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2008858 tn?1343847641 she farts A LOT and has recently started crying. she has 1 dirty nappy a day but ut seems the normal consistancy but it seems to hurt her. ive tried cooled boiled water, infacol but nothing, any help?
Avatar f tn Lol tickle farts are un controllable. Me and my bf have no shame. We fart round eachother.
Avatar f tn Im 21w4d and mine got to the point where it had me in tears it hurt so bad. .my dr told me to take tums for it or mylantin (milaantin?) However you spell it lol. It helps.
Avatar n tn But try not to push hard when using the bathroom
Avatar n tn My boyfriend has the WORST smelling, "almost toxic" farts and poops. We virtually eat the same foods and I almost never smell. I thought maybe he needs a colon cleanse? What should he do so that every time he passes gas, or has a bowel movement we don't have to run to the other room!!?
5615074 tn?1378320440 I didn't realize how bad my gas was until I got an ultrasound and she pushed all the gas around. It went up my back and hurt so bad I couldn't finish the ultrasound! Embarrassing!
741741 tn?1294287610 If you are breastfeeding than smelly poops would be unusual (smelly farts are very normal - my son is exclusively breastfed and his gas could level a grown man!). If she is drinking formula, than her poop will be smelly, but I am not sure about a sulphur smell. I would check with your pediatrician, as sometimes certain smells can indicate a medical problem (for example, urine that smells like maple syrup).
Avatar m tn This is my story about my fart, since i was 1st year high school, i dont take breakfast, i just drink milk, i am very healthy but one day, my abdominal starts to growl but i'm not hungry, i wonder why and i feel farting so i need to push my fart in and it's very hurt, since i was 2nd year, the problem got worse, my fart does go out sometimes and i force to push in and later my fart goes out again but some months my fart goes out seldom, since i was 3rd year, my problem is getting worse because m
Avatar n tn Overexercised abdominal muscles hurt on smiling and sneezing. If hurts in only some positions, it may be a pinched nerve. I guess there may be some really weird twists done at golf.
Avatar f tn Maybe he has collics? Which makes his tummy to hurt and they get really fussy.
Avatar f tn I agree^^ You can also rub her tummy from the right to the left.
327405 tn?1223243355 This is after completing three days of Miralax. What else can I do? I'm frustrated, uncomfortable, and not wanting to hurt my baby. Oh, and I'm 9 weeks today. I don't know if that's important. Sorry for the graphicness of this post. I really hope I didn't offend anyone. Just really scared. It took 6 years to conceive this baby and I don't want to do anything to hurt it.
Avatar n tn • She wets her be nearly every night (despite going to the loo right before bed, not drinking for hours before bed time, lots of praise when she does go to the loo during night) • On several occasions she’s ‘soiled’ in the bath, and removed it with her hands. • She farts in public and at home, even though we told her that it’s not nice to do that. • She soils her panties, and thinks nothing of it; she’d walk like that for the rest of the day.
427382 tn?1298213186 However he tends to be rather gassy so I lay him on his back and press his legs firmly into his stomach then he farts and sometimes poos (It is a little yoga move and doesn't hurt the baby).
Avatar m tn They are also notorious for serious gas issues involving not just bloating but also severe flatulence. Pug farts are the stuff of legend. He probably swallowed a lot of air when he was coughing, but he should have started to deflate by now. If he is having trouble lying down and some breathing difficulty, a visit to the vet is definitely in order because pugs have enough trouble breathing due to the brachycephalic structure of their faces, they don't need help from trapped gas.
Avatar m tn I fart all the time (30 times a day at least) regardless of what i eat and if i hold the farts in for any long amount of time i begin to hurt inside again so i simply let them go. (60% of the time these farts are very foul smelling) Another side symptom tends to be that alot of my regular defecation is liquid. (about 1/3 of the time) There are no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have been giving her warm water lately, it hasn't really helped but im still gona keep giving it to her. Water never hurt anyone lol. shes mostly on formula i try to give her as much breast milk as i can but i never had much to begin with.
Avatar f tn I also have fatigue, dizzy spells, some chest pain, am a type 2 diabete, overweight, have degenerative osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and a smoker. My legs hurt when I walk up stairs, and I get short of breath. My doctor is referring me to a cardiologist. Chest X-rays done yesterday show no abnormal gross findings. What am I looking at? Is this something that could be serious? I am 60 years old, a widow. My Dad died 3 years ago from a massive heart attack.
2177976 tn?1342049240 I take constipation meds that helped. But I think that's cuz once constipation was gone passing gas hurt less. Ask ur dr they can help u find a healthy solution so hopefully ur not in as much pain.
Avatar f tn Summers got this down to a science!!
9038886 tn?1402129326 I don't even have to push them out they come out on their own lol and that is more embarrassing bcz I could be just waking down the street nd it comes out lol my hubby tells me I'm a fart machine lol nd some nights when is 2 much farts coming out wile I sleep he goes nd sleeps at the living room lol
Avatar f tn Yes I have a lot of backaches and belly cramps I usually just lay down straight or lay on my left side and I feel better.
Avatar n tn I have nine children and 3 of the nine have been through the green poop thing don't worry, it is bile. The reason it occurs is because they have a high metabolism. The bile is green but as it goes through the intestines it ripes just as a banana does and turns a brownish color (which is what we normally see), but because some children have a higher metabolism than others the process or trip through the intestines is much quicker than normal.
Avatar n tn I think she is asking if it will hurt her if her partner blows air in her vagina during oral sex.
Avatar f tn I have had it for a while and use a guard at night when I am really stressed. Those headaches usually hurt around your temple area and it is also tender to the touch. If you run out of options, you could try one of those guards from Wal-mart. They are a little more bulky than ones from your dentist, but they could help the headaches.
Avatar f tn Dilated pupils - so dilated I looked like I was high on uppers and it made the light hurt my eyes! 2. Break outs! After 8 years of using when I quit cold turkey my back and chest broke out severely for a few months - I guess from the toxins getting out of my body? 3. An ACUTE sense of surroundings - like almost paranoia! Seeing stuff in my peripheral vision and any little noise while I'm sleeping wakes me up startled 4.
427279 tn?1210923421 oh my does it hurt and swelled up bad...balance issues have been bad lately .. i had almost fell a couple hours before that because i didnt get my foot up high enough and tripped on the step and landed on there poor dog bear ...thank goodness he was a bigger dog(akita)....anyway that was my fun weekend and now i have to stay put for at least a week..... the foot swelled up bad ...so they asked my bh and me what i should use crutches or a walker....my bh said A WALKER !!!....lolol...
Avatar n tn There are frequent tantrums associated with the doing-of-the-homework. He farts around in the mornings when it is time to get ready for school (actually, they all are guilty of this). It is completely maddening! He does see a therapist, but I am beginning to doubt the merit of this exercise. I would switch therapists, but in this town, there is only one. I fear for him. He is so talented, smart, loving, etc...
1793575 tn?1315412970 i'm extrememly exhausted, i keep getting horrible headaches, i constantly feel like i'm on my period (with the occasional hour or so throughout the day that i dont), i'm nauseated to the point i feel like i'm going to puke every time i burp (which is a lot).
Avatar n tn One day after having a sandwich with turkey, cheese, and tomato, my stomach began hurting, and made me feel nausiated for nearly 4 days. It hurt more in the morning, but once it got about 7 pm at night, I started feeling a lot better. It seems now I start feeling pretty good for a couple days, and then my stomach begins to just make me feel a bit queasy after eating, for a couple days, and then goes away again.