Frequent urination in children during the day

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Avatar f tn Due to my anxiety of being teased and thrown out of the bathroom, I wet my pants at school every day during the second grade. Those are just two examples of psychological reasons why someone may not have control of their bladder. I know your daughter isn't in second grade, and she's probably not dealing with the teasing, but she could be the victim of some other form of abuse. At the very least, look into it.
Avatar f tn During the cystoscopy a scope in entered into the penis via the meatus and the urethra, prostate and bladder will be viewed for any abnormailities. If a fistula is present surgical options can be considered. A fistula from the rectum, bowel to the urinary system is very complicated to repair. As I was told there are many risks involved and outcomes might only provide little benefit. Some of the risks mentioned to me were, impotence, infection, incontinence and further problems.
Avatar n tn These are here in the netherlands available in drugstores. Using 6-8 sachets a day the first week significantly decreased all the symptoms. I also added hydrogenyum homeopathic granules. After one week decreased the number of sachets until the pruney fingers returned. Now after using them for almost two years, I still use 4 to 6 a day, depending on how i feel. No gp or specualist belueves me when i explain what helps. I have asked for a thyroid check up but they wont give me one.
Avatar f tn wet the bed and even wet myself while in the grocery store because I couldn't make it to the restroom. However, during that time and also to this day, I cannot fully empty my bladder, causing pain and discomfort.
Avatar n tn My heart really goes out to you, but at the same time i feel no comfort in knowing that I may end up the same way. I've had frequent urination for a month now. This is the start of my 5th week. No trace of UTI or other bacterial infections. No STDs. Vaginal swabs came back normal. I've had blood work done, and nothing presented out of the ordinary. I just had pelvic and renal ultrasounds. The woman at the time it was being done said she spotted nothing unusual.
Avatar n tn Pollakiuria is defined as frequent daytime urination that may occur as often as every 5 minutes, although usually the child urinates 3-4 times/hour. This is a common pediatric complaint and the parents are usually concerned that their child has diabetes mellitus or a UTI. The majority of children are between 4-6 years of age. Pollakiuria is more common than urinary tract infections in children. Symptoms may last for years, but the average length is 7-12 months. Frequent characteristics: 1.
Avatar f tn not sure if ive put this question in the right place lol well for the past week i have been running to the toilete on everage once every hour, i dont drink as much water as i should but i drink enough to keep me hydrated during the day.
Avatar f tn What are other symptoms present? Frequent urination could be due to a lot of reasons The main symptoms of diabetes in children include urinating large amounts more frequently than usual or polyuria; drinking more fluids than usual or polydipsia; eating more than usual or polyphagia, and unexplained weight loss. It would be good to see your doctor for proper evaluation such as urine analysis to rule out infection or glucose test to eliminate doubts of diabetes.
Avatar f tn not sure if ive put this question in the right place lol well for the past week i have been running to the toilete on everage once every hour, i dont drink as much water as i should but i drink enough to keep me hydrated during the day.
Avatar n tn It has been awhile, buy my son was about 10 when he had an ongoing problem with soiling himself during the day. And the usual would happen, he would ignore it, and I would find it in the laundry or little bits of matter here and there. Finally we went to the doctor, he suggested a suppository for that night, but my son was too old for me to do that and he would not do it; we bought a laxitive to use that night and the next night, to get him back on schedule.
Avatar n tn Within a month of being trained he was night trained and experienced the odd accident through the night but rarely during the day. In the past month my husband and I have noticed that he is going to the washroom quite regularly. Every half hour to 20 minutes. He is also wet every night sometimes wetting the bed three times through the night. Where previously if he went before bed time he would wake approx. at 5 am and go pee. Our caregivers have also noticed his increased tendency.
Avatar m tn my heart skips pretty much every other beat at night, and its the 2 or 3 in a row that scare me the most.When im moving around during the day it only rarely occurs.And never during seems strange but its like as long as i keep moving constantly im alright.the instant i try to relax its ON!Ive had ekg,echo,holter,blood tests, and been to the er about 6 or 7 times...all normal and not life-threatening.just pvcs and pacs, and a little run of tachycardia here and there.
Avatar n tn Endometriosis is the condition of having endometrial implants growing in the body. The endometrial tissue is only supposed to be inside the uterus, and is responsible for the growth of the uterine 'lining' that is shed at the beginning of each month's menstrual cycle. Endometriosis can be very painful to women with the condition. Each month, the implants grow and then shed, just as the normal tissues inside the uterus do.
Avatar n tn what exactly are you checking for and during what part of the cycle are there changes? is it softer if your pregnant? harder during ovulation etc. if someone could clarify. i'll be due to start AF any day not sure if pregnant yet. test showed negative but could have been too early and my cervix feels more like tip of nose.
Avatar n tn Keep them clean with baby whipes or peroxide to fight any bacteria, and use neosporine at night time. During the day feels all mushy and grose, so I wouldnt use it during the day. :-) I'd refrain from sex until they heal.. you dont want to irrate what's already irritated, you know? It shouldnt take more than a few days for the pain to go away. Dont be afraid to ask questions... You can't shock us. :-) We've heard everything. hehe.
Avatar n tn And many a time, I go riding with my buddies during the weekend--Sometimes for up to 100 miles in one weekend. I'm sixty years and I think by body is asking me to slow down. Well, I'm going to listen to my body--As of yesterday, I going to cut back my exercise routine by half. This decision could not have come at a worse time, considering the price of fuel. I'm going to ride my bike to work only three times a week. I'll see how my body reacts to this. Thought #4: Plain anxiety.
Avatar n tn My question is is regarding his frequent urination to the point that anyone who spends time with him comments on how frequent it is. He is fully trained during the day however still requires a diaper at night. I know this is not uncommon for a boy this age however, 50% of the week he wets through his diaper, sometimes to the point where his hair requires washing. He does drink a fair amount due to the cah and his need for salt however not much more than my 6yr old daughter.
Avatar m tn I don't think I change positions or move ALL NIGHT because of the sedative effects of my medicine -I think this is the cause of the pain. In all other regards, I am active and pain free during the day, well rested and alert also. Does anyone have a similar story?
Avatar f tn So ovulation should be coming sometime in the next week or so. Anyways, waiting for this day to go by so DH and I can BD tonight!!!
Avatar n tn I had unprotected-sex for my first time the day before yesterday. He didn't *** in me. I got my period yesterday (the next day after we had sex) but Ive been getting really bad lower stomach cramps and back cramps (not because of my period) these are irregular cramps. Is there any way I can be pregnant?
Avatar n tn and the doctors don't seem to care. The pain is mild during the day if I'm up and around, but lying in bed is pure agony. I've read all these comments, but so far no one has said they found an answer. I sure wish I knew a Dr. House around here..
506820 tn?1295054933 That said, other symptoms of early pregnancy include nausea, frequent urination, fatigue, breast tenderness and lightheadedness. Do you have any of these symptoms as well? Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn She's doing the best she can do for now, and this will resolve itself with your continued patience and support. Even when she is dry during the day, it might be that she is enuretic at night. Approximately ten percent or more of children her age are, but that is not a sign of a medical problem.
Avatar n tn After a recent semen test I am pleased to say, I am cured of the Corynebacteria but now enterococci has appeared in my semen and I have been prescribed 5 weeks of AUGMENTIN, dosage = 2 x 1000 mg per day. 2 grams a day!! I still have frequent urination, day only. Would you be so kind as to answer some questions for me as I don't understand and have no one to ask. Is enterrococci a common bacteria found in semen? Is it necessary to treat this enterococci bacteria?
Avatar f tn After our relations starting Tue, Nov 15 in the evening after he left(no intercourse since Sun) I had the onset of frequent urination w/o burning or pain. Just a full feeling and bloating feeling. So on Wed, Nov 16 I started taking Macrobid, thinking maybe it was onset of UTI. I took the prescribed dose until Fri, Nov 18 and on Sat, Nov 19 I decided to go to the ER since the symptoms were no better. I have no insurance and no GP OR GYN.
Avatar n tn Recently I have begun to bleeding vaginally during a bowel movement during the same time in my cycle. I have been on progesterone for 6 months now and it is not resolving the bleeding. I noticed how many women have posted with this same issue and in over a year no one has returned to comment on a specific cause. I was hoping there might be one.
Avatar f tn I thought i wouldn't but somehow i get through each day and the children give me the strength to go on!! It's amazing what can be done, we think we can't do it but when it's really important and a matter of life or death we can find strength from somewhere deep within......
Avatar n tn Friday is just around the corner! Yesterday I had definite AF symptoms in the early part of the day (day 8), but the rest of the day and today no. Today I will buy an HPT and maybe do it over the weekend on Sunday. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling positive! That is the key!
Avatar m tn Testing also may have been tainted somewhat as they allowed my son to eat during the test and the labs missed part of the screening in the urine sample. Next he is being sent in for ACTH Stim test and his Pediatric Endo is referring him over the Diagnostic Center for difficult illnesses at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Meanwhile, we see his symptoms increasing more each day. The testing processes continues to be a slow long road for us.