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Avatar n tn The couging has subsided, but there's still phelm in my throat. Yesterday I noticed that my tongue was coated in an yellowy/orange color!! I scraped it, and brushed it, but to no avail. Is this a common ailment? Anybody??? Thanks.
745619 tn?1232921062 inhaled corticosteroids work slowly. they're kind of like a garden. you water the seeds every day, but it still takes awhile to grow. they sort of have to build up before they do much of anything in your lungs. my third appointment with dr. s took place on november 24th, 2008. she knocked on the door, we exchanged hi-how-are-you's, and then she got straight to the point. "do you need your prescriptions refilled?
Avatar f tn I really need the name of the meds, but in theroy... the Orange one could be Flovent is an inhaled steroid that takes down inflammation, it is NOT a rescue inhaler. This is usually given one in the morning and one at night, every 12 hours, it works for 12 full hours. BLUE inhalers are the ones that open your airway within 5minutes, they are the rescue inhalers.
Avatar m tn I havnt took an inhaler for 5-10 years almost. Blue flovent. Had the orange and the purple disc. Bs!!!!!!!!!! Natural remedy will always work better. Peaaaaaccceeeee out!
Avatar f tn We have tried benadryl, zyrtec, flovent. The PCP is thinking perhaps it is Oral Allergy syndrome, but also feels that it is not a typical case because she tested negative for the common allergens associated with this syndrome. Next week we are seeing an ENT. It comes and goes and seems to be gone all winter. We also tried keeping a food diary for a while but found no consistencies there. She has undergone two sets of blood tests and all is okay there. She cries a lot and is misery.
Avatar f tn I do have asthma, which I keep under control with Flovent and I have always suffered with allergies and sinus problems. I am not overweight and I exercise regularly. I have 2 children; ages 2 and 4 and my pregnancies were very normal and easy with no problems. Over the weekend, I had an experience that really scared me. I was enjoying a "girl's night"...I had 3 drinks over about a 5 hour period and never felt tipsy. I was also drinking water.
Avatar n tn Bottom line - find a top of the line naturopath - my preference is a wholistic MD, because their perspective is usually wider, though they are harder to find.
Avatar n tn ), Intal, and Flovent, I am easily bruised (have bruises show up at night and without any injury), have low grade fever on and off, sweat at night (to the point that i got to change nightshirt), drink excessively without urinating much, dark orange colour urine and grey coloured stools often, constant diarhea, and nausea and occasional bouts of vomiting several times a day which goes away after a week or so.
Avatar n tn Posted By minna on November 05, 1998 at 02:35:06: Greetings, Hope this letter finds you well. I was diagnosed with being Hep C+ a month ago. My life has been disrupted to a standstill starting about 2-3 yrs ago, and becoming constant state of being "sick" since April 98. Currently where I am at is: I am tired.. sleeping 15-18 hours a day...
Avatar m tn ) So this morning I spent almost one and a half hour to 'snuffing in' then 'cough' it out - out it came bright orange phlegm with blood and 6 little food particles. All the rotten bits are tiny like half or quarter of a rice and some pieces have already turned dark reddish in colour! I'm deeply troubled by this and would like to know if anything could prevent it or to help remove them. I have just 'normal' size tonsils.
Avatar n tn Reading the above posts I notice people have been getting this in other parts of body so with the advent of this big one on my upper chest I am now concerned about having a bleed in a vital organ,( ie brain = catastophic results) I'm in my early 50's, rarely take pain relievers, and my only meds are Prevacid and Flovent, along with supplements, physically fit from lots of cardio and weightlifting, low BP and pulse.