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Avatar n tn My husband gets his Flovent free and the cost of the Flovent is $116.00 per month. So check it out and good luck.
746512 tn?1388811180 and usually rads is asthma.. You can buy Flovent inhalers in generic form which is part of the advair which is all you need. much cheaper.. also just get refills dont buy the cannister each time. Advair takes about 2 weeks to work.. the anti-inflammatory action that is.. and also flovent.. it is not an as needed drug and should be continued . I have heard of docs ordering it for a few weeks and then telling their pts. to stop.. no such do.. I am an asthma specialist so ask away.
746512 tn?1388811180 Symbicort for example includes both Pulmicort, as well as an LABA called Formoterol. Another example is Advair (Flovent/Salmeterol). I would definitely recommend seeing your Pulmonary Specialist.
Avatar m tn I would really invest your money in an inhaler like Symbicort or Flovent (Steroids), since I dont think it's your asthma that is flairing up-it sounds like your allergies, and I am in AZ too...
Avatar f tn Saw ENT, flexible scope up my nose foind vocal cords, larynx and cartlidge in my throat were swollen and airway was comprised.iv steroids,flovent 220 and breathing treatments. The ENT said GERD. I have been on protonix My GI says it is not GERD. ad endoscopyseveral months afo and was negative for GERD. The pulmonologist said it was laringer spasms and a viral infection in vocal cords. Hospitalized for 3 weeks. Home on 20 days of oral steroids, flovent and nebulizer treatments.
Avatar n tn If I can help it, I want to avoid at all cost invasive procedures of this nature. What can be done alaternatively. They also discover that I have high blood pressure (probabley of long standing) with an ECG showing some valleys where picks should be when body is exerted. I never smoked or drank, but my father suffer from heart attacks and my mother died from stroke, both at advanced age. My lung capicity shows 92% effectiveness. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Such treatment will require the use of more than one inhaler, one of which should be a long-acting bronchodilator such as Serevent and the other, an inhaled steroid such as Flovent. These drugs are often combined into one inhaler: examples of this are, Advair and Symbicort. It is also highly likely that an oral (systemic) steroid such as prednisone will be required to open your airways, now that the asthma has had time to get a “foot-hold.
Avatar f tn if for any reason dr says no, GO GET A NEW DR if u have insurance then great, if not u may need to buy online because some of these inhalers can cost $230 for a single canister and u can buy the same online for about 28, I can't put a website as it is considered advertising but u can google FORACORT and find online pharmacies, azmacort is a pure corticosteroid which u would use daily and then only use the provental as needed good luck
Avatar f tn However, I have a friend on line that swears by it to help him with his side effects and he's willing to pay the ridiculous amount of money that it costs. It cost me over $2,000 a month to get it imported, not covered by insurance because it's not FDA approved. I think I'd rather deal with sides than pay all that out for something that is not a cure. Anyhow, I am not saying that I have not gone outside of the normal treatment regimen. I've gone WAY outside of normal on that.
Avatar n tn I am a 10 year Nexium user and for cost savings just switched to Omesperole, which isn't as effective. I do believe that reflux is definately a factor as is long periods of alcholol consumption.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on 30mg of Previcid for 5 months, 2 months ago I began having muscle pain, tingling etc... It has gotten really bad, I keep thinking in the back of my mind that its the meds, I have never had a problem with this until now, The Doc has me going to a rhemotologist(sp?
Avatar n tn If you live in a damp area, buy some moisture absorbing tubs which sit in your wardrobe absorbing the moisture, then you throw them out when they are full... cost about $5 each from your local department store. Good luck all!!! Sean.
Avatar n tn Just try it out guys and let me know. If any of you would like to visit my Website... let me know. No, it doesn't cost anything... it's like this Website however, I preach the gospel of living a LONG healthy life... in and effort to put the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry out of business.
Avatar n tn Reading the above posts I notice people have been getting this in other parts of body so with the advent of this big one on my upper chest I am now concerned about having a bleed in a vital organ,( ie brain = catastophic results) I'm in my early 50's, rarely take pain relievers, and my only meds are Prevacid and Flovent, along with supplements, physically fit from lots of cardio and weightlifting, low BP and pulse.