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Avatar f tn when men get older they make less testosterone and in our industrial world men loose it quicker progesterone is the building blocks for testosterone so if he does not have the building material how would he build the finished item. its safe and very good for yourself aswell, it has so many benefits for women its mad they dont prescribe it from doctors. well its not mad its economics they cant make any money from it as its not a drug. take a look at this website
Avatar m tn The side effects from the metoprolol have gotten a little better, though as I type this my heart rate is 52 bpm. Does any one have any comments on the pros and cons of carvedilol versus metoprolol? I'm not sure I want to switch if the side effects will be the same. Does anyone have experience with metoprolol? How long do the side effects last?
Avatar n tn I was wondering how long after ceasing to take Synthroid does it leave your system. I had been taking 150's up until 3 weeks ago. When I originally started taking Synthroid I had a TSH of over 6.0. My doctor started me on 50's then 100's then 150's increasing over several months. I decided to go to an Endocrinologist after not feeling any better. He took me off Synthroid because he wanted to get blood tests done again to see where my TSH and T4 levels stood without Synthroid.
792040 tn?1237586038 A pacemaker really is a safety net as when the heart does not beat when it should, the pacemaker will work. I know many people young and old with a pacemaker and they get along just fine. There is no difference in activity level before and after pacemaker. Try not to worry. Just be aware of symptoms that require doctors attention.
Avatar m tn 1) You are not at maximum level of Carvedilol (50mg/day) Does your dr. think that you can go up? The only limit are your blood pressure and heart rate. 2) Have your heart been evaluated for a de-sincrony? Is your QRS interval longer than 120ms? In those cases a Bi-Ventricular Defibrillator can improve it. But I do not know the limitations to drive with it in your country.
Avatar m tn Or its not A-Fib when my heart feels real jumpy but it is not a good state to be in either. My cardiologist seems very good but how does one really know as I may have symptoms of something that he hasn't experienced?
Avatar f tn Do I have more risk of it turning into an arrhythmia that my heart won't get out of? How can I tell if I am having a pvc or a pac? My holter showed 13 pac's and 2 pvc's but I always feel the pause and then a hard thump. Why do they happen more when I run up the stairs or bend over too quickly or am carrying a heavy load? Worried sick.
Avatar m tn I think I've gotten heat exhaustion twice now, missed 2 days of work. This is not my career, only a 1 month learning experience and I'm considering going to half days, early mornings only. Can this be dangerous or as long as I stay hydrated, I guess I wasn't doing well enough there, or is the heat itself dangerous regardless of whether I'm hydrated. Do I need to quit altogether?
Avatar f tn But, they said I will be going to MAYO as they don't have the facilities to test for dysautomia, but MAYO does. SO, I'm scheduled to go there in October. Sometimes, I just don't know if I can make it until then. I haven't seen a Neurologist yet or had an EEG. I'm scheduled to be back in Cleveland on August 22nd to see a Neurologist and do some testing. The thing is they want to wean me off the meds again and I have to be off them for at least 48 hours before they do the tests.
Avatar n tn - How sever is the problem, can it lead to sudden cardiac arrest? - Can his EF be improved through medicines or he needs a surgery? - What precautions should we take to reduce the risk and the improve the EF? - What dietery plan should we follow? - Does low EF mean theres danger to his life? - Can he work normally, if his EF is improved in future? - What is more dangerous low EF or valve leakage? - Any other recommendations you would suggest in general.
907968 tn?1292625804 Reading the posts here on this forum my guess is the Carvedilol (coreg), It's not from exorcising or diet although my diet does include much more fruits and (farmed) salmon. Carvedilol has the strongest case for the increase but if it is only from that then Coreg truly is the miracle drug it's said to be! Oh, and your "husband"? bummer, you were the only one to laugh at my chocolate jokes. oops, or was it Ireneo?
Avatar m tn Spinal chord narrowing or nerve compression with this does not always cause pain but what it does is stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, despite you not even knowing. Further down the spine the adrenal sympathetic nerve can also be activated. So if you haven't had an mri on your spine but you have tried everything else, it took me 20 years to work this out. I get bradycardia on meds cos when I lay in foetal position I get normal bp.
Avatar n tn one of my uncle is telling that he has a heart attack and now his Echo test is not increasing from 30-40 what does that mean?is it a bad systoms and how to improve.
Avatar f tn is aware of your environment and that your issues started, if I understood correctly, when you started in that environment. What does he things about it? Does he see any relation? Erijon is right, PVCs will not kill you although, of course, something is going on in your heart., I think that you should be more concern by the length of the Vtachs. Jesus.
1251660 tn?1269046064 Hi, How are you? Beta-blockers such as such as carvedilol ( coreg) are particularly useful for patients with heart disease. Initially, 3.125 mg may be given twice a day and can be increased to 12.5 mg twice a day. But if your doctor wants you to take 80 mg a day as your maintenance, you need to discuss his reasons for this. It is good that he has declared you well enough that you no longer have heart failure.
Avatar f tn His appointment this week is to see about an internal defibrillator. He does not want one. He feels great. His work benefits are up and he drives for a city employer. Geez, I can't seem to get this all to make sense. If his heart rhythms are controlled does the defibrillator help ? It doesn't do anything for his EF? I guess I'm just looking to find out what his options are. I sure wish I would have found this site months ago. Does the defib help him live longer ?
Avatar f tn I'm 63 years of age, and have never had asthma before so I don't understand how it presents. I've never had an asthma attack, I don't have shortness of breath. My main problem with it is that I have a lot of mucus in my lungs...A LOT, constantly, like 24/7. Usually, it looks like raw egg white. Sometimes, it has some yellow color to it. It does not MAKE me cough, but I feel so full of stuff that I can't help trying to get rid of it. It NEVER goes away, no matter how much I cough.
Avatar m tn I'm 41 and always very helthy. Had an SVT eposode for the first time. All blood work was very good. I then had an eco and stress test where I have mild global hypokinesis and an EF of 40%. I'm going to see a cardiogist in 2 weeks but never had these issues as always was very healthy in the past. I really do not have issues running 1 mile 3 times per week and play active tennis. I did not know if someone had the similer issues or how serious this will be.
Avatar m tn Same with your albumin. You said that you work out a lot and that can cause both of those to be elevated (not to say that is the cause, but a possibility. Most types of AGN are not something to worry about, but because your BP is elevated, it needs further investigating and I wouldnt mess around. Are you dropping a lot of protein are casts in your urine? I would do some serious research online and gather some questions. Get a second opinion and Do not stop taking your BP meds!
Avatar f tn Well, first of all weight loss would be a great help to all of the issues he has as well as a low salt diet. There is also a drug called carvedilol (Coreg) that actually restructures the heart, it doesnt work for everyone but in my case a many others our hearts have returned to normal after having taken the meds for awhile. So have him talk to the Dr.s about that and see what they say. He should also be eligable for cardio rehab, which would be a good place to start for the exercise he needs.
Avatar m tn My interraction on this forum reveled that the dilation of LV is serious issue and until it starts remodelling by drugs longivity of patient with above conditions can be in doubt. Does someone has experience with these conditions or related information which can be shared on this forum. Can LV remodel itself with beta blockers and ACE-I? I have seen remarks/suggestions from reputed cardilogists and patients who share their experiences and all this is very useful for patients like me.
648910 tn?1290666683 I thought it would be a bust. I couldn't understand how an antihistamine could help with central related vertigo. Maybe it will keep me from you think.
262802 tn?1303948476 Can you ask the nurse to mention your concerns to the doctor. How does he/she explain the pitting? I'm still wondering if you are on the best medicine regime??? That's something to discuss with the doctor when you followup with the office. If you cannot get answers and continue to be concerned, you could try visiting an Urgent Care to see what they think.
5342561 tn?1366668482 He felt the forceful beats I was getting was the sudden change in my heart rate that I was feeling. He prescribed a low dose (3.125mg) of Carvedilol twice a day to slow my heart down and to also steady the beat. I have to say that I felt immediate relief the first night I took it. I actually slept the whole night with out any crazy heart beats! I am on day 5 of being on this medication and so far the only side effect I am getting is a little fatigue.
Avatar n tn Good Luck What is below is a reply I put in to a discussion on side effects to ED drugs, so I’m now putting So if he drugs don’t work or work well but with bad side effects, then go the herbal way, and it works, but you need to go the whole way with them and give them a good try, just like drugs its a mix and match affair to find the right mix.
Avatar m tn What could be the prognosis for this My son is 4 years and is very active and does all his work and plays. Last echo revealed a EF of 20-29% and LV RF of 11-14%.
Avatar n tn I went to go and fill my 'coreg' prescription yesterday at my new pharmacy and they said - coreg - will not be sold any longer .. Something to do with a 'patent'.. Does anyone know about this? I can't find anything. The pharmacist said he would call my doctors office.. I take coreg for heart failure - I thought toprol was a substitute drug if a patient couldn't take coreg. I don't know.. I'm waiting to hear from my CHF doctors office.
Avatar f tn My question is, since I am doing all I can ( meds and ICD) and still have bouts when I have to be hospitallized, does this mean that I will only go down here from here? I have no energy and doing the small chores around the house become big chores. I have read all I can about this disease, but I still dont know the likely outcome. I ask my Dr. and he tells me every patient is different. To me, that is not an answer.
Avatar f tn starting with Toprol XL and if this does not work, Carvedilol 6.25 . Has anyone been on either of these meds and what do you think? I do not have high blood pressure, just pvc'c which I had under control with the Propanolol (Inderal) for several years. don't know if the stress kicked them up? any feed back on the med's would be very helpful.
Avatar m tn Here is what drugs.