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Avatar f tn He has treated her with topical Protopic, topical lidocaine, topical Aquaphor; last 4 months on gabapentin 100mg/5x/day, fluconazole 100 mg every 3 days. Pain levels nearly disabling during day, drinks through straw, can't bear having lips touched, eats food in small bits to avoid touching lips. From onset has been on Oxycodeine/APAP 5-325 mg for pain. Also prescribed alprazolam .5mg 3x/day for anxiety.
Avatar m tn Almost two months ago I went to an urologist, turns out I had a fungal infection for excess moisture, so he gave me oral fluconazole and topic miconazole for 2-3 weeks. All the little cuts on the inside of the foreskin were gone, all the annoying itchiness gone.
Avatar n tn But unfortunately this theory is unlikely since listerine is quite effective in killing fungi and has many off-label uses for this reason. Your thrush can predispose you for a decending infection such as candidial esophagitis which may be responsible for your painful swallowing. I would continue to take your nystatin as prescribed. If your swallowing continues to get worse your doctor may start you on a course of a systemic antifungal such as fluconazole.
Avatar n tn my g/f was diagnosed with vaginal yeast infection about 5 days before June 10, and was successfully treated was one single dose of Diflucan (fluconazole). -June 17, i went to a family doctor and told him that i had the itch for one week. He precribed me Levaquin 500 MG and i took it for 10 days. He said, the penis has some kind of minor infection, just take the medicine, go home and don't worry about it. well, i did exactly what my doctor told me to.
Avatar m tn I have on antibiotics (Cipro) and antifungal (fluconazole) for about 7 days - it dosn’t seem to be working. Any help would be appreciated…..The sad part in all this is I am not a promiscuous guy and barely even go out much --- just one bad mistake after drinking too much and now I am afraid I may have something I have to deal with this the rest of my life :-(.
Avatar m tn com/ds/fluconazole/low+thyroid Take a look at that regarding fluconazole and thyroid. The gene mutations...just did a quick google...seem to be a can of worms. The A1298c list of symptoms impressed me. If you consider that many of us believe that CFS is a catch all diagnosis that includes undiagnosed, untreated hypo, the list of symptoms pretty much reads like a list of hypo symptoms (except for autism). It seems to impact the metabolism of the B vitamins in general.
469210 tn?1219191728 I have been using Bioteen mouthwash, Prevention mouthwash (which is very useful and doesn't burn, cancer patients use it, there are two kinds, one with a green label and one with a blue), and Bioteen toothpaste. Every so many months I can briefly use my Colgate, but only briefly because it burns!! Ugh! I use to take Benedryl everynight up until about 7 or 8 months ago in case I was reacting to any meds.
Avatar f tn One of the medcine I'm takin now metronidazole is used to treat Trichomonas and I'm also taking fluconazole and doxycyline Hycate. Since my results never were faxed to his office he treated me for gon., chyl, and a bacteria infection. We I called a couple days ago asking about the burnning the perscribe the meds for the yeast infection. And also I didn't start back burning untill I started taking the medcine. So I bascally had a whole month of no problem up untill now.
Avatar n tn I had my first yeast infection like 3 month ago, 2 weeks ago I went to the gyno and she gave me a pill name Fluconazole (Difulcan) first it was only 1 pill.She told me that this pill is so strong that it will stay in my body for a month. That I shouldn't have sex again in a month but she never told me nothing about monistat, I know about this cream 'cause before I went to the gyno I was using it. So ladys NO SEX IN A MONTH....
Avatar n tn Not for the anal area. I would see if they have some topical other than fluconazole for this. Or at least ask about what they have for that area other than fluconazole for the anal area.
Avatar n tn If you want to give it a try, go to your local health food store and buy the herbal supplement in a capsule form and read the label. If it says 18% or higher Oleuropein (the active ingredient), buy it. If it's lower you are wasting your money. I have had great success using olive leaf extract.
Avatar n tn I know you need this but unsure on figures and none are really given on the label) so I'm taking two of those per day as I read you need between 600-900mg daily intake.Got these from Holland n Barrett, they dont seem to do freeze dried tabs anywhere accept that eco-balance pack but I also read that in tab form the garlic can be harsh on the stomach. Still on the seven seas multibionta probiotic too.
Avatar f tn I don't believe that Telaprevir for instance recommends dosing for either IFN or riba. That is left to the doctor to prescribe on or off label since they are familiar w/ your case and medical history. So far as Telaprevir trials go..... I was under the impression that they used almost exclusively Pegasys. Elpaso...... I *think* the riba dosing will be based upon which drug you or your doctor chooses; Pegasys or Pegintron.
Avatar n tn most women with recurrent yeast can take fluconazole (Diflucan) once a week and completely prevent symptomatic infections. If this hasn't been tried, you should discuss it with your ObG provider. Such preventive treatment appears to be safe and usually remains effective months or even years on end." So, if yogurt, or lactobacillus has helped someone in the past with yeast, it is probably coincidental to whatever other treatments they were also using.
Avatar n tn Last winter I had what I felt sure was a yeast infection so I used Monistat but the itching and burning only got worse and worse so I used it again, with no improvement. During the same time period, I got an STD test and was told I came back positive for genital herpes. For months, the swelling, itching and burning was so severe that my doctor told me she didn't think I really did have herpes, since herpes only lasts a short time each outbreak.
Avatar m tn I read on the internet hat Mario Badescu Control Cream in fact contained corticosteroids that were not mentioned on the label so that might be why it worked! It has been discontionued.
Avatar f tn Ican identify with the strange orders i have too but i smell mine when i start to sweat and involuntary release of gas just makes it worse i dnt smell mine but a lot of ppl always b like oooh farted anytime i am around and a lot have placed a label on me ,,,i understand when the doctors try to make u seem like u suffer from some mental illness i have been through tht and my involuntary flatulence occurs atleast once a day but if i eat food or stress or anxiety it tends to act up i mostly starve
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Fluconazole and the suppositories...the GYN said DO NOT use vagisil it makes it worse...my relief from the itching was soaking in the tub with a cup of white vinegar....(dont fill the tub all the way, just enough to cover your privates and sit in it for about 10 minutes) this was how I was able to sleep all night without wanting to take a brillo pad to scratch.
Avatar n tn I get these every summer- if they don't go away in a few weeks, then I use wart remover(it comes in a small bottle, with a yellow label, and the cap has a built in brush) put the wart remover on your bumps and put a band-aid on it. When they band-aid falls off wait a day or two, and if it's still there use some more- but don't use too much or the wart remover will burn through your skin and leave a nasty scar.
Avatar f tn FYI I also recommend Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree liquid soap (one with the orange label) as it contains antimocrobial essential oils (does not clog pores or leave skin oily). Avoiding sugar & antibiotics was also key for me. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Also, if any of you are from Canada, the pill brand I was on, is called Alesse (not sure if its under same label in the States), and it caused me the problems. Hope that helps if you have similar histories! Good luck ladies.