems.
192055 tn?1263559137 I've also read that if your a smoker, and you have constant phelgm for about year + after you quit. Basically from all i've tried and come to find, is that its never ending. A little relief is brought from Mucinex, but it REALLY dries me out to the point where I feel a constant bloody nose is about to come!! I've been tested for throat cancer twice now, and nothing has come up. So i'm personally just trying to ignore the phlegm.
1388445 tn?1289270988 The whole mankind , the Creator of man and woman , Is a much better resource for information about any matter . No matter how developed medical science is, there is so many information yet to be discovered . And some of resently proven facts are 1400 years ago mentioned in God's book for mankind ( Quran) or islamic holy book. I encourage you to search for scientific miracles in Quran and Sunnah. You will find some intersting information. Hope that you found my answer useful and clear .
233616 tn?1312790796 we are referencing insulin and how it's regulated which is the same in both sexes.
Avatar n tn Now all i think we need is for a doctor or somone to tell us what it is and how we stop or get rid of it because it is very annoying when it comes down to it! I'm lucky because it dosnt affect the people that are around me all the time as much as the general public and thats the main thing for me! Somone has to know what this is and how the hell its hapening!?
Avatar n tn How is his eating habits and fluid intake? How he feels is normal for the disease as I have end stage cirrosis and hep, C time shiftsand it will vary day to night for rest or sleep.A person has may sleep in day almost like we moved to the other side of the world. I sometimes go to sleep at night and next week ,I go outside and forget what i'm doing .neighbors think I'm nuts(: .Your moods change and interest in things fall off but try to keep him active as possible.
Avatar f tn trying is going ok. I feel like everytime it's the best time to try me and my husband get into stupid arguments over little things and stress out maybe that's why i can't get pregnant. I don't know but now i feel terrible; i just found out that his cuz's wife is having a boy and she got pregnant 3 days after their wedding. I'm so down now i just want to go home and cry.
661200 tn?1225486613 She does have polydypsia but that isn't new. My great dilemma is how do I know she Is not suffering? How will I know when to call the vet to put her to sleep? I want her here but I don't want to prolong her stress. I am spending all my time with her since February and rarely leave the house. She has been beside me at the worst times of my life and so the least I can do is be with her so I don't want her to suffer.
1647691 tn?1363727302 WOW... I have no word.... It is so confusing..... you get positive and then that was false positive.... I am so sorry. It is beyond me to understand it...I wish you God to be with you at this very difficult time. I am very worry about my 2nd try... my appointment to see my Dr is Sat. but they called me to move it to Monday because here in LA freeway is going to close for the weekends. I can wait to see my Dr and asked him why my ivf didn't work??? Good luck to all of you....
Avatar n tn Hi, Do you mean to say that there is no possibility of smoke after smell in the AC or blowers in the car and at home? There is a possibility that the smoke is already present there. Then there is perhaps the need to get the AC cleaned out in both of these places.
Avatar n tn It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don't know about. The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
1417531 tn?1365601325 Hopeful- Where are you? We miss you! How is the thyroid doing? babyhope40527 -How is the bcp going? I've been on mine for 2wks today. 1 more week.... then hopefully an AF! Girls, this is far from my first time at this, and boy, I am getting nervous! It's starting to kick in!!!! Question- what kind of progesterone is everyone on? If you are on the progesterone in oil, who is going to administer the shots? I am really freaking out about this dang shots! ugh!
181575 tn?1250202386 New studies warrant individualization of previous recommendation for therapy of hepatitis C because one can now early evaluate how successful and long the therapy shall be. When viral load is low and HCV-RNA becomes negative after 4 weeks, therapy may be shortened to 24 weeks. Without such rapid response HCV-RNA needs to be checked after 12 and 24 weeks: when HCV-RNA becomes negative only after 24 weeks, a prolongation of therapy might be advisable.