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Avatar n tn Hi Is it safe to consume glucosamine chondriotin for eblow tennis? I am taking 25mcg of Euthyrox Levothyroxine sodium daily and I have taken it since 8 years ago. I would appreciate it if you could advise me. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Vitamin E-400 IU, Blood Pressure Formula, Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, Every Man’s One Daily, Zinc-50 mg, Ginkgo Biloba-120 mg, Saw Palmetto-160 mg, CoQ10-30 mg, Magnesium-250 mg, Thyroid Essentials 1 every 2 days, Cinnamon-500 mg, Marine Phytoplankton-500 mg, Mesovision, Omega XL-essential fatty acids, Supple – 8 oz can almost every day, Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg BID; Every 2-3 days: Vitamin D-2000 mg.
422425 tn?1307996590 Her doctor wrote a prescription for a hot tub, and her aches and pains have almost disappeared. She also takes supplements like msm glucosamine.
Avatar n tn yes glucosamine and chondroitin is a very good idea. has your mother been laying down at all? in a bed, or has she been sleeping in a chair? not long ago i had to take care of my grandmother because she had a myriad of things wrong with her, and she went months without sleeping in a bed (she had a dislocated shoulder). this caused static edema, her legs were swollen and her skin was very tight and she had bad pain in her legs and knees and couldnt walk very much if at all.
Avatar n tn These hairless patches show skin which is extremely dark, sticking out prominently from his light golden brown coat.The fur around these patches comes out easily in clumps KonaBoy is not itchy and has no other symptoms. Our other dog is a 6 year old Lab/Rottie, Magic, who has a beautiful and shiny black coat without any hair loss. They are on the same diet, water, and air. One month ago, we switched them both to a home-made nutritionally balanced diet, without impact of the hair loss.
Avatar f tn If we stay sick, we stay dependent on someone or something else for the largest portions of our 'healing'. I've used MSM/Glucosamine for joint complications with great results. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and B-12 vitamins are really important for women, and treating lupus. Are vitamins herbal meds?
Avatar n tn My rhematologist recommended "HAIR SKIN AND NAILS" by Rexall. But I know MSM will make your hair and nails grow. When I went on Plaquinel, my hair quit falling out. Lauren, thank you for your kind encoragement. You are a jewel.
1137517 tn?1261462732 D-3 6000 iu, food based calcium (calcium 1000 mg, Magnesium 500 mg, Vit D3 400 IU - all within pill), glucosamine 3000 mg w/MSM 3000 mg, Fish oil 2000mg, Dietary Supplement (Protein 2 g, Vit A 3046 IU, Iron 1.4 mg, & Orgain Microalgae 2g) & Hair, Skin & Nails supplement (MSM 1400 mg, Horsetail extract 500 mg, L-Cysteine HCI 200 mg, Choline bitartrate 100 mg, inositol 50 mg, & PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) 50 mg.
Avatar m tn Triple stack This is a special compounded supplementcontaining full therapeutic doses of MSM, glucosamine, and curcumin. The dose is one capsule three times a day. It should be taken with meals. The best results are seen within three weeks. It can only be found at Specialty Pharmacy ( Special Supplements to Reduce Inflammation vitamins that can reduce inflammation and free radicals within the joint.
Avatar f tn My cosmetic Dr has one and he said it doesn't work well on the face but he's seen decent results w the loose skin under your might also want to supplement with Glucosamine, chondroitin (sp?) and MSM good for joint fluid and connective tissue. Make sure u get your supplements from a good source though wherever u choose to get them.
4390099 tn?1353875179 Follow a strict anti-arthritic diet, take natural anti-inflammatory supplements like Boswellia extract, Bromelain, Chondroitin, MSM, Glucosamine. Must take for a few months to experience the full benefits. Just do a search online. Have a complete nutritional panel done for deficiencies and also a minerals TISSUE analysis-not blood test! Emotional trauma must be treated like PTSD.
Avatar f tn You may also need to supplement with Magnesium, Manganese, Collagen, Silicon, Boswellia serrata extract, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM combination and Bromelain (not recommended if on blood thinners). As far as your Ovarian Cyst is concerned, you may want to look into surgical removal. Through laparoscopy if you meet the criteria, it's day surgery and a simple process, just a small incision and quite common.
Avatar n tn and I take glucosamine/chondrointin/MSM (a little expensive surely, but even many medical doctors now proscribe this for joint ache, my mother's internist proscribes it for her RA, she can feel an immediate difference if she stops using it) I had an older dog and when I gave this to her, in a week she wasn't limping as badly....
Avatar f tn He's 60 lb and gets 600 mg MSM, 500 mg Glucosamine, 850mg Chondroitin Sulfate daily (I'll put links below if interested). Thanks so much for any advice, even just questions to ask my vet. He gets 2 tablets of each: Have considered adding this: http://www.springtimeinc.
1652468 tn?1302904098 Most arthritic patients have multiple nutritional deficiencies, including lowered levels of vitamins A, B6, B12, and C. Glucosamine sulfate can help. Ensuring adequate levels of minerals such as magnesium and selenium is also important. Finally, detoxification should be part of any arthritic patient’s holistic plan. Most arthritic patients need detoxification from heavy metals such as mercury.
Avatar f tn Oh, she does have arthritis and is on a coated aspirin daily along with omega 3 fish oil and glucosamine/msm. She isn't lame yet, though. Thank you in advance and sorry if this is hard to follow.
Avatar f tn I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc….all of which I have been taking for years due to 27 yrs of cycling….but at almost 68yo, something had to give). One subject that kept surfacing on the Searches was an old time remedy of Castor Oil.
Avatar n tn The other thing i have started to take recently is a combination of glucosamine,chondroitin and MSM which is a natural type of anti inflammatory as i have a lot of pain all over my body. I will have to wait and see if it help's.At least it is a from natural sources.
Avatar f tn Hi Opus88 You're my first message, how exciting when I started to notice that Oli was not. as sprightly as usual ie taking longer to get up after being asleep and struggling to jump on the bed etcetera I was due at the vets with both cats that week for there yearly boosters so she checked them both over and confirmed that it was the beginning of arthritis but didn't really recommend anything just to keep an eye on it.
Avatar f tn the mail order stuff is so expensive. fish oil, chondroitin glucosamine msm I found a spray at a farmers market that had boswellia that helped . the joint i forgot to spray it on was the one that ached. i am juicing, eating raw, seafood only no milk no wheat no sugar)mostly) no what is there rice, beans, tofu, tahini, nuts dried and fresh fruit, steam veggies.......... lots of whats on sale and organic if i can afford it.
Avatar f tn Only use it on those days of your cycle. I also take Glucosamine chondroitin with MSM which is great for arthritis. Don't take if you are allergic to shell fish. Liquid form is the best. I take Salmon oil capsules 2,000 mg daily. I hope this helps you.
Avatar m tn I’ve been a bicyclist for 28+years and recently I read an article regarding an Amino Acid called “L-Carnosine” due to it’s reputation for helping to repair skin, particularly aging skin and my skin is exposed for 3-4 hours/bike ride. I purchased a bottle of 90 caps of 500mg each and began to taking 2/day ( one cap in the evening and one cap, first thing in the morning) for about 2 weeks, then changed to only 1 cap in the morning.
Avatar f tn a good multivitamin is probably all you need to maintain good health. if you're getting sucked into buying MSM and glucosamine and shark cartilage, then i believe the 50 dollar pricetag! it's not that those things are bad, persay, but they aren't completely necessary for an otherwise heatlhy individual. do you mind detailing what exactly you buy for 50 dollars each month? i'm curious!
Avatar m tn I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc….all of which I have been taking for years due to 27 yrs of cycling….but at almost 68yo, something had to give). One subject that kept surfacing on the Searches was an old time remedy of Castor Oil.
Avatar m tn The only drugs I have taken lately have been an anti-inflammatory and pseudophedrine. I had probably taken msm, glucosamine and chrondroitin within a week or two of taking the tests. As far as the hsv1 goes, there was no testing done the doctor just eyeballed my cold sore and asked how long it had been there and told me it was hsv1. My last two sexual encounters were on 1/23 and 1/19.
Avatar n tn It started on only the left side of my body, but after a couple of weeks the crepitus started affecting both sides of my body and has not gone away (now 6 mths approx). I've tried glucosamine condrointin with MSM and a ton of other natural supplements and no change. It also seems to worsen with heavy drinking. :( Can anyone help us?
Avatar n tn Try Glucosamine/Chondroitin. It's an over the counter dietary supplement. It's worked for me post-tx when pain meds and even cortisone couldn't offer long term relief. It can take several weeks to kick in but usually comes compounded with MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) for quicker relief. The only other thing I've heard post-tx patients getting relief with is an anti-malaria drug that has the side effect of relieving inflammation - but it can have risks to your vision.
Avatar m tn She has tried glucosamine and condroitin and MSM, but she just keeps going back to the alfalfa. It's always sad to hear of someone running into dead-ins in the medical arrena. I guess we think they can fix anything, but only God can do that.