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Avatar n tn Hello Frankie....If this is indeed a Disc injury, your dog should not be walking around on it's own.....Complete cage rest is Vital for weeks to let the disk heal......That information is posted above in this thread...... Read everything you can on IVDD (Above)....Yes, this can be reversed, but you must do it correctly.......Steroids are the first line of defense, but you also need PAIN medication along with them.......Shaking is a sign of pain......
2186126 tn?1384961026 The typical symptoms such as gorging on food and water and the frequent urination were part of our daily lives until recently, new ones started coming up. Weakness in the hind legs, weight loss and constant whimpering. Through all of this, he's still alert, hungry, energetic and playful as ever which confuses and frightens me. I will carry him outside 50 times a day to go potty if I have to but when do I draw the line? When do I make that decision to end his suffering?
1916673 tn?1420236870 If I can keep her happy, eating, playing, and doing what dogs do in life, I think that would be the best. Does anyone have suggestions on diet to entice her more? She will eat the prescription diet but has her good and bad days. At 10 lbs the vet doesn't want her to lose more weight. I will bring that up at vet visit also.
Avatar n tn She did have a bladder infection once which had pronounced symptoms such as frequent urination, urinating in the house and bloody urine. These walks are the only time this happens and she doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. It happens well into the walk after she has urinated quite a few times. I wonder if it comes from straining to get urine out when she is marking her territory. So far I haven't consulted her vet since it doesn't seem to have any lasting effect.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have a very lovely dog but he has been very sick for past 10 days. He eats very less and keeps vomiting. I have tried to elaborate details about dog as much as possible.
Avatar m tn Gandy, I am not the Vet, but I feel the need to post...What your Guy is dealing with is called IVDD (Intervertabral Disc/Disease)....The Dachshund is the #1 breed for this disorder......It's quite common...... I see some Red Flags here: First, He hasn't PULLED a Disc, but it has Ruptured!!!! Paralysis means the disc has Ruptured! Next: Metacam is a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID).....The Dexamethazone Injection is a Steroid and should last 3 Days.....
Avatar n tn The urine came back fine and the blood showed some borderline results and was told to let sleeping dogs lie!!!
Avatar m tn Now, for as long as i can remember, another issue had been frequent urination/dehydration/drymouth/bitter taste in mouth. I don't know which one is the culprit. All i remember is that even when i was little, my mother said i was always asking to go to the toilet. I don't know if the dehydration is caused by frequent urination or vise versa.
Avatar n tn So here is the story.... I am a 22 year old male and have made a bad decision that I truly hope I am not paying a price. Roughly 3 months ago I had unprotected oral sex for 30 seconds, gave oral seconds for about 30 sec and had protected vaginal sex with a 30 year woman I just met. I know, a horrible decision but unfortunately stress took over my decision making abilities.
670955 tn?1226601500 Struvite Crystals are most common and the symptoms include frequent urination, straining to urinate and blood in the urine. Calcium Oxalate: Calcium Oxalate crystals tend to affect more males than females. The pH in dogs with these types of crystals is usually acidic or neutral. It is thought that some dogs that are more prone to these types of stones have an inherited weakness that prevents them from forming nephrocalein, which prevents calcium oxalate stone formation.
612551 tn?1450025775 We have taken, for the time, a foster small dog that had been in a no-kill shelter for about a year, and while he had exercise walks, he was most of the time in a confinement area, one we didn't see. They bring dogs out based on their list, potential adopters do not tour the dog holding facility. So, the little guy we brought home, about 15 pounds and perhaps 5 years old, has to be trained to deal with a home environment including toilet training.
Avatar m tn Obviously there's a load of detail I'm not including because of space issues. We did contact the vet, who suggested we skip a dose and cut back to 64.8 mg 2x per day. We just did the first 64.8 mg dose. But the dog is still adjust to the meds, and the side effects and the question remain. If anyone out there has had this issue and does know the answer, I'd appreciate your response. I'm just interested in any anecdotal evidence of how long to expect side effects to last.
Avatar f tn I take phenergan myself for constant nausea, and discovered late in the game that dogs can also take phenergan. It didn't work quite as well as the reglan, but at that point we tried anything we could get our hands on. Over the counter Dramamine for motion sickness can be tried as it is metabolized in the liver - got that info from an ER vet nearby.
203342 tn?1328740807 Look for other symptoms as well such as changes in eating and drinking patterns, less frequent urination, excessive licking in the genital area, etc. Worrying about how to break behavioral issues until the physical and environmental factors that could be causing this have been eliminated is probably not productive.
Avatar m tn Occasional diarrhea, inappetance, frequent drinking and increased urination were all on my list but they were never consistent symptoms as they would come and go. On top of this I had been working with her and a vulva issue for months that included multiple vet visits, creams, etc. They finally said she had urinary incontinence and put her on a steroid. Nothing helped. Finally I took her back in and insisted on blood work. All was normal aside from an ALT of 235.
203342 tn?1328740807 1 reason was the cost but also because I talked to other owners of dogs with the disease who did give the meds and their dogs did OK till the end. I guess my thinking is that nothing is going to make it go away and as long as she was feeling OK her life was not too bad. Shasta also started drinking a lot of water but according to the vet she was at the borderline on this. She does urinate more often but has not had any accidents in the house.
Avatar n tn I also feel like I have a weak tongue and throat…I guess the virus can attack all body parts and symptoms. I have frequent urination, diarrhea, cold hands, poor temperature regulation, inability to handle stress (problems with adrenal glands), sensitivity to light, smell, sounds, etc. I don’t get very dizzy anymore, burning feet and tingling have stopped, cognition is improving, crazy vision issues have improved, and I stopped feeling tired a few weeks ago (apart from muscle weakness).
Avatar m tn Coincidentally, The night I noticed this I had been exposed to poison ivy and figured I had transferred the irritant to my penis during urination... that being said, I'm a hypochondriac, and I decided that due to the area affected, I should get an std panel done. At the time I got the testing the rash was nearly fully healed, leaving scarring.. My igg antibody tests results were as follows.. type 1 - 4.5 positive type 2 - 1.
Avatar n tn tingling in the head, neck, hands and feet/ringing in both ears/frequent urination/gross fatigue/memory problems/muscle weakness for over three years. During the past couple of months I wake from a sleep and the tingling and numbness is really bad. It's wierd because my head has these waves or short circuit feelings.
Avatar n tn ), Extremely sore nipples, Sore swollen breasts, Cramping- on and off, Gas, Heartburn, Tiredness, light-headedness, Food aversions and cravings – Pinkberry, Coke with Lemon, Mac ‘n Cheese!, Frequent urination (especially during the night- up and down, up and down), Restless legs at night – can’t get comfortable! Tossing and turning, Insomnia!
286034 tn?1201100440 I will die missing them both. I grew up around horses, cows, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats, and anything I caught. I now have 2 dogs. Hank is a pit bull and Maddie is a pug. She is the one who told me I forgot about her. She sits on my lap and reads all of my I have 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. I also have 5 nephews. I had a very close nit family who always gathered at grandmas for Sunday dinner. Lord, how I miss those days.
475586 tn?1225027354 The pituitary gland will be affected, which often leads to frequent urination. When the thyroid gland is affected, secondary effects on the metabolism can appear. Both glands accumulate mercury. Neurological symptoms such as numbness, hypersensitivity and paralysis exacerbate. It is often hard to determine if the cause is in the nervous or circulatory systems...
Avatar n tn ) This is because what I have noticed is that my symptoms, although constant, appear to worsen to great heaights during my menstrual cycle. I wondered if you have this same problem? Like you my outbursts are frequent, yet random including a feeling of acidity, nausea, diarroea, lethargy, trembling and cold sweats.
724734 tn?1230944872 Hi im a 26 year old male, this is the first thing I've found which actually explains how I feel!! Has anybody found a cure for this as its been going on for a few months now and it's really getting me down!
Avatar n tn Hi, I too have upper right quad pain just below my ribs. I am a male, 46yrs old 6ft and weigh 175 lbs. My pain comes and goes and has for about 6 months. It is not severe pain, but at times is more annoying than anything. It feels like there is something in there pinching me. I went to an internal med MD in July. He ran blood tests that all came back fine. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs.
Avatar n tn For the past month and a half I have been experiancing pregnancy symptoms. Fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, and headache. All of a sudden my vison is starting to change. I usually have 20/20 now I cant read things that are far away.And lets not leave out the biggest part!! I work out alot and over the past week my lower belly has become 'bloated'.I have not made any changes to my normal eating habits, and over the past 4 days I cant button my pants anymore.But I havent missed my period.
Avatar n tn I just sent you a comment or two, but come to find out, the message did not take. I will try again. At the risk of being fatherly, I beg you not to come "unglued." As I mentioned on my previous editorials, I have been experiencing this problem, off and on, for about two years. I used to become unglued. I used to stare at the ceiling for hours, "listening" to my wife and my dogs, yes my dogs, sleeping so deeply and I felt benignly jealous.
Avatar n tn It hurts to deep breath, cough, sniff, sneeze, sleep in many positions, and the worst part of all is doing each of these things feels like I'm being shot. It's that painful. I'm a 25 year old male and it had me in tears this morning because it hurt so bad. The pain definitely seems to be coming from my ribs, or maybe something pushing on my ribs from the inside (but I really think its the ribs). There is nothing on my skin that reflects being injured: no bruise, no redness, no bumps.
Avatar n tn It's seems to affect both Male and Female. Does anyone have a history of CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)? I have it, i'm wondering if there could some correlation between the two? Let's keep discussing this issue...