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Avatar f tn This won't directly be the herpes, but may herpes hasn't helped the presence of BV or yeast. How were you diagnosed, did have a swab of lesions?
Avatar n tn Herpes does not have a yellow discharge it sounds very like the type of symptoms associated with Gonorrea she needs to see a Doctor aain or go to an STD/GUM Clinic for further evaluation of this discharge ..... yellow/green discharge suggests infection of some sort going on....
Avatar f tn OK, so I have vaginal discharge that is stuck to the inside of the walls of my vagina. It doesn't come out but just clings there and I can scoop it out. I have been tested negative for all STIs including herpes, yeast, and Bacterial Infections. Nothing seems to be working. Is it possible to have some sort of candidas but still test negative for yeast? Is this a hormonal imbalance? Please help, this has been going on for almost a year!
Avatar f tn Ive been having thick white vaginal discharge for almost a year. It does not come out of my underwear but just clings to the walls of my vagina and I can scroop it out. I have been tested negative for all STDs including herpes,and negative for BV (and all other related infections) and yeast. I have had abbraisons appear on the exterior of my vagina and big red spots on my exterior that lasted for a month and then went away. What could this be?
Avatar n tn )The lesions were well away from the vagina, well out on one of her cheaks, another reason I believed her burn story. 3. How long does the vaginal discharge associated with herpes usually last, My wife has had it for about 10 days-2 weeks, as far as I can tell? 4. I read some stuff about menningitis and herpes. Is this really common? 5. If the primary breakout is small, does that denote future outbreaks will probably be mild as well?
Avatar n tn For starters the discomfort you noted the next day was almost certainly not herpes. It typically takes 4 or 5 days after sex for first episodes of herpes to appear. That you noted the lesion at five days however suggests it could be herpes, although if it was, I would have expected it to have gotten worse over the next few days and for you to notice some additional little blisters or other lesions.
Avatar f tn Now I am experiencing a dark brown discharge and vaginal itching. Is this normal for the end of an outbreak? I have no more open sores.
Avatar f tn is it normal to have a foul smelling discharge down there,when you have herpes...i shower everyday and it just stinks down there.
Avatar m tn An ultrasound via vaginal route or a uteroscope inserted via vaginal route to look at the condition of the cervix, uterus etc, a PAP smear, a vaginal swab test, a culture of the vaginal discharge, a complete STD panel are probably what are required. It could also be an allergic reaction to soaps, cosmetics, douches, razor etc that you use. Hence eliminate them one by one and see if it helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor/ gynecologist.
Avatar f tn Now on whs you I think is my second outbreak this time with some lesions and I have some white creamy discharge along with a wet vaginal discharge as well. Is thst typical of herpes?
Avatar f tn But I also couldn't find a ton on vaginal discharge from herpes so, if you guys have had experience with this or know better than I do, could you please help? It would be much appreciated. Also could you weigh in on the equivocal results? Also concerned with that but didn't want to make a whole new post. Thanks!
Avatar n tn In May 2008 I had unprotected sex and got a rash over my legs, and a thick white vaginal discharge. The rash went away after a few days, but they discharge remained. I tried yeast treatment over the next few months which didn't make a difference at all, plus antibiotics from the doctor to no avail. I have just been for a test and requested a full STD screening - I tested negative for HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Ghonorrhea, Syphilis, BV, Herpes, and I also tested negative for Yeast.
Avatar m tn Hep doesn't cause discharge, and herpes can, but doesn't usually. A bump with a hair is likely an inflamed hair follicle, and nothing at all to worry about. If you have to pull the meatus (opening) apart to see anything, its not discharge and its likely just natural lubrication. There are herpes antibody tests in every country. Since you are in London, your GP can do a type specific IgG blood test - you might have to do some persuading - but it is available.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry for the delay in response--was very ill for awhile I have often wondered whether some of these cases of vaginal discharge that don't respond to medications are actually caused by herpes 2. If that is the case, your symptoms might respond to an antiviral agent such as acyclovir. It would definitely be worth a try. It also sounds like you have yeast, and fairly significant amounts too.
308074 tn?1289690946 I just had a baby almost two months ago, and I have been having a weird vaginal discharge. I know that you have a lot of bleeding for about a week or two, and then it gradually goes to yellow, and then gone, but mine hasnt gone away, and now it is kind of dark brownish, and sometimes there is a lot. I am afraid it is a disease. There is once in awhile a little blood. Could it just be blood that was still inside from giving birth? It is really scary.
Avatar n tn I noticed that I have sour-tasting vaginal discharge. I noticed it one day while my boyfriend and I were having sex, I went down on him and I almost gagged because my discharge on him was so sour tasting ... it really took me by surprise. I never had this problem before, and my discharge never tasted sour before except for these last couple of months. There is no smell to it at all, the discharge is pearly white, not clumpy, and I have no redness/itching nor any other symptoms ...
Avatar f tn The swab has since come back negative for herpes. However, my vaginal burning has remained and is becoming more constant . I also have thin, milky white discharge. At the time of the swab test, I was also sent to Quest for Herpeselect testing. Those results are pending. I am at a loss for what may be going on with me. My vagina burns and is tender inside! There is no external redness.
Avatar f tn Will genital herpes in a woman cause a vaginal odor? Or could the odor be from something else?
Avatar n tn well it sounds like a yeast infection to me, herpes isnt going to lay dormant in your system for 4 years and then suddenly pop up (ok breath now) and herpes isnt going to produce vaginal discharge or a foul smell, and also will not be like "paper cuts" they will first be red bumps, very painful, then blister up and go away normally within 14 days, so yours doesnt sound like herpes (yah!
Avatar n tn I noticed a wound on my lower labia, it isn't painful or itchy and it does not bleed, and I also noticed that there are tiny cuts by my vaginal opening. I have accepted the fact that it could be herpes. But could it possibly be a sore from continuous, daily rough sex? He was pretty rough & I was pretty dry. I have sensitive skin (eczema) so I am just wondering, as it does not look like the pictures of herpes I am seeing online. I know not all signs are typical but still.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with HSV-2 I believe it is termed, and I also have HPV genital warts. Recently I have been noticing a brown discharge. I was just diagnosed with the herpes and was taking Valtrex which cleared up the a discharge and the lesions. The brown discharge is now back though and I am having some pains and sensitivity/redness in the vaginal area again, but no lesions yet. Could this all be a sign of the herpes returning?
Avatar n tn anyways i'm wondering if it sounds like it could be herpes...i have no vaginal discharge or any other symptoms just the cuts and the pain...i was tested for herpes before and it came back negative but i'm wondering if somehow it could have been a false negative. If it doesn't sound like herpes any other ideas of what it could be...i just noticed the cuts today but have had the other symptoms for like a week now...please help because i'm freaking out.
Avatar n tn Discharge all the time isn't due to herpes. with herpes you'd only get a discharge if you have an ob and usually it's more clear. Milky discharge is usually due to bacterial infections though it can also be from overgrowth of normal vaginal flora as well as from allergic reactions. I'm not sure when they last tested you for yeast and bv but if it' sbeen more than 2 weeks and the discharge is still there, return to your provider for retesting and further evaluation.
Avatar m tn I just don't understand what the discharge associated with herpes is supposed to be like. I didn'tr have discharge with my initial outbreak and I need help on this one too.