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Avatar n tn I seem to have twitching that is at least in part related to Zoloft (Sertraline). Upon visiting urgent care when the twitching became really disruptive due to its frequency, the doctor first eliminated any neurological disorders by a panel of six or seven blood tests. You may wish to ask your doctor about these tests, to eliminate your concerns about ALS and other neurological disorders. I was taking 200 mg per day of sertraline -- the maximum dose. I cut that back to 100 mg per day.
Avatar n tn I am in need of another surgery and am awaiting insurance approval. Right now I am taking the maximum recommended dosage of 1 norco every 4-6 hours prn. So I am taking 6 tabs a day. I want to quit them, but am very scared of the w/d symptoms. Oh and that's not all. I take 2 10mg Flexeril 4 benedryl and 1 10mg ambien every morning (I work nights) before I go to bed. This is because I can't sleep due to all kinds of stress in my life. I have serious insomnia.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is often times mistaken for a growing tolerance to pain medication, which is why dosages are increased. Unfortunately, increasing the dosage is not only ineffective, but can worsen the hyperalgesia and cause even more pain, creating a dangerous cycle. The most effective and safest way to remedy the condition is to decrease the dose or detox and eliminate the pain medication altogether.
Avatar f tn Currently the recommended maximum dose of 4g / day, however, some US internists are now calling for a lower maximum of 3g / day -- not because of hepatoxicity is found at 4,000mg, but because acetaminophen is included in so many OTC remedies for symptoms of colds and flu, sleep disturbance, allergy, and of course, pain, that many people are getting near or over the limit without realizing it. In 2013 the FDA mandated changes in opioid formulations containing acetaminophen.
Avatar f tn Teamed the Ultram up with Tylenol and I didn't notice a huge difference either. I have tried Celebrex (nothing), Flexeril (knocks me out), Soma (works ok, but off and on), Zanaflex (horrible reaction, seeing black, similar to low blood pressure). Methocarbamol (sp?) worked out, not so much help with the muscle, but did help a little with sleep. My Ultram ranges from 2 to 6 tabs a day. I am 100 lbs so if I take 2 too late in the afternoon I get "buzzed".
Avatar f tn I tried the MS contin but it didn't work on me and gave me stomach problems, and I was taking ibuprofen, which helped, at the maximum, OTC levels, but I developed ischemic Colitis and 3 feet of my colon was almost gangrene, and I can't take NSAIDS anymore. They did help, but the pain of the colitis, (not to mention the docs saying NO ever again.) Well, I took the gabapentin an hour ago, and I am praying again for some relief!
Avatar f tn I had left side pain and muscle spasms so bad that I basically didn't sleep for a year. She prescribed flexeril and Naproxen (prescription strength Aleve). She might as well have given me tic-tacs. I got a little relief but not really. She finally tried me on Baclofen, but I couldn't handle it. I am not on flexeril and neurontin and it has mad a difference.
363110 tn?1340924019 's are very hesitant to give out very strong pain medications to a young person mostly because, once you reach your maximum dosage, where do you go from there? It's a real problem and they want you to hold off as long as possible or there will be no where for you to go with your meds. It's a real problem for the younger generation. This is one time that I can say that I'm very happy that I'm 65 so that I can get the type of relief that I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to walk.
Avatar f tn Teals Epson salt with eucalyptus (it's great), lidocaine patches, massage heating pad, 12 Advil Liqua gels (max safe dosage) and Flexeril. However when I return to work before the day is up the pain is excruciating and at the age of 50 I'm no where near ready to retire financially! We are just now paying off the balance of our youngest child's education and playing catch up with our 401k.
Avatar n tn to make a long story short, she upped my dosage to 40mgs of OxyContin three times daily and 30mgs of Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Since she never seemed to follow up on anything, I just swithched Doctor's and my new Doctor seems to know what he is talking about. The new Doc. drew blood and did some other tests. The blood work came back fine, so he too believes that I probably have Fibromyalgia, but he is sending me to a Rheumatoligist too.
Avatar n tn Last time I broke my toe, I got the worst spasms in my calf. So what to do? You're taking close to the maximum dosage for Baclofen. I think you can go up to 8, but my neurologist gave me a scrip for Zanaflex instead, and told me to add that to my daily pill regimen. I'm not sure how it will help with the spasms - when I had them in my calf, I didn't have any. You can also try heat. It gave me only a little relief - but it was so excruciating that anything was better than nothing.
Avatar f tn Johnson and Johnson recently changed the dosing instruction again, instructing patients to take less of the OTC tylenol and less often which tells me they still don't know what the safe maximum dosage really is as there must still be people having liver problems who are taking close to 4,000 mg per day maximum. I got away from the vicodin because I would be nearing that max dosage, and that was too close for comfort so I understand you and your doctor's concerns.
1318483 tn?1318350782 I also take another muscle relaxer (believe it is generic flexeril) 2 x a day. My neuro sent me to a pain doctor to be considered for the pump, Baclofen and morphine. But he wants to try epidural steroid shots (I have done one with no results) first...but that is just focused on my cervical and neck area....I get muscle spasms in more than just my neck. I will quit with the ice cubes and just stick with water, room temp. and warm liquids.
Avatar n tn This is my personal opinion, but I would take a muscle relaxer that is non-habit forming in place of a benzodiazapine. There are certain muscle relaxers such as Flexeril and Soma that you can take and get a good night's sleep from when going through opiate withdrawals. I had such a horrific time after quitting Xanax (I took it for 3 months), that I absolutely cannot believe that these drugs are even prescribed -- again, my personal opinion but one I feel very strongly about.
864831 tn?1243622272 Since this drug is used in so many combination products, it is very easy to double up on dosage without even realizing it. Acetaminophen can be toxic to the liver. The maximum daily dose is usually 4000mg. One Percocet usually has 325mg of acetaminophen. One Vicodin (Lortab, Hydrocodone) usually has 325mg One Darvocet has 650mg. Two extra-strengh Tylenol tabs have 1000mg. It's in many cold remedies, migraine formulas, and OTC sleep aides.
Avatar m tn Hi there... I'm afraid your numbers aren't adding up here because it sounds like you are taking 10 of these a day and not 5. You have mentioned having 300 of them for your prescription and in this last post...you are now calculating the acetaminophen to be over 3000 a day. That can only happen if you are taking 10 of them and not 5. 5 times 325 equals 1625 10 times 325 equals 3250 I don't know of any Dr.
Avatar n tn this is a fairly broad-based area of herniation that is about 1 cm in width and about 4mm in maximum ap diameter. this does compress the thecal sac. at c5-6, there is also disk herniation that is central and bilateral paramedian. this also compresses the thecal sac significantly. c6-7 demonstrates disk bulge/protrusion that is central and left paramedian and a little to the right paramedian but primarily to the left. this is not quite as prominent as the other 2 levels but is still abnormal.
Avatar f tn It's one thing to call the doctor and have them prescribe a change in the dosage or how often you take it over the phone, but I think when you're looking to change to a new med, it's best to do that in person. I'm sure you know all the different pain medications that are used. Maybe you need to be on a long-acting medication and then have something for breakthrough pain. There are so many different medications that you can use and so many different combinations.
Avatar n tn As time went on, I needed to increase the dosage to manage the pain. I then began to feel awful the day after, with little to no energy I began taking Tramadol during those periods, to get rid of the pain of not being on pain killers (the irony of this situation does not escape me). It has now become a mandatory daily ritual in order to even function.
Avatar f tn The neurologist prescribed it to me and I started off with a low dose (100 mg) per day. The maximum benefit, for me, was when I took 300 mg 4 times per day. One in the morning, at lunch, around 6 pm, and right before bed. It took the itching away for a good while (at least 6 months). I'm not sure if I built a tolerance to the drug but, I've read that the most benefit is experienced at some point and then it tapers off. I believe that 2400 or so is the maximum dose.
Avatar n tn ( if each aleve is 100 mg taking 5 is the same exact thing as taking a 500mg naproxen. It is the exact same drug just a lesser dosage per pill since it is over the counter) I really hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything. Going to your doctor and working out a plan to take you from 60mg or so a methadone and gradually bring you down (like the program was SUPPOSED to do) would be the best course of action for you.
Avatar n tn I'll be reading as more stories are posted and hope we all get through this with ease. Also, I am on the maximum dosage of 3 (20 mg.) pills every night and I have a feeling coming off of this much will be hard. Good Luck to us all.
Avatar n tn Ask a PharmD to calculate the maximum safe dosage for your weight, and RCA7591 obviously doesn't understand that dosages are directly proportional to weight. If you ever take that much, call 911 and/or a friend to drive you to the ER and have your stomach pumped and/or ingest large amounts of activated charcoal. He must have gotten all of his information from wikipedia or the like, or really mixed up his research. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!
Avatar n tn I know what you are feeling, I'm also withdrawing from an opiate, for migraine headaches. I have gradually had to increase the dosage over a span of 40 years, headaches were more frequent, depending on events of life. I'm doing pretty well but I am not doing the cold turkey way, as you are. I'm finally down to 1 every other day which I am pretty happy about. Though I have only taken the meds for headaches, I feel I'm taking way too many as I've been having rebound headaches for too long...
522415 tn?1242941355 Now I only take the occassional Flexeril at night and the D-Ribose that was mentioned by someone previously is a lifesaver. 1 tsp. in my coffee every morning. It's a tasteless white powder you can get at any health food store, not too cheap, worth every penny. It takes about 10-14 days give or take to kick in but WOW. The pain subsides and the energy level SOARS. It is awesome. I know several people who have tried it and are like new. They have quit taking their regular meds.
Avatar n tn The Norco were prescribed on 6/22 and I finished them off 7/29. I haven't used the Flexeril as the Norco seemed to work. I was only taking them in the evening 1/2 at a time up to a total of 2-2.5 pills. Never felt any type of w/d until last night when I didn't take any. I kept clinching my fists and didn't really get any good sleep. Took a half of flexerin and didn't really help any. Thought about taking more, but don't want to aggravate a problem that might be addiction.
1331115 tn?1401672466 That worked fine for about 6 months, so then my doc up the dosage to 80 mg 3x a day. and I have been on that dose for about five years. I hate taking these pills because I am living in a drug haze and just existing and not living. I decided to get off the oxys and told my doc my intentions. He told me that he would try to taper me off but it will tak about 9-12 months. I dont' want to take that long so I am goin cold turkey. I took my last dose about 24 hrs ago and I feel horrible.
Avatar n tn am I making matters worse by swimming? I only do the breast stroke one way and swim on my back the return way. Maximum I can do is 4 laps. We also use a small foam board and do some push down exercises and some behind our back exercises pushing down the board under water. Are these making my rhomboid damage any worse? My husband was alive when I had the rotator cuff surgery so I had a "caregiver" for the few days of recovery.