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Avatar m tn I would like to know the fact from Teak, Vance2335, mike_no, Alienshadow and Lizzie Lou beacuse they know the hiv science very well. In our country India the majority official websites didnt tell about the risk from the biting.
Avatar m tn I am not aware about his CD4 count or viral load. He stays in a small village in India and under treatment of the doctors of Government Hospital and takes medicines for HIV (subsidised by government) prescribed by them. Last month he was hospitalised due to severe fever and weakness and dignosed with Intestinal TB. He also has chronic piles. He has also lost cosiderable weight (50%).
Avatar m tn OK, just leave aside HIV/AIDS, at least do you have any qualms in accepting that my immunity has decreased considerably after this exposure? And just curious, what would have you done if you were in my shoes? My yeast is not clearing for 16 months. I really have no clue why my immunity should decrease so rapidly. Obviously, the finger points to HIV.
Avatar m tn hi guys i am tb patient after two months of sexual intercourse with the prostitute...may i know that tb is the cause of hiv after 2/3 months of exposure?
Avatar f tn t use condom suddenly it came in my mind and i am little worried there chances to get HIV positive?????please let me know....I am married now....but I have no problem .....I am absolutely fine health wise...
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I was thinking of a new hiv/aids prevention method. It starts with if you cover the externel urethrtal orifice, with some sort of lets say duct tape. Will it help prevent the spreading of HIV. I was wondering since it is the only way vaginal fluid, or any type of bodily fluid could enter via oral, anal sex. Thus being covered, there isn't a way for the virus to enter nor leave. Your answer will be greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you for your time.
Avatar m tn not married wat r the chances i get HIV/AIDS ....please help this guilt is killing me...the sex worker told me to use 2 Condoms...i far as i know none of the condoms got ruptured..but help me..WILL I GET HIV/AID when i came back i saw nail mark on my thighs...with little blood....will I get HIV/AID PLEASE HELP ME ....I AM SO TENSED...PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY REPLY I MADE A MISTAKE I AM SORRY FOR THAT............
Avatar m tn // You do not have an HIV concern but you are clearly in need of mental help so I suggest you find one to talk with about your irrational phobias.
Avatar m tn 3 and 4 generation ELISA test are very reliable.
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Avatar m tn On Saturday, I had protective anal sex with a girl who never had anal before. She was 100% clean. I did not use any lubrication (I did not know what the right one to use was. Before we had sex, she already had taken a shower (And, she had a break out on her privates from using the wrong soap that would not play a part, right?) As I said, she was on her stomach. I did not take one (but I was clean still from a wash up).
Avatar m tn are the hiv early ars same like the aids ars? or aids ars are milder? and does aids ars include nasal and nose congestion?
Avatar m tn Condoms Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In addition, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including diseases transmitted by genital secretions, and to a lesser degree, genital ulcer diseases. Condom use may reduce the risk for genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV-associated diseases, e.g.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about the AIDs epidemic in India?How are the government authorities taking this disease up here?Also would like to understand that what does it take to open an NGO to help support AIDs patient in India?Also how informed are members in this forum about the epidemic in Developing countries?I would like to be one of those who would actively go out and help in the rapid spread of safe sex edcuation in this country.Pls help and guide me dear members.
Avatar f tn I read on your forum dr Hunter had said in the 1990s they would diagnose people with AIDS even without a positive HIV test! I am panicking so much right now.