Frequent urination before and during period

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Avatar m tn I suggest that you consider a few simple things such as not having any alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks with caffeine for at least an hour or more before sexual activity in order to decrease the amount of urine filling your bladder during that period. Also, make a point of urinating before engaging in foreplay. If these are ineffective or not reasonable for you to do, then seek the care of a urologist.
664713 tn?1225201847 After that he would go about 10 times within a 3 hour period and then stop again until he went to bed at 8 pm. During the night i had to start putting pull ups on him and he would sometimes leak through. My momther thinks I should take him to the doctor. Is she overreacting, or is this problem more than just his fluid intake?
Avatar n tn As mentioned my periods are irratic, I can go 36 days before starting my period then the next month I start my period after 23 days, Im also 37 years of age. Is there any test or anything I could say to my doctor when I go back that she should be testing for?
Avatar f tn I stop taking this med on July 6, and then I wait for my period to come and then I start my birth control pills. So I will wait it out and see what happens. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn This problem puts quite the damper on quality of life, interrupting sex, class, work, etc. About 2-3 days before my urination problems began, I had unprotected oral & vaginal sex with a girl who recently came to the US from Japan (I mention this incase they, perhaps, have different STDs over there). I figure that 2-3 days is too quick for symptoms to show up, though. STD test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes returned negative.
Avatar n tn Occasionally, some women are diagnosed with endometriosis in the bladder, which can cause the symptoms you describe (usually though, with endometriosis there is pain before and during the period) . Get a workup for bladder infection, and once this is negative, get an evaluation for overactive bladder. If you are a smoker, this should include a cystoscopy to look for (unlikely) bladder tumors. You may benefit from medical, or physical therapy for overactive bladder.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, From last one and half month I am suffering from problem of frequent urination (a urination after very five minutes). I visited the clinic and performed urine tests several times. Every time doctor told me that your results are normal. He performed a blood test for prostate, it also came normal. I took a course of ciprofloxacin and then doxycycline. Nothing worked.
Avatar n tn When I finally went back to her for my appointment I felt a little better but I was still having symptoms which involved frequent urination during the day and especially at night (but it slowed down a lot), small and large amounts or urine, ammonia like odors in my urine, dull pain in my pelvis (uterus area) my urethra opening appeared to be slightly swollen, my sides felt mild pain if I didnt reach the bathroom fast enough and I'd also get a bit headachey if i didnt reach the restroom fast e
Avatar m tn My tongue gets dry when I am stressed and during the day it is ok. and for the WBC increase she said that she thinks it is an error! and that I may do another CBC in a couple of days... Looks like no one can diagnose anything out of my situation. is it normal to lose 500 grams overnight? I was 75,2 yesterday at 8 PM and today at 1PM I was 74,5.
Avatar n tn Why am I feeling the constant need to urinate the week before my period. It foes come and go but when the urge strikes it lingers for a couple hours, goes away then comes back.
Avatar n tn I have had frequent urination and bladder pressure for 7 months, with two UTI's negative, and a urologist appointment in a month- I'm concerned! After reading your message I realized it is a good idea to look into ovarian cysts. I never even thought about that until coming to this site. Would you, or anyone else recommend forgetting about the urologist and going straight to getting an ultrasound?
Avatar m tn Recently i started having problems like frequent urination and severe urgency. I went to a doctor and i've undergone some tests and after that doc concluded that i have prostate infection. He prescribed me antibiotics i've used them for a period of 5 months. For the first 2 months i found relief when taken them, as time progressed they aren't working anymore ie.. the symptoms come and go away.I've stopped taking the medication and now i'm having good days and bad days.
978164 tn?1249439002 I started my period yesterday and it is very heavy. I consider this as my first period. The light bleeding after removal was just a hormonal change. I took one of my good friends 2 mos after removal to conceive. I know that everyone is different. I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us. Good Luck!!!
Avatar n tn I also consulted a doctor during my vacation, and he had me repeat the ultrasound and flow tests, and a physical prostate exam. Both came out normal, and the residual flow was about 5 cc. He then advised me to continue taking the Rapaflow along with Roliten (tolterodine). I came back after my vacation, and immediately the next day onwards, the same old symptoms were back. And its been the same so far.
Avatar m tn With respect to bharathims912, there is no reason to assume that you have an STI, and every reason to use spellcheck. Given what you've listed- frequent and normal sexual activity, and then a night of extended sex prior to the onset of the most severe symptoms, most every women would wake up with at least some soreness the next day. You also mentioned that you felt a few seconds of discomfort when you initiated sex the night before you woke up with pain.
Avatar n tn I had spotting/bleeding for a few days before my period was due, and then my period never came. I think I may be pregnant and I'm not sure if it could have been implantation bleeding. Any chance you're pregnant?
154765 tn?1237251544 that means you recently ovulated and spilled some follicular fluid (the fluid surrounding the egg while it is devleoping in the ovary) into the pelvis. Entirely normal, and does not cause bloating. Frequent urination does not cause abdominal bloating. Many women report bloating in the second half of the cycle (i.e., the 2 weeks before your period). This may be related to the progesterone which your ovary makes during this period.
1414724 tn?1283234845 This bigeminy and trigeminy always occurs in the evening, sometime around 7 or 8 as I'm settling down from dinner and a trip to the gym. As I let my mind and body relax, the PVCs get more frequent and eventually as I lay down to get to sleep the PVCs occur at nearly every other beat. Lately, I haven't been able to take this at night, so I will jump out of bed and furiously pump out about 50 push-ups without stopping. This gets my heart rate up quite a bit, maybe around 80 or 90 bpm.
Avatar n tn This would include cystometry (or cystometrogram) to evaluate bladder function by measuring pressure and volume of fluid in the bladder during filling, storage, and voiding; uroflowmetry measures the rate of urine flow, and urethral pressure profile tests. They can all be discussed with your urologist. Followup with your personal physician is essential. This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only.
Avatar n tn hi i am 24yrs old and experiencing spotting and and irrgeular period. on nov 12th (a week before my period was due) i started what i thought was an early period, but it turned out to be spotting and lasted only a day or two. i didn't think anything of it just shrugged and let it go.
Avatar n tn i would be more worried if you had unprotected sex a week before her period. that is plausable and would make the one day period sound like implantation bleeding. you have to wait it out. sorry.
Avatar n tn Back pain can also result from urinary tract infections that spread to the kidneys and cause pain there, however you don't mention pain during urination. If you are male, frequent urination during the night can be the result of prostate issues -- quite common among males after middle-age. It can be the result of drinking a lot of fluid in the evening, too. Of course, urination can also be caused by blood sugars that are not well-maintained.
Avatar f tn Other signs of pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, mood swings, food cravings and frequent urination. Are you having these symptoms? Missed abortion, ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy are few other possibilities. A complete medical history, clinical examination and work up are important for determining the exact cause. Do write to me again with more information. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn Only other preg. sympts. are frequent urination and slightly swollen belly (I was sick as a dog w/ first two). Thank you in advance for your time!
Avatar f tn The first signs of pregnancy are fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, and breast tenderness which may be seen before a missed period .The cause is rising hormones levels in early pregnancy. Wait for your periods. If you miss them take up pregnancy test again. Good luck and take care!
Avatar n tn usually its because no enough lubrication was used before and during sex. get some proper lube or use vaseline... if tearing still happens its best to just keep it clean. try not to use scented soaps and perhaps apply a little vaseline to the area as its gentle, isnt scented and softens the skin.
Avatar f tn After I went, I suddenly felt like I had to go again, and also had slight itching down in that area. (I've had many UTI's before and this did not feel like a UTI, just annoying) I carried on with my day and still felt some itching here and there, but it wasn't horrible or anything. I also felt hints of having to go to the restroom right after I would go. The next day (Thanksgiving) I decided to take some AZO (even though I didn't think I had a UTI).