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3060903 tn?1398568723 Online @ the following address. Passages Banks Of The River The Heavenly Rest Words In Seasons The Unchanging Friend Poems When Wilt Thou Die Light At Eventide Our Home THE BANKS OF THE RIVER "Now I further saw that betwixt the pilgrims and the gate of the city was a river ; but there was no bridge to go over , and the river was very deep .
1757685 tn?1313010327 my friends accept that im emo but adults reject me and make fun of me for being emo thay pick me out of the crowd just to make me feel worse like at school the teacher always makes me read my poems in front of everyone then all the other kids reject me and call me gay because i write poems i will put one in if soemone wants to know my pain.but thats nothing new can someone answer my question.plzz i need help i thinking of suicide if my conditions worsen or last forever.
505907 tn?1258372940 I'm just copying this here so I have someplace to refer to it on short notice. When I read these descriptions right away I started to make some sense out of some of the stranger or more controversial posts I've read here. I understand that lLadvocate has put this information out before but I'm too new here to have seen it so...
4059843 tn?1516799521 Did i doubt myself and just sit in front of the work every night? YEP. But nope, I am no longer capable. I know that if i try I'll give up again. I want it to get worse. Because if it doesn't, it wont get any better. I am so done with myself. I'm done trying to believe in myself when there is absolutely NOTHING to believe in. I'm sorry, im so negative. But I want to get to the point where I cant deal with myself.
173975 tn?1216261375 it kind of comforts me to see her there...they mean so much to us don't they? Wyntre, while I was looking up nice animal poems for you, I saw all these poems about birds from Rumi, one of my favorite poets...perhaps, once I'm through with all this, I'd really like to get a big parrot, one that I could just have with me'd be my go-to must be a really kind-hearted, generous sort, that Bonnie wanted to stay with you till you were settled.....
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 22 Cold Turkey Tramadol ... I woke up HAPPY. I used to wake up happy all the time, before the Tramadol. Waking up happy is good. Then I tried to move. I had to use my hands and arms to get up out of bed. My body has been pushed as far as it will go. So after trying all my best tricks (aminos, coffee, food, vitamins, water) I finally stopped the struggle and called in sick for work. Tomorrow will be a busier day anyhow.
Avatar n tn I didn't know what to do, at one point I was very suicidal, so I called up everyone I know (mostly girlfriends), and the best advice I got came from my future sister-in-law (my brother's wife). She told me, as much as it hurt to break up with a guy, if he was meant to be with me, I should not communicate with him at all (as in, I trying to contact him), but not to avoid his calls alltogether.
Avatar m tn Thanks, IB - Laurel, I'm doing pretty good. Eating right, getting rest, and some treadmill. I haven't been able to see my doctor, but his nurse told me that he would no longer write oxy for me because I'm under pain management care. This is a good thing, because I did tell the pain doc that I had WD from oxy over Christmas break, and that I didn't want to take it anymore. I'll see my primary at the end of the month to finally give him the fill ins...
1006512 tn?1264626492 I always thought I knew how to stick with condoms too but when you do trust a guy, it perceived to be more romantic, ya know? I would say make a day of the both of you getting tested at the clinic.. a couple grown-up thing to do (and to make sure he's clean, lol.) There are some STDs that can be passed even with a condom on (not to scare you.) & That's pretty respectful of the guy not wanting a baby yet so that you can graduate.
285848 tn?1219095913 and dont forget that something will go wrong, or not to your liking and it is up to you as whether that will make or break your day for you. i hope it doesn't break it cause of all the things you'll want to remember it wont be that the bride groom water glasses aren't engraved right. : ) have fun!!!
363110 tn?1340924019 At the moment I am part of a service with them where I babysit disabled children to give mum and dad a break. They get 3 hours to go for dinner or go shopping or watch a movie ect. If there are other children I also watch them for free. Try to start finding out what services and support you can expect to find in your area. Also, it is hard to cope unless you find a group of mums in the area with children with downs. They will know your sadness and be able to help you through your experience.
Avatar f tn I checked her computer and found she writing beautiful poems, one about seals bellys bouncing against the ice. In addition we went up to her room one summer afternoon to see what she was doing and found her on the floor, surrounded by papers she downloaded from the school website for summer extra credit math. Whew, what a relief. Needless to say we are completely devastated that she has been silently suffering for so long. I started thinking about signs that I missed.
Avatar n tn there is a place in my heart that is filling up to spill with so much love for my friends out there that dont know me but do too. i send you strength and trust to all corners of the earth. let the sun shine in, god is blessing me each day just like he blesses you as he watches us all with unconditional love. thank you for helping me stay strong. thanks. >>>oh, does anybody know of a drug-related-but-serious-chatroom ? i'd like to talk to you. cheers from berlin. rob: out.
Avatar n tn my father used to be a monk with thomas mertion when he was in his early twenties, only to leave the monastery, and wind up in AA his nick name was the mad monk, he is sober 37 years and is 75 . he has always been a great help, telling me things like , It's not if you stay clean but AS you stay clean. I have never seen dr. steve on the fourm,tho i have only been here a little over a month.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
519226 tn?1378994921 I would have much rather been put up for adoption. Maybe I would have had caring, loving adoptive parents. I've gotten to the point where I do not want her poison in my life. Throughout my life, I always knew "To be different, and not like her". In spite of her, I am a good mother and good wife. I love my children more than anything on this earth and would never think of treating them the way she's treated us. I have the same, wonderful husband for 20 years and are happy.
299260 tn?1304219705 I love the poems - they brought me up a bit last night . . . Thank you. Guesito - start the BFP for us IVFrs! Mamatina: I wish I knew a use for the drugs . . . I am sorry the news is not what you wanted - I hope it goes better. Stacey: I know about the dragging weeks - believe me! You will be there soon enough and then it will go very quickly! I am sorry you were not able to take the job - but really cool you got the offer!
Avatar f tn pylori can persist, even after treatment, and can cause ALL SORTS of digestive upset. Sometimes tests for it can come up negative, and then later come up postive, which is why to get retested periodically, particularly since you've been positive before. Google a few websites about that problem, so you'll be better informed, because it takes a while to get rid of it, I don't care what your doc says. Sometimes different antibiotics have to be used, it is a very stubborn infection.
Avatar n tn After about a month, I stated to the doc that it didn't seem as if the pills were working, so he uped me to 10/650. I stayed on these up until my knee replacement last month, to when he discharged me with Oxycotin. I am now finishing with part of my therapy, and am trying to wein myself from the pain meds. I've been taken to the ER twice thinking I was having heart attacks, been having shortness of breathe, chest pains, headaches, anxiety attacks, vomiting.
5416308 tn?1409839408 She did manage to show up for court. I checked online to find out. I rested easy that day because I knew she was okay. Yesterday I got a phone call from a woman who said she has my daughter with her in her home and that she was going to try to help my daughter detox. This woman was very naive about heron and what detoxing from it entails. She wanted me to come over because she said my daughter needed all the support and love she could get.
Avatar n tn I hate the word normal too. I feel like my body is so messed up from my misscarriage. I too have bleeding on and off. It's so hard because one minute I thin i'm getting my period and then the bleeding stops. There is nothing normal about any of this. It has been 3 weeks since my d and c and I just wish everything would get back to normal. I too want to concieve asap but it's heart breaking every time I start to bleed.
Avatar f tn Blue/Angry American”, so I had to look-up “I Wanna Talk About Me” online. I loved the beat! Thank you for introducing me to it. I also stumbled across another one of his songs: “How Do You Like Me Now?” Do you know it? It’s about a guy who liked a girl back in high school, but she was a cheerleader & popular girl so she blew him off & made fun of him.
Avatar n tn On Monday, after 4 hours and lots of picures at the radiologist, I had a feeling they found something odd. I am horrified and this has consumed me. I have looked up biopsy's online and they all talk about the stereotactical ones but what about if you can't have that done, what will they do? Any help would be appreciated.