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Avatar n tn its not blood blisters,its a blood vessel under the skin like your vein pops and then there is a bruise for about 2 days then it goes away
Avatar f tn my thyroid is trashed;I have blood sugar issues and gained a ton of weight;I feel like I am going to vomit sometimes. I think I really am going to die sooner than later. And the doctors are not helping me one bit,especially the endos,who think "it's all in my head." I go to a new primary next month.
Avatar n tn Serevent is associated with a number of adverse reactions including hyperglycemia. Thus, both serevent and flovent can result in hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugars, the defining feature of Diabetes Mellitus) and this can cause wt. loss or failure to gain weight.
503893 tn?1292103433 Stroke was though to be from a PFO (TEE + Trans-Cranial doppler confirmed PFO) Blood Sugar is great - not even pre-diabetic Blood Pressure is always 120/77 or less
Avatar m tn I'm still taking it. My blood sugar level has been normal range - I check it, and my blood sugar hasn't really changed going from feeling good to feeling bad. Also I sweat at night now too. Not a drenching sweat, just a damp pillow and neckline. Can you feel good then bad while you're starting levothyroxine? Or if 50mg wasn't enough, would that cause my symptoms? I also have seasonal asthma and take in-hailed cortiosteroids (Flovent).
Avatar f tn It could be hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar, the symptoms you mentioned are all symptoms of it. It could be so many things, so, to be on the safe side, I would ask for a complete blood work up and any other tests that the doctor thinks might be necessary. Yes, the above poster is correct, vitamin D3 is the best form to take if it is needed, but, get the levels checked first.
Avatar n tn I called the doc's office, and got the bloodwork results verbally - Of course, we already know the 3:30 pm cortisol level was low, and we did the follow up a few days later at 1:45 - for what it's worth, the follow up test showed "normal" on ACTH level.
Avatar n tn 19), along with high bad cholesterol (135), high red blood cells (4.95), and with the glucose tolerance test, her sugar levels went down 20+ points. Her pediatrican prescribed thyroid medicaiton because we were unable to get into a specialist locally for 6 weeks. After 4 days of taking the medication, my daugher started having mental problems, didn't know her age, birthday, etc. She was then taken off the medication. I got her into an endocrinologist 2+ hours away.
Avatar n tn I gave up caffeine, sugar, aspartame (Nutra-Sweet), and other sugar substitutes. 2. I became vigilant about keeping my blood sugar at an even level, and not letting it drop between meals. (I have hypoglycemia.) A low-carb diet helped a lot with this. 3. Through trial and error, I learned which foods caused PVCs for me, and eliminated them from my diet. In my case, they included dairy products, potatoes, and eggplant, among others. 4.
Avatar f tn My blood test was normal except for slightly low blood sugar. He told me to come back next week because I told him I'm still concerned. I'm 54 and everything gets attributed to Menopause - but is it? Weird symptoms over the past year - I'm just now putting together. I have these weird quick breaths occasionally like a hiccup but it isn't - might be tied to the PVCs but not sure. Left arm has painful itching on forearm and then other times on upper arm - but only left arm. Recently ...
Avatar n tn To Joanna: Because your blood sugar is "97", that may not rule out hypoglycemia. I would think a glucose tolerance test would be helpful in diagnosing hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn They immediately hooked me up to an ECG and after 40 very long, stressful minutes, I converted without having to get any medications added to my IV. My blood pressure (which is normally 120/80) only went up to 149/89, but my bpm at one point reached 295. (I have subsequently been diagnosed with AVNRT and was recommended for RFAblation.) Anyhow, at the top of one of the EKG printouts, there was a notation (made by the machine) "Sinus tachycardia.....
Avatar n tn Hi, On what medications are you for your blood pressure currently? Is it in the normal range? Has a CT scan of your sinuses been done? Do you have any sputum production with the cough? Do you have any symptoms of GERD or reflux disease? Let us know about the above, so that we may be able to help you. Do post back. Regards.
Avatar f tn - Z-pack - Flovent hfa110mcg inhaler 12gm- 2-3 every 12 hours - Fluticasone nasal spray (120inh) 16gm- 1 spray in each nostril every 8 hrs for 2 days and then 1 spray every 12 hours. - I also took regular Mucinex during this time 9 days later after finishing the Z-pack I called the Dr. having trouble still.
Avatar n tn He has been allergy tested by 2 different allergists only to show positive for cockroaches. He takes Singulair and Flovent daily, Xopenex as needed and has been on pulmicort, Zyrtec and nasonex. This last Croup attack Tuesday was a 911 call. It came on with in an 1 hour of us checking on him in bed. He was in severe respitory distress and had to be given Epinepherine 4 times at the hospital. He also has Decadron on every attack.
1398713 tn?1282050285 I was told my blood sugars were normal until a sharp endocrinologist sent me home with a meter to check my blood sugar at the moments I had symptoms. Turned out my blood glucose was falling into the 35-45 range at times and I needed to make adjustments to my eating patterns and adjust my carbohydrate to fat ratio, especially when I was stressed or premenstrual. It does seem ironic that the allergy medicine can cause severe allergic reactions but I have seen many reports of exactly that.
15607012 tn?1442453350 Hypoglycemia - I am having trouble keeping my blood sugar stable. I can tell when my blood sugar gets low. I do have a glucose meter that belonged to my father who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I've been monitoring my levels for a few years now and there are some reoccurring patterns. I do my best when my blood sugar is 115 - 120 mg/dl. When it gets down to 90 mg/dl I can tell because I feel different and I get a bit shaky.
Avatar n tn So drug of choise here was Clindamycin (beware) and the said Prednisone.Managed the pred for 3 days. and my blood sugar hit the roof, cramping legs, numbness in legs...total weak feeling. I had to stop cold turkey...your not supposed to. The Clindamycin i managed for 5 days..Diarreaha day 1 and day 3 (really bad). then nothing..ended up in the ER because no BM for days on end and no inckling to even go..not like me at all. A laxative was given and told to make sure i was next to a toilet...
Avatar n tn I don't smoke, don't drink, don't have any caffeine, try to avoid sugar and eat right. I have all the test, Echo, Nuklear stress test, 48 hour holter, treadmill test, blood tests etc. which are all normal. I had a short run of PSVT of probably 10 fast beats, which I get maybe 3 or 4 times a year with no feelings of lightheadedness. I was told I don't need to take meds,which is I am very happy about. At them moment I dont' take any medication. 1.
165078 tn?1255610007 my youngest had 1 seizure (w/ eyes rolled back, and she completely stiffened up) at 2 days old. but hers was b/c of an extrememly low blood sugar. that was the scariest day of my life (besides her surgery) and i can't imagine how it would feel to have her keep going through it. we're praying here for her and for you!
Avatar f tn I want to get on the right dose and stick with my eating nutritionally to keep my blood sugar down. I know Im going to have to go on metformin. :( I hate meds!!! I know my doctor wants to put me on atenolol for my high blood pressure. Tonight it was exceptionally high due to my daughter stressing me out. Im surprised she hasnt lost her baby. She goes into these "nobody loves me and he wont hold me" hormonal episodes. I grind my teeth and think to myself IF ONLY I HADNT HAD ...
Avatar n tn I've noticed that i have an orange tongue too, i first noticed it over a month ago now, im an 18 year old male and have just found out i have gilbert syndrome, this is a lack of an enzyme in my liver that doesnt get rid of bilirubin which is then spread into the blood stream, the symptoms are yellowing to the eyes and can get to the skin.
446896 tn?1237806342 A few years back I had to go on some steroid medication and I was anxious like anything. It increases heart rates and blood pressure only if used long term and this is the long term effects I believe and it affects some people worse than others. It is interesting that you mention you felt more anxious coming off the prednisone, which I think could mean 2 things. Since you upped the fluoxetine dose, it may have caused an inital agitation . This is one possibility .
Avatar n tn They say she has sarcoi (excuse my spelling) but the medications they gave her actually just seem to make her worse, they had put her on this certain medication and it ended up makin her blood pressure go up, and she started to have blurry vision and see light streaks, and she was disoriented she went to the hospital her bp was 205 over 105 , she was pretty much on her way to having a heart attack.
Avatar n tn I saw my doc (before the back pain started) and Chest xray and CT scan was clear, blood O2 was very slightly below normal, and Pulmonary function test (spirometry) showed indications of mild small airway disease. We have no idea of the cause. Ventolin and other inhalers do nothing. I tried home air quality tests which turned up nothing toxic. I've tried anti-inflammatories and allergy meds to no effect.
Avatar n tn they just know how to write prescriptions because some kid walked in the door and sold him or her on writing toxins to facilitate an early exit from this universe. Go figure!!! Get a Fasting Blood sugar done... check it out... completely. Go over that Pancreas with a fine tooth comb. Make sure it is NOT Insulin Resistance Related. Stay away from diary products unless you go to a farm and get it all raw. Do NOT eat or consume anything pasteurized... it is POISON!!! Do NOT!
Avatar n tn My symptoms are exactly like those described in the original post by RecordBreaker. I am wondering if this is not an allergy at all but some sort of autoimmune deficiency. My physician noticed that my white blood cell count is on the "low side" of normal several years ago and it seems to hover there. I wonder if there is a connection between low white blood cell counts and this type of autoimmune response.
Avatar f tn I sleep with a cough drop in my mouth to help prevent them but now my mouth is irritated - I use sugar free to prevent tooth decay but too much artificial sweetener gives one some awful gas pains. I live in fear of not being able to stop a spasm - even something like a dental filling (mouth open, dry throat). Last week I discovered a lump just above my breast - who knew there is breast tissue up almost to your collar bone? and have a hospital visit scheduled for next week.
211940 tn?1267884866 I don't want to second guess my doctors, but at the same time, the constant pain, the resultant very high blood pressure (even though I've been on bp medication) which I think comes from the high stress of living with this terrible pain in my upper arm, elbow, and shoulder requires that I search on my own, like everyone here is also doing, for an answer that will work for me. One thing about my doctors, they are very slow to move towards surgery. I used to think that was good.