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Avatar n tn For history, I had taken homeopathy treatment (still undergoing) for constant throat infection and recurring stomach problem (like lower abdomen pain and loose motions). In the middle of this treatment, frequent urination problem happened. I am not sure about the cause for it.Homeopathy has been very effective in controlling throat and stomach related issue but has failed when treated for urination problem.
Avatar n tn Just curious, if the ultrasound for an ovarian cyst comes back positive do you know if there is anything that they can do to stop the bladder pressure/frequent urination? Have you talked with your GYN or urologist about what (if any) treatments exist for the cysts? Thanks.
2211588 tn?1374141603 and yes i am taking homepathy treatment and norflox from MBBS doc for a week before next meeting. May be frequent urination and burning due to homeopathy treatment.
16937716 tn?1452683430 • Sometimes discomfort or burning during urination associated with pelvic floor dysfunction Nocturia (frequent urination at night)Reduced urinary stream and hesitancy of urination . Have to wait to initiate a stream of urine Perineal pain (pain between the anus and scrotum ) Pain or discomfort during or after ejaculation• Increased discomfort hours or the day after sexual activity .
139792 tn?1498589250 However, in both the above cases, the volume of urine during each urination will be relatively less. 3. If the frequent urination is only during night, there could be another reason. Our brain produces a hormone called AntiDiuretic Hormone (ADH) during sleep, which makes our kidneys to produce less urine while we sleep.
Avatar m tn Current Symptoms Itching on different sites in the genital, some times hands and other parts of the body gets intense leads to wounds 5 episodes of sudden spike in bp of 200/100 taken bp medicine given by cardiologists Intermittent rapid heart rate of 110- 120 pm Fatigue Uneasiness and tiredness Itching in the anus area Frequent urination, feel the urge but no urine comes Frequent episodes of Reflux pharangites taking medicine by an ENT Remarks My observation/ experience The target ar
Avatar m tn Current Symptoms Itching on different sites in the genital, some times hands and other parts of the body gets intense leads to wounds 5 episodes of sudden spike in bp of 200/100 taken bp medicine given by cardiologists Intermittent rapid heart rate of 110- 120 pm Fatigue Uneasiness and tiredness Itching in the anus area Frequent urination, feel the urge but no urine comes Frequent episodes of Reflux pharangites taking medicine by an ENT Scortum and anal itching since 2009 mostly at nig
Avatar f tn Repeat infections that occur immediately following treatment, or a persistent yeast infection that does not respond to treatment, may be the first or, at least, an early sign that an individual is infected with HIV.
Avatar n tn Over the last 7 years I've seen my internist and urologist for other urinary symptoms. Burning with urination, waking several times to urinate, feeling as if I have to urinate almost immediately after urinating. After several tests that included an IVP, cystoscopy, blood tests, DRE, etc., I was diagnosed with non-bacterial prostatitis. I was prescribed a ton of antibiotics, told to stay away from spicey foods, alcohol, smoking, and other irritants.
523927 tn?1257022304 Palpitations, abdominal pain, back pain, numbness/tingling in legs/feet, burning in the feet, chest pain, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, low-grade headaches, indigestion, night sweats (but not very many of them and not for awhile now), chills, hot flashes, frequent urination, conjunctivitis, ringing ears, and painful testicles. So basically, I feel whatever I have courses through my body because my symptoms change from week to week.
Avatar n tn My symptoms returned 5 weeks ago - again, all tests are negative, I was treated again for thrush (no relief, and lab test came back negative). Could the repeated topical thrush treatment have made things worse? Also, I've heard of conditions called lactobacilliosis and cytolytic vaginosis (overgrowth of lactobacilli). My symptoms do not appear to be related to my menstrual cycle - there is no particular pattern - but could overgrowth of lactobacilli still be my problem?
724734 tn?1230944872 I forgot to tell how I am feeling now. Well still my depression is quite heavy. But the doc found out 4 weeks ago and the treatment is now going for 4 weeks. My sister had the same problem and it took about 5 months until her body recovered remarkeable. But she recovered and is completely changed.
Avatar n tn Thank you everyone for your posts. I had a boil right below my vaginal opening, that rubs with even the slightest movement, that I believe was caused by chaffing from pantyliners (I was wearing them daily for some discharge for a period of almost 2 months - Won't do that EVER again). I was to the very very painful point where I could not move without excruitating pain and was almost ready to go to the ER for some relief. I had soaked in epsom salt a few hours ago giving very minimal relief.
Avatar n tn I've tried Allegra, Tylenol sinus, all kinds of homeopathy. It's weird but it's actually better I believe if I'm on the treadmill. Could it be I breath better through my mouth? I really feel for you, as it is difficult to stay in a good mood when you feel all tensed up in the jaw and chest etc. Mine seems to be worse when I'm standing or sitting up, which also seems to make my shoulders feel more stiff. I'm kind of afraid to go to the doctor with it, it's been so long.
Avatar n tn Hi I've been dealing with this same problem also, for quite some time. It seems to be getting more frequent that I have fissures or cracks in the perineum area. I had always used witch hazel to heal up the fissures but that doesn't seem to work any more, in fact I'm wondering if I'm making the problem worse. I've been doing some research online and see that Drs.
203342 tn?1328740807 She went for the accupuncture treatments, 5 in all, and then had her blood work redone and her liver enzymes were still high but had come down alot. Out vet believes in homopathy treatment and I am glad we were open to this. We are just taking it one day at a time. I just discovered this web site and I must say that this forum is such a good and helpful idea. It lets us all know we have someone to talk to about our dog's problems and know we are not alone.
Avatar n tn I've had it for a VERY long time as well, but didn't have insurance to cover visits or treatment... I finally do now, and my gynecologist turned me away saying it wasn't an ob/gyn problem, but a dermatologist's & not to worry... still too embarrassed to go, but I will be very soon.
Avatar n tn After seeing many doctors and after a biopsy, treatment with creams and even after been told its physiological and that i have vaginismus.(which i know i dont have) I finally saw a gynecologist today who offered me a operation "fentons procedure" this is going to make the entrance to my vagina a bit bigger and get rid of the lump of skin i have and scar tissue. I would be very greatful if any one who has had this operation could help with how it has been since. i.
Avatar f tn The pituitary gland will be affected, which often leads to frequent urination. When the thyroid gland is affected, secondary effects on the metabolism can appear. Both glands accumulate mercury. Neurological symptoms such as numbness, hypersensitivity and paralysis exacerbate. It is often hard to determine if the cause is in the nervous or circulatory systems...
Avatar n tn What likely follows on a good regimen is less or no more discomfort, less anxiety, more energy and no more or less frequent afib attacks which is our goal. If your still with me here you have to also exercise good judgement and don't let over enthusiasm cloud your judgement. In your case for example you have a hiatal hernia (which by the way can even by some doctors admissions cause and or exacerbate afib) and your jumping right into situps and exercise was not a wise move as you found out.
Avatar m tn increased or painful urination; severe stomach pain (with or without vomiting); symptoms of thyroid cancer (eg, lump or swelling in the neck, trouble swallowing, shortness of breath, persistent hoarseness)
Avatar n tn I am definitely going to make sure that both ENT's are notified of the results so they can be a little more proactive in dealing with pt's with chronic sinusitis not responsive to traditional treatment. Please let me know if this pans out for you...It has certainly given me hope that I can finally have some peace from my chronic sinus infections.....
Avatar n tn Also, eating frequent small meals helps intestines normalize from B-6. Sleep with your head elevated to minimize blood pressure or heart problems, and try to do a lot of walking, meditation, stress reduction, and non-vigorous exercise as well as rest. Some have claimed wearing loose shoes is good for nerve damage in the feet. Test for thyroid problems, and be careful about ingesting any other drugs or vitamins.
1647691 tn?1363727302 It's a shame that I ended up with flu, an emergency root canal treatment, and a silly cat that has decided to mark his territory since the implant. Plus he bought a mouse in the house last night. I hate mice : ) So really hoping for that heartbeat tomorrow.
162948 tn?1205256292 Aside from the occasional pain during intercourse, that was easily remidied by moving positions, the lighter and less frequent periods were welcomed! I have always had horrible periods, that at times were over a week long, extremely heavy, and even more painful. From what i can tell, what started today, was just like before. I will keep this posted with the way this plays out.