Flonase vs nasacort

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1279189 tn?1275248468 Spray on some Flonase or Nasacort; let it dry, then apply the patch. Their patients reported no difference in absorbtion rates so it may be worth a try for people with adhesive allergies.
Avatar n tn You should get a nasal steroid such a Flonase or Nasacort and start using it a month or so before the allergy season starts. These are prescription medications but Flonase is now generic so it should be cheaper now. It really works great.
Avatar n tn If you cannot use Afrin what about one of the nasal sprays that are prescription like Flonase or Nasacort . I know they are steroids but for use when ill may work .. they do help my daughters with severe allergies. There is an otc called NasalCrom I believe that is non-steroidal. I thought it was "just me" and the cold meds, etc. Whew, sorry to hear your posting.