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Avatar f tn On 6/16 I stopped taking Lexapro 5 mg and Geodon 40 mg. My psych started me on Latuda 40 mg the next day. I started having problems with sleep so tried various sleep medicines for two weeks. It was unsuccessful. So I finally also started taking Geodon 20 mg at night. I thought my sleep was addicted to Geodon I had been taking for past 3 years. That helped my sleep the first day, but sleep was not going very well. So on 7/3 I started taking Melatonin 6 mg with Latuda 40 mg and Geodon 20 mg.
336227 tn?1195392456 Normally you would have to weene of it since it was originally an anti sezure medication but it depends on your dosage. I took Geodon for a while and I had some of the similar symptoms that you are talking about, especially the muscle spasms. Those were horrible. Plus I was always finding it hard to function for hours after taking it.
Avatar f tn What have yall done that has helped ease the withdrawals of geodon and oxcarbmazipine? I've got headaches, sweats, shakes, vomiting, dry heaves, vision problems, thrush.....PD said withdrawals only last 6 hours.....seriously???
675718 tn?1449992146 today i saw my psychiatrist and he changed my meds from geodon to resperidone.
Avatar n tn I went a few months without any medication, before receiving a prescription for Geodon. GEODON IS A TERRIBLE DRUG. I took 20 mg a day for four days, and during those four days (and for several days after) I experienced lightheadedness/feeling faint, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, akathesia, irregular/rapid heart beat, racing thoughts, EXTREME anxiety, insomnia, and flu like symtoms. All of these were so debilitating, it was difficult for me to even get up and walk around.
Avatar f tn It seems from some studies that Geodon and Abilify had the least potential for this to occur although every person responds differently to each medication.
Avatar n tn The doctors put him on Geodon for his behavior and he had a grand mall seizure tha lasted 30 minutes I took him to his neuologist , he did nothing and said it was his shunt. Dr. Rekate says it neurological. He is now having involuntary muscle tremors and jerking. He spaces out and holds his head, followed by rage fits Last night he had huge Hives all over his body.. I can not leave my home, or leave him with anyone. He cannot go to school and No one will help me.
Avatar f tn your pdoc prescribed one AD one AD and one AP. you will find that geodon used to treat schizophrenia and acute manic or mixed episodes associated with bipolar disorder. it's also used as maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder when added to lithium or valproate. so the pdoc followed what is known. This doesn't mean you will get the best of this combo. Sure there must be a certain there that fits but it needs many trials and errors. pts can stay some time until they find one.
Avatar n tn The effects of the riba lasted a few weeks and the worst side for me, constant headaches, dissapated about a week or two after last riba. The was no one single point where I felt a click of recovery. It was gradual and continuous and I was pretty much free of it within 4-6 weeks. But, I did not have the ravages of procrit-required hgb either.
Avatar f tn I am now 90 pounds heavier (I started gaining weight on the meds and continued after) and not even able to get pregnant (probably too heavy and getting off the meds messed up my system.) I want' to get pregnant which was fine with everyone two months ago before I got off my meds now everyone thinks I'm in need of major help and need to get my head straight. I just don't know what to do because after researching these meds I'm very scared to get pregnant on them.
Avatar n tn I am also suffering from horrible headaches. If anyone out there can tell me what they did for the severe nausea and debilitating headaches please tell me, (I am desperate and I will try anything) except I am not going back on my full dose of Effexor and I am getting off of this EVIL ADDICTING DRUG!!!! Please share any and all suggestions please!
Avatar n tn With the encouragement of family and friends I made it through the initial onset of the side effects and they've subsided. My headaches are minimal and my depression is under control and I haven't been able to say that in 3 years! I too have struggled with my weight due to all of the anti-depressants I've been on and off, and on again.... but this combination works for me.
Avatar f tn My hysterectomy and the medicine i take for my bipolar called geodon and the effexor has made me gain extreme weight. I have went to the gym and everything. I give up. i tried colon cleansers and pills and anything. Nothing works.
Avatar f tn I'm taking Geodon and it can cause headaches and nausea as it's side effects. It also causes this really badly if you go through withdrawal from it. It may pass eventually as your body gets used to it but if not and it's unbearable you'll need to change medications. It was good that you took acetaminophen for your headache, hopefully it worked for you and numbed it. I had the dizziness and such from it as soon as I started taking it but that wore off after a few weeks for me.
Avatar n tn I feel like i have a brain tumor or a heart attack or my breathing will just cut off i feel this lumpy feeling in my neck and neck and shoulder pain. i get terrible migraines and headaches and its hard to beleive its all in my head. If anyone out there has advice plz plz help me. i am extremely active and i have danced forever and just now have stopped so maybe my body not used to the no exercise ive been trying everything and nothing seems to be helping.
Avatar n tn How do you feel now Gracie? I was taking 80mg of Geodon and 500 mg of Depakote ER. I stopped taking the geodon because it was making me foggy and lethargic. I will stop the Depakote soon because I am going to run out.
Avatar n tn But you are taking several meds that may not mix well together or your body just doesn't like one or more of them. Most often, anxiety/depression meds are trial and error, and it takes time and patience to find the right ones. Meanwhile, you the patient suffers even more because the side effects ramp up your anxiety. It's a vicious circle, but just remind yourself that it's the side effects of the meds that are in the driver's seat for now and you're just along for the ride.
Avatar f tn She has lactation, really bad headaches, very sleepy after taking them at night, then she wakes up in the nite later and is very restless, anxious and agitated. She doesnt like that she still isnt normal feeling. Her Dr spaced out her Dr appts to 1 month after hospital discharge and she called Dr the other day and will be going next week instead and wants to try Serroquel again. She is applying for State insurance but you would think Dr would monitor her more closely with these meds.
447130 tn?1225474466 ve been on it 2 weeks and aside from shaking a lot that's the only side effect. I also take Geodon 120 mg. a day. Don't think it was Geodon because it didn't happen until I started the Lithium. I try to drink a lot of water to flush my system out but it's not helping. I have a mild diueretic but it doesn't make a dent in the swollen ankles and legs. I'm tired of trying all these treatments, if this one keeps me steady I'm happy.
Avatar f tn With regards to Ziprasidone or Geodon, some side effects include loss of focus and motivation and blurry vision, and not necessarily severe headaches. Do keep us posted with your doctor's appointment.Take care always.
Avatar f tn I had a high fever, could not regulate sleep,lost a job, was up for days at a time had headaches, and could not stabilize my moods. I was crying in broad daylight.
Avatar n tn currently i'm on 300 mg of welbutrin xl in the evening before bed, 150 mg of welbutrin sr in the morning, 150 mg effexor xr in both morning and before bed, and 40 mg of geodon in the evening. i'm hoping to switch the welbutrin and effexor to something else, either a single medication or two different medications, i've also been put on zoloft, lexapro, and prozac where the medications i'm not on currently either didn't work as they should have, or they had more negative side-effects than not.
351168 tn?1212892226 She suffers from depression and headaches. I took her for this MRI b/c of headaches and the fear she may have had another stroke. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers and severe depression. I was wondering if a stroke was causing some of her issues so we got the MRI done to rule out anything else. She is 74 and was diagnosed about a year ago.
Avatar m tn Anyway, she'd been taking a BCP which they changed and Prozac to help the PMDD, but now after the hospitalization, they've put her on Geodon 20, Lamotrigine 25 then increase eventually to 100, and Bupropion 37.5 to increase to 75 daily!!! Isn't that a bit much for her problem? It seems to me like she'd being treated for Bipolar instead of PMDD. Can you give me any ideas of why she needs all these very strong meds with bad side effects when this is her first episode of depression??
675718 tn?1449992146 I currently take Cogentin to help control it and it does well. I recently lowered my dose of Geodon and went on Saphris and I find Saphris seems to have less tardive dyskenisia effects than Geodon for me.
Avatar m tn I get frequent headaches, and I am almost always tired. I don't know what this is, but I just know something is wrong and it is scaring me.
Avatar n tn Before the surgery I was having problems with vision, palpadema, and severe headaches. Well after surgery I went about two weeks without a headache at all. Now they are very severe again. What could be wrong with the shunt? I know that theyare not low pressure headaches cause when I lie down they don't get any better. Sleeping is even a challange and I take Geodon to sleep!! My neuro surgeron thinks that I am having migraines. I know that's not the case.
Avatar f tn The first 10 minutes I was in the dr. office she came back with a bunch of samples. Geodon, Lamictal, and Effexor XR. I have no doubt that I am bipolar because I have very high highs and very low lows. Also I have extreme family history of bipolar disorder. I just think that a lot of drs are so fast to put you on a lot of meds. I was taking Lamictal for about 4 days and I noticed that I got really bad headaches unbearable to the point where I cried more on the medicine than off it.
Avatar f tn occasional xanax for severe anxiety and shortness of breath. I am no longer taking Geodon and Clonidine. I am still feeling EXTREMELY sad. Especially in the mornings. I have to FORCE myslef out of bed and talk myself into living the day. My family doesnt really understand. My husband is supportive of the depression but not substance abuse. He said if I ever do it again he will DEFINITELY leave me, which is a good reason not to. Sorry to be such a downer.