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Avatar m tn Also something to note is I recently got back into to dancing and have been doing my flexibility stretches in my legs so lots of splits and such so I'm not sure if maybe I damaged a nerve or something stretching. I've made an appointment with my doctor hoping he can refer me to a neurologist for some tests but I'm posting here first just for some insight.
Avatar f tn Treatment was steroid injection, NSAID, and stretches (I opted to go to PT). I could barely walk when I went into the doctor & was walking my version of normal after the shot. Fast forward to present day, I started working out & over did. The pain is worst than ever. Went to the othro specialist a few days ago & they want to do a surgery called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I am really thinking hard & long about doing this.
Avatar n tn My right glute or somewhere in my right buttock hurts so bad at night I can barely get comfortable. I have done stretches, seen chiropractors, physical therapy, had xrays and an MRI with an ortho specialist. I've also soaked in the hot tub, used ice and heating pads, had deep tissue massages. I take ibuprofen and baclofen regularly now. This past weekend, it hurts so bad, I can hardly get into my car without almost screaming in pain.
Avatar n tn When the penis comes erected again the slightly healed tissue stretches and tears again. The only posible thing i can think for solving this is situation is to let the skin heal while is stretched, but i canĀ“t think of any way for achieving this. Being aroused for several days straight is out of the question, maybe holding the foreskin streached in some way, but that probably could bring some other problem.
Avatar n tn So far, I've had about 6 episodes over the past year. I tend to sit for long periods in front of my desktop computer and also do yoga and leg stretches every few days. Sometimes the pain ~seems ~ to hit a day or 2 after stretching exercises - though I'm not certain of that. I'm curious as to whether many of you tend to cross your left leg over your right and sit like that with the right thigh constricted, or pinched.