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Avatar n tn I have been on 320mg of Geodon for about a year now for anger. I made the decision about two weeks ago that I wanted to get off the medication because it was causing my legs to shake and causing me to grind my teeth and clinch my jaw all day long. It also was making me really sleepy in the mornings. I was taking 3 pills at night and 1 pill in the morning. My Dr told me to first take away the morning pill for 3 days and then knock off one pill at night every third day..
1748119 tn?1311662067 5089110-6,Major Depression, Pituitary Tumour Benign, Psychotic Disorder on Aug 09, 2004 Female patient from UNITED STATES , 30 years of age, was diagnosed with psychotic disorder (What is psychotic disorder?), major depression and was treated with Geodon. After Geodon was administered, patient had the following side effects: major depression, and was given antidepressants. In 2008 pituitary tumour benign, psychotic disorder (What is psychotic disorder?). Geodon dosage: 160 Mg (80 Mg, 2 In 1 D).
390140 tn?1219887489 m having and now have to take benzos around the clock....i'm considering a lawsuit against the doc and/or the manufacturer. I work as an RN but because of the seizure and tremors I have, I can't work.
Avatar n tn After hearing my story, the pyschiatrist put me on one of the strongest most dangerous pysch drugs you can put someone on and when I asked him what side effects the drug had he said that it may cause mild constipation, inability to sweat, and drowsiness. He prescrbed me the time I trusted doctors and didn't think twice about doing my own research. After all, he had graduated from Harvard, how could I question his knowledge and expertise......I wished that I had.
Avatar f tn I was on Geodon for a year or so. Geodon can actually make you sleepy. When I got off it, I did so gradually and had no problems at all with withdrawl. I was fine. I am now back on it probably long term because i'm BP1 with psychotic features and the only thing that seems to work without massive side effects is Geodon. I works for me. 4 days is not a long time. I was on Paxil for a short time and I ended up in the hospital with manic psychosis.
Avatar n tn Just went to an inservice on geodon that was sponsered by Pfizer. Someone asked about a recent lawsuit involving neuroton (gabapentin) Pfizer just purchased the company that manufactures neurontin and the sales rep basically stated that neurotin has been misrepresented to physicians. It is ONLY to be prescribed as an anti-seizure med and for specialized pain management. In the past physicians have precribed it as a sleep aid because it is very sedating. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I finally found some stabilization on Celexa and Geodon. I had been able to control my weight with Wellbutrin and Geodon, but I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, which in my opinion was a misdiagnosis because how can you not be obsessed with the scale when your on medication that could possibly make you gain weight. Anyways, I was at my lightest when I was on Wellbutrin and Geodon, but had a lapse with insanity so my medicines changed. My weight ofcourse changed as well.