Glucose tolerance test results interpretation

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Avatar f tn If you fail the glucose test means you have gestational diabetes thats what the glucose test is for
Avatar m tn It is supposed to be higher in the morning to wake you and lower at night to put you to asleep. You only had one test, one day. You should have several sets of testing AND a stim test IMHO so you have a much better idea if this is a pattern or an anomaly. And yes - that pattern is consistent with Cushing's syndrome. You should see an endocrinologist - but they will not accept the lab results from Rocky most likely.
1469903 tn?1286650297 While patients with IFG do not have the diagnosis of diabetes, this condition carries with it its own risks and concerns, and is addressed elsewhere. The oral glucose tolerance test (A glucose tolerance test is the administration of glucose to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood and homeostasis is maintained.[1] The test is usually used to test for diabetes, insulin resistance, and sometimes reactive hypoglycemia.
718676 tn?1255199520 I have infertility and miscarriage issues, so after discussing my issues with a doctor I work for, he ran ordered some blood work and a transvaginal ultrasound to look for PCOS. I was pre-ovulatory by 1 week. FSH, LH, Fasting Glucose, Prolactin, Testosterone (am), Estradiol, DHEAS, and Fasting Insulin all came back completely normal. TSH came back as 7.38 and I am now on Synthroid 0.075 mg.
Avatar f tn I then had a 2 hour Glucose tolerance test Fasting Glucose 78MG/DL -my level GLUCOSE VALUE (MG/DL) INTERPRETATION FASTING 1 HR 2 HR TOLERANCE TOLERANCE NORMAL 0R=200* 1st Hour Glucose 114MG/DL - my level 2nd Hour Glucose 63MG/DL L -my level Now the last number has an L beside it which I assume means Low, it's listed under the category Flag. By the time I got home from this test, the place was only 20 mins from my house if that, I felt like I was going to pass out.
Avatar f tn That being said, have you had the 3 or 6 hour glucose tolerance test or an A1c test. Either one of these tests may be warranted to truly rule out a hidden blood sugar disorder. I hope you feel better soon. God bless you.
Avatar m tn I never heard back from the Dr after the results of the 1 unique CSF Band, the last we talked and the last note in my file was before the Lyme test (negative) and O-Band results came in. I noticed that the csf vs serum albumin ratio was high, do you know what this might mean? With the length of my symptoms and poly neuropathy should I request a repeat LP down the road? Is one band enough to warrant repeat LP's?
Avatar m tn Also, you should undergo a test for insulin resistance and glucose tolerance test (GTT) as often the regular blood tests for diabetes are unable to spot the disease. I also suggest you try physiotherapy, swimming, deep breathing exercise and yoga to reduce the stress of your pain and symptoms and to improve the blood circulation and nerve conduction. I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your journey towards better health. Hope you get well soon! Good Luck and take care!
Avatar n tn First of all, they ran blood sugar tests along with insulin and found out that my insulin was 3x over the normal range when stimulated through a 5 hr Glucose Tolerance test. The first test showed bs up to 185 and I might have diagnosed me with diabetes had it not been for the longer test. It went back down to 45 in 2.5 hrs. My Dr. Then told me that reactive HG was the diagnosis, but this in itself was only a symptom of something else out of balance. He felt that it was Cortisol related.
Avatar n tn urinary frequency, constipation -- I contacted doctor to have general blood test, hormone test, and glucose tolerance test done. Nothing out of line in results, according to doc. Was referred to neurologist, who did basic neuro exam and ordered MRI of brain because of bad odor hallucinations. MRI of brain was done without contrast.
181575 tn?1250202386 The incidence of HBeAg seroconversion at 24 weeks was 26.5% (9/34) in the combination group and 6.1% (2/33) in the monotherapy group (P = 0.024). However, there was no statistically significant difference between 26.5% (9/34) in the combination group and 12.1% (4/33) in the monotherapy group at 52 weeks (P = 0.138). The emergence of viral breakthrough gradually increased to 35.3% (12/34) in the combination group, and to 21.2% (7/33) in the monotherapy group at 52 weeks (P = 0.201). 5.
Avatar n tn In patients with documented dementia occasionally a PET scan (studies how the brain uses radioactive glucose) is helpful. This tests more of the function of the brain. Regarding the interpretation by the radiologist, it is typically performed minutes to hours after the scan is completed. I am not sure if you can speak to the radiologist, but you should be able to review the results with your neurologist. It seems that you are receiving a good evaluation.
Avatar m tn We are compiling a database and sending the results to Dr. Jill Smith of the Hershey medical center who did the phase 1 clinicals on LDN and Crohn's disease (2/3 in total remission in 3 weeks on LDN). She is interested in doing a pilot study of LDN on hep c patients. Dr. Berkson has been using a combination of LDN and IV alpha lipoic acid for his hep c patients for a long time with very good results. My doctor is not Dr. Berkson, but Dr.
Avatar f tn All those who are experiencing these chills will agree with me when I say it's not normal to feel this way but I feel helpless as the doctors all tell me the test results are fine and there's nothing to worry and they really don't know the reason behind the chills. I don't know if the mono is causing the chills but i'm still suffering!
Avatar f tn You should talk to your surgeon about getting the materials specification of what is in your body so you can be tested for it. I expect the results of the Melisa test later this week, so I will let you know. Meanwhile I am going to an oral surgeon this afternoon for a consultation on the removal of this implant. I may be doing this regardless of the Melisa test, as I don't know what else to do. I would like to get back my life!!
Avatar n tn Also, from what I hear the Lymes blood test is not 100% reliable. It is possible to have a negative Lymes test and in fact be positive. Also, the Thryoid blood tests are definately not reliable. I in fact was borderline low-Hypothyroidism and suffered for many years. I thought I was dying of some rare disease, which was out of my character because I am a very positive person.
17568 tn?1424977159 If we can have people calling for conversations about fishbones and nailclippers, certainly we can discuss HCV management from outside the box and have a discussion that examines information presented from all angles and leave the interpretation up to each one of us individually. We're invested enough to critically examine evidence presented, to ask questions in a quest to validate the information presented and to either accept or repudiate based on information presented.
Avatar n tn Family Dr gave several rounds of Anti-biotics, did not work. Tested Hormone levels blood glucose levels, thyroid total cbc. They were normal. I was referred to ENT- He had me get CT scan, stated I had deviated septum and that I needed surgery. I have had severe dizziness, blurred vision, almost like car sickness.. major headache and was then given Steroid (6) day dose. This helped and I too dreaded the 7th day, which I began to feel worse again.