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Avatar n tn These exercises as well as other tremendous advice is discussed in detail in a book by Barbara keesling called All night long, How to make love to a man over 50 which she wrote mainly for the wives with special sections (involving the PC exercises) for the men with ED. Another book I found very helpful is Sex Over 40 by Saul Rosenthal, M.D. There is a chapter that is especially helpful where you do a certain exercise with your wife to induce an erection without having intercourse.
Avatar n tn Here is a post that I sumbitted earlier today to Frammyboy's original question regarding erectile dysfunction which was dated 6-1-2007. Since the post does not appear on the first page of this men's forum, I thought it would be helpful to paste a copy of that reply here so others might benefit. Good luck to all. From what you mentioned in your post, it appears that your problem might be more psychological than physical.
Avatar m tn Erectile Dysfunction is a men sexual health disease in which men get unable to maintain erection during sex stimulation with their partner. There are 30 million on men in US who are facing this problem over the years. Earlier there was not any specific treatment of this disease but now with the change of time erectile dysfunction problem is become curable as there are various medication are produced to treat this problem. Generic Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Penegra etc.
936016 tn?1332769204 Older men have a much higher rate of ED with around 50% plus of men in the 50 to 70 age group in at least one US study reporting it. Remember that ED is a range of conditions – it’s not simply a “dead or alive” condition. Partial erections; erections which start off strong and then fail; erections which are fragile in the sense that it doesn’t take much to make them collapse, are common. As I say, younger men generally have less physical reason to develop erectile failure.
Avatar m tn I am a 31 year old guy who has been suffering from erectile dysfunction all my life. I have only ever managed penetration 3 times (for a few minutes) in my life. The first time was when I lost my virginity at 16 and the second and third times were about 10 years ago. When I masturbate I can get an erection, however it is never a really hard erection (certainly not hard enough to penetrate without losing it) and I need to constantly stimulate myself to keep a semi erection.
Avatar m tn ) Total testosterone should be measured with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Increased SHBG levels may be associated with hypogonadism in men and decreased levels can result in androgenization in women. My SHBG was deficient due to insulin resistance.
Avatar n tn Anyway, it has always crossed my mind that porn and even television in general has had a great impact on my erectile dysfunction. I'm 28 now and even still suffer from the problem. And yes, it's because I'm still addicted to porn. It's hard to stop, especially with the new free porn sites available. But don't get me wrong, I've had sexual encounters with plenty of women; and some of them, I've failed to plow my **** in their vagina unless I use viagra.
Avatar m tn Any men out there who found that their erectile dysfunction / libido returned with treatment?
Avatar n tn If enough folks report the same severe symptoms after taking the same med, it will raise the flag with someone, somewhere. pegInterferon and riba have been around for over 6yrs, given that most of us are treating in our 50's, how much into the future are you willing to go, to assign the condition to tx? If you develop numbness in your arms 15 yrs from now, are you going to blame the tx?
Avatar m tn D., widely available both used and in paperback. The information in this book has helped millions of men overcome discomfort and anxiety about sex. Good luck to you. Dr.
Avatar m tn What should my PSA level be (ratio) 5 to 6 weeks after radical prostate removal? When will I have erectile function again (man in early 50's) time frame is fine What over the counter (if any) means (foods, vitamins, herbs etc) can I use to help with Ed issues As stated I cannot get an erection after while trying with wife I did feel pleasure and actually ejaculated something (was not semen). What was it urine? What are signs that my erectile function might be returning besides an erection?
Avatar n tn In my previous post, I referenced some other discussion boards where other men with the same symptom mostly report that it does indeed go away in 4 - 6 weeks. As a side note, my urologist found "trace" amounts of blood and protein in my urine, which he felt were not related, and not substantial enough to cause alarm. As a precaution, however, he put me on a two week course of Doxycycline.
Avatar n tn I had a similar situation; Erectile dysfunction set in in 1997. Viagra helped when it came on the market. Retrogressive ejaculation followed in 2001; it may be as a result of damage done during removal of kidney-stone although doctors seem to disagree on this. Found blood when masturbating (but none in urine) earlier this year. Saw doctor and had pta test done. It was normal. I went though hell while waiting on result. I was almost sure I has cancer. The condition cleared up.
Avatar n tn There are others, not the least of which is my faith in God, and I have often said many times in my life that when my life is over it will be His decision. My wife and children support me in my decision, so barring any last minute event to the contrary I likely will opt for a watch and wait. Life is very short and gets shorter by the minute and is also full of risks, cancer being only one. I would like to think my decision is right for me, at this time.
Avatar n tn i am now 50 years old but approx 5 year ago i saw a decrease in ekjaculation over a period of time now i have no ejecalation what so ever? also at the same time i slowly lost my erections now i still have no erections? i have been refered to the hospital and they have checked my penis for blockages in the penis canal, that was found to be ok no blockages, i have also a couple of years ago developed a curvature to my penis, i think this is i peronis disease ?
5856747 tn?1403352282 Almost every day now, or so it seems to me, I am hearing from young people who are taking antidepressant drugs and who are suffering from a sexual dysfunction as a direct consequence. In men their dysfunction may be erectile dysfunction, loss of libido or sex drive, loss of sensation during ejaculation or loss of ability to climax at all.
Avatar f tn Hence, there may be some irritation, causing diarrhea for some, for others pain while passing stool. Unlike surgery, in which erectile dysfunction is noted early in the post-operative period, for patients on radiation, the erectile function tends to worsen over time, sometimes it happens long after the actual radiation. How old is your husband? Older men may have weaker bones and the radiation may also increase the risk for fractures. Stay positive.
Avatar m tn Dental in hygiene or infection. 20. Erectile dysfunction early in morning. 21. Fungal, yeast, bacterial & other germ dermatological problem. 22. Sign of impotence, erectile dysfunction.
Avatar n tn 'Pearly penile papules are multiple, small (about 1-3mm) papules running around the circumference of the crown of the glans penis. They typically develop in men aged 20 to 40, and around 10 per cent of all men are affected. They may be mistaken for warts, are not infectious and require no treatment.' 'Fordyce spots are small (1-5mm) bright red or purple papules that can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and usually affect younger men.
Avatar n tn That said, porn-induced ED is happening in young men, so It's quite possible he has deloped it. It is Porn, not the masturbation, that caused the ED. It's an addiction process in the brain that reduces sensitivity and blood flow to the penis. If you want to know more visit this thread. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Make sure you get tested for both free and bound testosterone. Over 50% of testosterone is bound in the plasma (the fluid portion of blood, in which cells are suspended) by both sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. In fact, only 2% exists as free testosterone. It is this free type that does all the work reducing obesity, preventing depression and slashing the risk of heart disease, among other things.
1964358 tn?1326567759 I cleaned myself up and actually looked at it in the door mirror. I noticed that depending how I moved my pelvis, it would go slightly in and out, so I pushed it in and closed my legs. I have a large seroma from a tummy tuck I had done 7 years ago so when I went to talk to the doctor about it I told him I've been having urinary urgency, he said it was probably because my bladder dropped which happens as a woman gets older.
Avatar f tn Long term pain management with opiates cause sexual dysfunction of 50% of all patients, both men and women. It causes testosterone deficiencies in both men and women, which is called hypogonadism. Docs are supposed to monitor testosterone levels, but seldom do because the topic just doesn't come up in the Doctors office. It's not just men that need to worry either, in fact it's of critical importance to women. Check it out, there's a lot more to read: pain-topics.
Avatar m tn Your erectile dysfunction has got nothing to do with your history of masturbation. Unfortunately you leave out one vital piece of information and that is do you ever get morning or spontaneous erections? If the answer to this question is yes then your problem is performance anxiety and here is how you can fix it: There is now a tried and trusted set of behavioural techniques that can overcome this in a matter of a week or so. These are so easy to apply.
Avatar n tn I am 35,I noticed I had erectile dysfunction time over 10 years ago. It is still almost impossible to have a hard one that can last. Firstly, I was told by doctors then it was probably pschological. It continued and I was given priscription (prescription) drugs(sildenafil up to 100mg) which worked temporarily and in a lot of instances unsatisfactorily. I have had a partner for 8 years that has been on & off. We got seperated for almost 5 years in which she got pregnant & had a kid.
Avatar dr m tn Women experience more dramatic changes in hormone levels (particularly progesterone) that affect upper airway patency, but levels of testosterone and even small amounts of progesterone can also influence upper airway muscle tone in men as well; Not to mention the typical weight gain that occurs in the middle years, leading to even more narrowing of the upper airway.
Avatar m tn One thing to consider when choosing a surgeon is, does he have any colleagues who specialize in sexual dysfunction? In other words, can he refer you to a urologist who has a lot of experience in treating erectile dysfunction? Depending on where you live, if you are near a major medical center, you may be able to find someone with a lot of experience in this area. I would suggest trying to find someone who has a track record of scientific publications about erectile dysfunction.
Avatar n tn Beta-sitosterol has also been shown to stimulate desire in some men and improve erectile function. This compound is extracted from plants and has been extremely useful in cases of prostate enlargement. Saw Palmetto and pygeum also improve urinary flow in cases of prostate enlargement and have been shown to improve sexual function in both men and women.