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Avatar n tn How to apply for free Chantix, as I am poor, retired nurse,and have MENIERES' disease, and NEED to get off cigarettes. CHANTIX worked, I was off cigarettes, for one year, and BAD menieres' episode scared the CRAP out of me, and I went back. Please help.
Avatar f tn Those triggers can really get you huh! I was smoke free for 11wks when I got one of my headaches that require me to take Fiorinal tablets. They have a lot of caffeine plus a barbituate and that stuff really makes me want to chain smoke so that was MY trigger. I've decided to handle my headaches with just plain asperin for now so that doesn't happen again. I'm not a drinker, thank God, because I'm not sure I could even quit smoking if I was.
Avatar f tn I will tell myself if i clean the kitchen then i can have a smoke, or if i got to get up and make dinner then i can reward myself with a smoke. my DR, is putting me on chantix does it work or am i waisting my money?
984138 tn?1359816673 Hi Erin, I quit with chantix after smoking for 40 years and I think it worked well because, in the end, I really wanted to quit even though I didn't know just how much I wanted it when I began taking it : ) You should research it though as it can be harmful to younger people. As for taking his prescription, the first week is a half dosage so you might really need to get your own. It is expensive, but depending on how much you are paying for your smokes, it will be worth it in no time.
Avatar f tn now did any show up? I just hope that I can soon get off the smokes for good.....should I keep taking the chantix and the craving will eventually leave?
295219 tn?1196896287 hubby however has not quit yet .I so want him to try that so let me know how it works for ya . I would let it get in your system a bit before ya start cutting back.
385161 tn?1270084818 ) I had smoked for about 38 years so perhaps that is why I stuffed my face? I got a treadmill for Christmas and I use it daily. I am almost down to my pre-quit weight so it didn't take long. Good luck to you! Kathy Jo 3m 4d 15:23 smoke-free, 2,122 cigs not smoked, $509.
444932 tn?1273984397 All I know is that it worked for me and I am very grateful! I smoked for nearly 40 years and I thought I would die smoking. You might want to learn some more about your addiction by reading some of the articles at under the "Education" column. Physical addiction leaves after 72 hours so it's the emotional addiction that is the real problem. The smoke with the morning cup of coffee/tea, after meals, while talking on the phone, with drinks...when depressed, anxious.....
Avatar f tn I am glad I clicked this am I have had the Rx in my car for Chantix for about two weeks For some reason I just didn't fill it. Gosh, I wish these docs would check these things out. Well anyone have a success story on how to drop the habit without Chantix?
Avatar f tn I think I should consider myself one of the lucky ones as all I hear on this board is how bad chantix was for them! Outside of this board, I knew a dozen or so people who took it, and none of them had anything more serious then gas and bad dreams! I hope you start feeling better real soon and I hope that you have quit. Keep us posted!
195469 tn?1388326488 I do wake up about every hour but so far I can get back to sleep.... I smoked for 45 years and I am down to 5 to 6 cigs aday from a pack a day..... I do hope this works and my quit date is Nov. 27th.. Good luck to you I am sure it will work for you..
Avatar m tn I quit smoking using Chantix as well. I am only 1 month non-smoking. I only took Chantix for 9 days as on the 9th day I found out i was pregnant. So I was non smoking and pregnant, to only two weeks later miscarry. I am not too sure if its from the hormones, or from the symptoms of not smoking, but i was extremely irritable, it was almost to the point that everything i that came out of my mouth was snappy. I developed insomnia right from the get go from Chantix.
Avatar n tn and that sounded like it would drive me insane. I don't know the other drug... I did get the patch for when I finally case the nicotine withdrawal was to much but I'm getting the irritability and the headaches, have been for a few days... so maybe I won't need it... I'm NOT saying try this, but it seems to be working for me.
Avatar m tn just long have you been taking Chantix, and can you stop taking Chantix without the need to have either a cigarette or a Chantix 'fix'??
Avatar n tn Anyway , when i was on the end of the second week of the chantix i noticed i was losing weight which i don't need, and was always nauseated..i read up on it and the number one side effect was nausea.. with that i quit the chantix..But i know it works because i didn't not want a cigerette while on it. One more thing i wanted to say that i posted months ago..I was in the grocery store and meant up with the pharmacist in our small town..(knows everyones busy, but a truly a nice women)...
Avatar f tn At this time I am on methadone wanting to become free of that. I have taken it for 7 years. I had been totally clean for 4 years then a doctor cut a nerve in my leg leaving me with a lot a pain from how I walk causing back pain. I understand denial, blame, shame, fear, guilt without saying I have been to many treatment programs. The difference is I am productive have been the 11 years, I am not using to get high but feel guilty for using help with pain.
Avatar n tn I still take a few chantix a week as directed by my doc and just hope and pray that soon I will really be free from any cravings.
Avatar f tn The gym is appealing and I was kickboxing for a while and felt great while doing that. I moved so I cancelled my membership. I could get back into something like that I suppose. NA/AA meetings have also been on my mind I guess I am just worried about taking that first step. I guess I thought that I had all of this licked until I started picking apart my depression and mood swings, also my lack of social interaction.
1000946 tn?1253811447 Don't want to even guess how many cigarettes I smoke a day. I tried Chantix twice. Personally, I would not give that stuff to a dog. Side effects were not good at all. Known of several other people who have tried the Chantix. They had bad side effects as well. Have tried the patches. I will do good for a day. But, the next day becomes unbearable. Can't handle the nicotine gum. I might add that I am also bipolar. So, I have to be very careful of what I take. Adverse reactions.
Avatar f tn Im hopeing i wont become a basket case for you to have to deal with but i am going to quit and i know i can do it.I just have to fight back as hard as i can at that urge to light up.
585414 tn?1288944902 I am concerned for other people's intentions. I was talking about blatant misinformation that has appeared here. Lithium Orotate as I mentioned is highly dangerous. People have posted information on obtaining that. The website which I will not name encouraged me to try Tyrosine and Taurine. It appears to be a reputable site about alternative mood stabilizers. Its information is dangerous. As for glycine, it worked in me as a primary antipsychotic.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry about your situation : ( Often times a "scare" is just the motivation we need to get things done. It's unfortunate that we let it get to that point. I know I was on an inhaler for 5+ years before I finally "got it." is a great source of help so make sure to read the articles there under "Education." There is an article for every crave!
Avatar f tn 3) now that it is springtime, try increasing your exercise; I am smoke free since march 13 - for me, it took a trip to ER thinking I was going to die before I finally said I QUIT. THAT WORKS GREAT! It took a panic attack to get me to quit! Whatever it is for you it does not matter but it sure feels good to be able to breath again! and to smell again; and ....everything is better!!! even sex!
Avatar f tn Think about posting there with me and share your feelings good, bad, everything no matter how silly it may sound. We can and will do this. I remember how much of a failure I felt like when I smoked that cigarette. I do not want to do that again. I think the key is remembering what we are going thru now, later, when it fades. Hugs....
768479 tn?1234910906 Luckily at that point I just switched to ordinary gum and that was fine for me, and I haven't had a cigarette since New Year's Eve. I chew a little more gum than I used to, but other than that my life is back on track, lol. I hope you can experience similar success.
1182186 tn?1264685480 Thanks so much for your help your right I know I should only do one thing at a time, but its hard cause I remember how it felt before when I quit for a little while and after a while I felt so good and had so much energy. But I just dont want to have to go through withdraws =( I know I cant have my cake and eat it too but DAMMIT I want to!!
495384 tn?1212180369 The Xanax is starting to work a little and I can sit here and type--and breathe! I am just so tired of this! I wish I had a different symptom of anxiety, like just tingling hands or an occasional racing heart--okay I don't want any of these either!--but when I feel like one of my most basic life fuctions is being threatened-respiration-I am sent into a full blown panic attack. It is sooo terrifying.